Posted on April 21st, 2019


CPEC has become a pain in the neck of the forces hostile to Pakistan. They know it very well that CPEC is a life-line of Pakistan and after completion this project is going to give Pakistan a new economic boost. This project would certainly liberate Pakistan from the economic exploitation of the institutions like IMF which are simply like tools in the hands of US. Recently it was reported in media that IMF is pressuring Pakistan to either slow down work on the CPEC or come out of it. Coming out of the CPEC or slowing it down means spoiling China’s wonderful contribution to Pakistan’s future. IMF has asked the government to make the revenue target of Rs5400 billion for the next budgetary year. Commenting on IMF’s terms and conditions Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan, a renowned economist said that GDP growth numbers worked out by the IFIs such as 3.9 percent by the ADB, 3.4 percent by the World Bank and 2.7 percent by the IMF served nothing but to push Pakistan to the Fund on strict terms.  He said by these figures one can easily make it out, on the one side, the Fund is predicting the lowest GDP growth, on the other side it is asking for 40 percent growth in revenue. The contradictions clearly show the world powers are blackmailing Pakistan with IMF bailout package. In short the international hostile forces are pushing Pakistan to an alley of economic exploitation.

Another example of economic exploitation of the counties like Pakistan is the Grey List prepared by FATF. The abbreviation FATF stands for Financial Action Task Force. Since 2000, the FATF is issuing a black list consisting of the names of the countries which it judges to be non-cooperative in the global fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Such countries are given the name of Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories. In short FATF’s grey list includes countries that are not doing enough to fight money laundering and terrorist financing. This list keeps on changing with the passage of time and the names of those countries are struck off which take serious action in the light of guidelines provided by FATF. Pakistan’s name had been in the grey-list for three years, i.e., from 2012 to 2015. Later on, the Task Force recognized Pakistan’s efforts and removed its name from the grey list in 2015. Unfortunately in spite of Pakistan’s all successful efforts against the money-launderers and terrorist financers, once again Pakistan’s name was included in FATF’s grey-list. Experts say that this inclusion was a result of conspiracy of the forces hostile to Pakistan’s progress, peace and prosperity. On top of the list of such countries were USA and India. These two countries spent a lot of resources on lobbying against Pakistan in shape of a well planned media war. By defaming and blaming the religious parties and their leaders; by fixing and framing sometimes Hafiz Saeed and sometimes Molana Masood Azhar, these countries did all their best to achieve their objective and ultimately succeeded in dragging back Pakistan’s name in FATF’s grey list somewhere in mid of June 2018. But Pakistan did not lose heart and kept on bringing the things back into the order desired by FATF. The Khaleej Times has recently reported that Pakistan is going to be excluded from   FATF’s grey list by September 2019.

Now it is in the news that FATF team is satisfied with Pakistan’s overall efforts and action plan to fight the menace of money laundering and terror-financing. Certainly the present government of Pakistan is doing all its best for the financial stability of the country by keeping a strict eye on all those who are providing a chance to the forces hostile to defame Pakistan by getting involved in financial malpractices.  The determination of our government in this matter is really admirably commendable. If Pakistan’s name is excluded from the grey-list, it would save Pakistan from an annual loss of approximately $10 billion. To keep the country safe from the ‘grey-list conspiracy’ in future the government of Pakistan has tightened the security along Pak-Afghan and Pak-Iran borders and certainly the Line of Control is also being observed and guarded very strictly as international watch-dogs consider these routs as the ‘ key routes’ for money laundering and terror-financing. It is really a hard luck for Pakistan that its neighbouring countries never miss a chance of joining hands with the forces hostile to Pakistan but in spite of all these facts we the Pakistanis have a lot of courage to face and defeat all such conspiracies.

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