Pathetic Government run by 3 Fools
Posted on April 28th, 2019

Sunil Vijaya

Wisdom will prevail if people stop being expert analysts of the current situation and be proactive and guide this Pathetic government on the right path.  As Buddha observed, extinguish the fire first and then find the root cause of the problem.  The fire is still on and it has to be quelled.

The greatest news today and the wise step taken by government under current conditions is to establish an army camp near Wilpattu to clean up the area including the illegal human settlement.

The above settlement of mostly wahabis with the blessing of Bathiudeen and his Saudi friends has to be removed.  A mere presence of a mosque and a few homes during the war time did not necessarily  mean an argument for human settlement as Stated by Batiudeen.

We must be aware of wahabi expansion in Sri Lanka beginning from Pottuvila which was conveyed to the last government who did not take that seriously.   A plead by Muhudu maha vihara monks was conveyed to the then defence secretary and also written to Lankaweb had no impact.  True, the concentration on Tigers would have been a priority during that time,

but that did not mean to ignore the wahabis.

A massive building seen in Katatankudi must be a wahabi and sharia law teaching institution.  Saudis and Qatar men had a free ride in Sri Lanka with blessings of this government and they would have bought many politicians and officials with money.

The 3 persons who run this UNP government Ranil. Saagala and Ava Mangala must at least now stop being Philosophical about the situation and take immediate remedial steps without ‘thinking’ of a UNP vote, including

Banning the burka, the most repulsive dress worn by wahaabi women on this planet. These 3 spineless politicians portray a western English image to impress their friends in USA and Britain and often come up with western ideology on Human Rights, investment, economics etc. 

The solution for the country is not Gota or rest of the 225 plus 1 but to select a set of people emerging from New movements to run the affairs of the country or an army rule to bring vital discipline to the country, restore the

Security situation, flush out all terrorists and drug traffickers and hand over to a select committee of competent People to run the affairs of the country, including foreign experts on various fields.

The irrelevance of Provincial councils was amply demonstrated in the last two years and future development of Sri Lanka should be based at 25 districts level, with powers resting solely on the centre.  As to keep sentiment among few, to function few PCs for the sake of governance with no powers especially on security.  SECURITY MUST NOT BE COMPROMISED and HAS TO RESTED WITH THE CENTER. 

The wahabi attack was a good lesson and an eye opener to this pathetic government run by three fools and a puppet of a president.

Sunil Vijaya

2 Responses to “Pathetic Government run by 3 Fools”

  1. Christie Says:

    The dead locals are Sinhalese Christians and Muslims both religions Hinduthwa wants out of India and its neighbors.

    India knew the locations and even the names of the bombers and they had a local group in South India of the same names.

    It is Tirupati that spared the Taj hotel? I am sure Sirisena prayed for it!

    Taj is always frequented by our king makers like Chandrika, Atul Keshap’ of the days gone by,Mr. Singh; local Indians and Indian from overseas.

    Taj is part of TATA and our tea is next on the line with Tetley’s.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Good to hear after long time. We have not forgotten how you fought against the road through Sinharaja reserve. has your big friend changed a bit ? I don’t think so. He is the one invited Wahabis and let establish jassim City in Wilpattu area, none of the 3 idiots you mentioned.

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