We Deserve It
Posted on April 23rd, 2019

Wimal Senanayake 

Whatever truth that may come into light with the ongoing investigations, one thing for sure is this government is utterly disjointed powerless and headless. Heart is crying for the loss of lives and limbs and as the opposition has rightly pointed out, it is due to the presence of this inept and incompetent bunch at the helm.

The blame game has started towards the officials as a good escape route to disown their own failures as a cohesive government. A big compensation package to the victims though may look very timely but is just another way to hoodwink the public anger.

What is more sad is to come to realize it is the fault of us who brought this Yahapalanaya government into power. What a tragedy being misguided by information, fake or not on personal wealth,Lamborghinis and frauds. Now considering the damage the country will incur by various sorts of damages, compensations but more importantly by way of the loss of revenue from the tourist industry alone they would become insignificant. The good name and the proud record the country gained from successfully terminating the war is over bringing shame & disrepute in abundance.

Further by delaying the release of the right information to the media of the identity of the perpetrators, it was implied world over the preparators as the country’s majority Buddhists. Government bungling was all over the place. It has to be horses for courses, what is right for the West is not right for us with such internal conflicts at hand. The government should have been clever to know there are elements to bring Buddhists into disrepute.

Only one thing will win the confidence & heart of the nation now whether you like it or not.                   I honestly  request all the country men, irrespective of your colour race or religion, please do your utmost to bring Gota to the President Office at your earliest. Otherwise this country is doomed.

And let me also plead Ahimsa, despite whatever injustice happened to you from the Rajapaksha regime in the past, please think compassionately at the millions of our lives at danger and withdraw your cases or other hurdles you have set about preventing him coming to the office. This is not the time for personal grudges but to be patriotic to your mother country. Hundreds of Christian lives of your faith who died due to this massacre will not go down the drain in vain.

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