CCTV footage of Katuwapitiya suicide bombing
Posted on April 23rd, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

CCTV footage of the suicide bomber, who is responsible for the Katuwapitiya Church explosion, entering the Church and setting off the bomb, has been released to the media.

Accordingly, the arrival of the suicide bomber is marked on the first CCTV camera at around 8.56 am and at around 8.59 am, he enters the church premises. 

The CCTV camera inside the Church has recorded the suicide bomber entering the church after touching a small child in front of the church. He enters the church through a door on the left side of the church before setting off the bomb amongst the devotees who were praying inside the church.

CCTV footage outside the church also records people near the area running towards the church at around 9.01.

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