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Posted on April 14th, 2019

My past experience in marine sector worldwide and direct involvement in installing the BARGE MOUNTED POWER PLANT in the Colombo port near Colombo Dockyard ,I can render some timely advise to CEB In finding a suitable location for the barge mounted power plants

Following locations are suitable 

Panadura Fishery Harbour

Oluvil Fishery’s Harbour 

Modera beach next to Mutwal Harbour

Trincomalee  Harbour 

Panadura harbour is hardly used due to sand bank formation and there are no mores than 25 fishing boats currently using the harbour

CFHC can seek advance for building a small breakwater and accommodate them

Oluvil harbour is having same problem CEB can help smaller fishery harbour by placing a dredger to clear annual sand bar formations and remove sand 

Next to  Modera Fishery harbour there is an illegal encroachment who can be relocated and make way for the Barge

Trincomalee near Sampur is ideal and no obstruction 

Like in Bangladesh government shall invoke a Marshal Law type rule and hand over the premises to the Navy who should  import or build them in Sri Lanka 


The Function of Barge is to contain and deliver 1(one) combined cycle barge mounted floating in  power plant of nominal net capacity 220 MW, consisting of 4(four) Once Through Steam Generator (OSTG), 1(one) steam turbine generator (STG), 4(four) combustion gas turbine generators auxiliary equipment condensers, chilling system for air intake and the remaining balance of plant. Thebasic design is to include the barge and the connections to the mooring system, together with the power plant equipment 

The Design data of the barge

a) Barge size (length x wide x depth).  106m x55m x 6 m

b) Barge draft for towing.                        2.4m

c) Total barge weight.                               14000 tons   

(barge itself including steam turbine hall, control building and above  deck foundations: approximate 6,000 tonnes)


a) The barge is designed to comply with the intact stability regulation of US 46 CFR Chapter I, Section 174.015 for river and harbor service.

b) The barge is designed to comply with the one compartment damage stability regulations of US 46 CFR Chapter I, Section 172.065. The Barge shall comply with g a wind heeling moment as I g defined in CFR Chapter I, Section 174.055

c) The Barge is designed to comply with IMO International Convention on Load  Lines

Four(4) ramps are designed to access the barge from shore, one(1) main ramp 6m wide

one(1) ramp 4.5m 

two(2) auxiliary ramps 3.5m wide respectively.

Barge Ventilation

Below deck spaces are ventilated according to the recommended practices of SNAME T&R 4~16 o

Calculation Merchant Ship Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition Design”.

Fans are sized to limit the temperature rise in the ventilated spaces to be less than 5oC and to Provide sufficient ventilation air to ensure noxious fumes are below accepted occupational Safety regulation levels.

There will be so many objections and government should place country in emergency footing and implement above

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Nimal Says:

    this is madness to have barge mounted solar panels when we have sufficient land. I smell a rat.

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