Visas-on-arrival and visa-free travel now possible for in-bound tourists-minister
Posted on March 30th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

March 29, 2019, 7:54 pm

From left MD CDC Events & travels ( Pvt). Ltd.Imran Hassen, Harith Perera, Minister John Amaratunga, Kishu Gomes, Chairman, Sancharaka Udawa 2019, Nishad Wijetunga Pic by Samana Ranaweera

By Steve A. Morrell

Visa – on – arrival and visa – free travel in Sri Lanka are now possible for all in-bound tourists, Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife and Chistian Religious Affairs, John Amaratunga said.

Hurrah ,Finally politicians have understood the necessity . There are few other steps need to be taken.

  • Airport should have fleet of metered taxis like in all other countries for tourists to hail as soon as they arrive
  • Regular Train service to re commence from airport to Colombo with change over in Ragama to go to East and mid country
  • Regular bus service from Karutanayake to Colombo for back packers
  • Proper eating places outside airport at a reasonable price
  • When super luxury passenger vessels  arrive in Colombo Harbour  high quality terminal to be built with dedicated walkway and entrance for them to go out from Port
  • At the exit of the main  gate of the Colombo port Old Customs building to be converted for night life and pubs etc
  • Legalised Canabi smoking place to be established for tourists to enjoy in this building
  • Legalise cannabis in selected areas in Colombo (So much of drugs coming in with no control)
  • Chatam Streel and Bristol street in Colombo to be a walking area with many eating stalls like in Thailand and Singapore
  • Russian and Thai lasses to be given special discounts to Come to Colombo and legalize the oldest trade in the world

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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