Our Sorrow and Condolences to the Victims and Families of the Sri Lanka’s Easter Carnage
Posted on April 24th, 2019

Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka (SPUR) NSW Inc Australia

Our Society expresses its profound and heartfelt sorrow on the senseless killing of innocents in Sri Lanka. Our thoughts are with the families and persons affected by the deaths, grievous injury and destruction of property by terrorists who have caused fear and terror in the people of Sri Lanka and to the visitors to the island.

We give our condolences to the Christians who had been targetted on their Holiest Day of Easter Sunday whilst at prayer with sacred thoughts and goodwill at heart. This is a heinous crime our Society condemns unreservedly.

Our Society has been in the forefront of anti-terrorism in the 30 years of terrorism, conflict and the carnage in Sri Lanka which ended in 2009. Such an ending was possible due to the selfless life sacrifices made by members of our valiant defence forces. We will continue to assist in Sri Lankans to overcome the scourge of terrorism foisted on them once again this Easter Sunday.

Our Society also condemns multiple policy weaknesses of the present government in Sri Lanka that has contributed to the carnage. The government has deliberately let the guard down from 2015 in Sri Lanka even when surrounded by a world of enhanced extremist ideology, expansionist ethnic and religious greed, indoctrination through re-constructed histories, fake news, malicious propaganda, uncontrolled undisciplined social media and by open terrorism.

The government of Sri Lanka has again started bending backwards to please terrorist fronts who manipulate and operate through national and international agencies both government and non-government. Our security forces had been belittled, then witch-hunted time and again, and its moral broken and almost equated to terrorists themselves. Our intelligence agencies treated step-motherly, politicised, disbanded or their funding cut.

In this time of great sorrow let us pray and wish for the speedy recovery of all injured, the recovery from physical, mental and emotional damage caused to themselves and to those near and dear. Our respect and thoughts lie with the three members of the security forces and their families for the selfless sacrifice made in apprehending the suspects to this crime. It is once again time for those who deliberately forgot the security forces to reflect their undeniable worth and valour. Our thoughts are also with all Sri Lankans and others affected by these barbaric acts.

Let us also urge the persons in power or had been in power in Sri Lanka, not to find escape routes and hide behind flimsy excuses being made to the citizens, but to reflect upon their own deliberate actions in the past few years that contributed to this debacle, and take responsibility like leaders.

They will need to work for the good of the people, and to immediately stop working for their own selves and for their own political survival only.

Nimal Liyanage  
Nihal Jayasinghe


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  1. gdesilva Says:

    Well said – something like this is what ordinary people would have expected to come from the authorities but I guess I am dreaming!

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