Posted on April 26th, 2019


In its efforts to complete investigations into the Easter Day carnage and to revamp the national intelligence services the Government is obviously seeking the assistance of the FBI and other similar organizations in the West and India. The government should first draw up suitable guidelines when seeking such  advise to prevent the situation drifting from bad to worse. Or, it should not turn out to be another case of returning ginger and replacing same with chilies. When USA is bent on leading the international drive against Islamic Terrorism with little success and much destruction , Sri Lanka should consider not to be a direct partner for such a venture as Sri Lanka will end up as a center for continuous circle of violence. Further, if the FBI recommends inviting of the US armed personnel to Sri Lanka, it is bound to have political repercussions similar to some of the Middle Eastern countries and Latin American countries where the US forces play a decisive role.

Sri Lanka’s stable future lies on strict adherence to non-aligned policies.

Sri Lankan government should be honest and admit the mistakes made in the intelligence establishment and reinstate the officers now in prison and on bail without being prosecuted and revamp the organization giving them the required independence to carry out their crucial tasks. The government’s policy of disrupting the intelligence services have resulted in over 300 deaths and 500 injured civilians. Foreign advise can be obtained including the Russian and the Chinese and the Singaporean in the revamping but the experienced Sri Lankans should lead. Finally  Sri Lanka should not be a place, to station foreign forces.


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