Who is this powerful politician?
Posted on April 23rd, 2019


As per the headline news item appeared in The Island  dated 23rd April, Petroleum Resource Development Minister Kabir Hashim has revealed that following some incidents in the Mawanella area, Intelligence had unearthed cache of explosives at Lacktowatta in Wanathawilluwa, Puttalam. During the raid two key suspects were captured. However, due to the intervention of a powerful politician, they had been released and one of them had been involved in Sunday’s attacks, the Minister said.

The powerful politician who could interfere with an investigation carried by police should definitely be one of the politicians attached to the current Ranil-Sirisena administration. The release of the captured suspects has caused a serious disaster and hence the citizens of the country have a right to know who this powerful politician is and what his interests are with those criminals?

As The Island editorial  ‘ Kabir’s bombshell‘ quite rightly suggested, a high-level probe should be conducted into the very serious allegation made by a  Minister of the same ruling clan and name the politician who intervened to secure the release of the two high-profile suspects from police custody.  Action must be taken to arrest him immediately to prevent interference with the current investigation and further loss of lives of innocent people.

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    What action when the country is ruled/destroyed by a ponnayek! It even got a ponna voice. Look at Myanmar, when
    fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence started to kill natives to wrestle control (of course after bred enough to increase the numbers) their patriotic leader intervened and breeders fled across the border to hell hole bangladesh
    (formerly a Buddhist country before the breeders arrived there) where they came from. Problem solved, the country
    was saved from the breeders. Obviously human rights monkeys who are impotent in syria, yemen etc made a lot of
    noise to show their bogus concerns (they have to sing for their suppers of course), she had only two words for
    the pathetic lot. Sri Lanka we have a lot of ponnayins who can’t lick the backsides enough of these fast multiplying mussies for their votes. Is there any wonder then these happens?

  2. Henry Says:

    And what was Kabir doing in the meantime? Shouldn’t he have made this public at the time? Or was he just saving his arse?

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    A list of 160 terrorists found, but no arrests made

    The Island
    April 24, 2019, 6:53 am

    By Hemantha Randunu

    The State intelligence agencies had gathered information about 160 National Thowheed Jamath members who had been trained by terrorists, but it had not been possible to arrest them as there had been no orders from higher authorities, according to sources.

    Investigations had revealed that a group of persons, who had undergone training previously had trained the suicide cadres who carried out the Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels.

    The investigators had not received orders from higher authorities to make arrests while the probe was on though information about the terrorists had been conveyed to the Defence Ministry and the police, sources said.

    The information about the Islamic extremist group was elicited following a raid on a training facility of the terrorist group on a 75-acre coconut plantation in Wanatavilluwa, in January.

    Several persons responsible for destroying some Buddha statues in Mawanella were arrested by the CID, last December, and their arrests led the police to the Wanathawilluwa training facility. The investigators acted on an SMS received by one of the suspects to trace the camp.

    The CID recovered about 100 kilos of powerful C4 explosives, six gallons of nitrogen and 99 detonators buried on the plantation, on January 16.

    Investigations revealed that the members of the terrorist group had been trained in weapon handling in carrying out bomb attacks.

    Leader of the NTJ, Sahajan Hashim, had visited the training facility frequently and conducted lectures to the new recruits, sources said, adding that bombs had also been manufactured at the camp.

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