Muslims have no genuine leader!
Posted on April 29th, 2019

Movement Against Radicalism Courtesy Ceylon Today

The Easter Sunday attacks that took place in Colombo and other parts of the country are being condemned in no uncertain terms. As Muslims living in this country and innumerable generations before us from time immemorial, we, (a large and representative group of Muslim women), condemn these dastardly acts perpetrated on our fellow citizens and the visitors to our country, all of them innocent and unfortunate victims of radical terrorism.

It’s sad on the one hand and unforgivable on the other that, those who claim to be leaders of the Muslim community, as well as a majority of the Muslim politicians from various political parties, did not address the issues that were looming; they did nothing to stem, nay eliminate totally, the growth and rise of Islamic radicalism in this paradise island, Sri Lanka. They were only concerned with their political growth and gain, to the detriment of the healthy growth and gain of the community, Muslims who should be exemplary citizens in a democratic country such as ours. Thus, these so-called leaders now condemning the violence that was perpetrated is paying mere lip service, and akin to closing the stable doors after the horses have bolted.

Today, all Muslims in the country have to bow their heads in shame.

Meanwhile, we wish to categorically state that no Muslim organisation operating in Sri Lanka, comprising males or females or a mix of both as members, can claim to be the representatives of the entire Muslim community. Such claims made in the Media are utterly ludicrous! We have no single body that can make such a claim, period.  We have no leaders we can look up to, be it on the religious or political front. It’s about time that such organisations and individuals shed their claims of leadership, as a majority of the community don’t subscribe to their ideologies or dictates.  

Muslims (from various segments, all of who practise Islam) have lived throughout in peace and harmony with people of other ethnicities and religions, each respecting the others’ faiths and cultures. Granted that there have been occasional conflicts in the past; however, none of them had been due to radicalism. Rather, those had been local conflicts that had been contained by the application of the law, and order restored. While reiterating that Muslims have no individual or organisation that could claim to be the representative of the community at large, we request such persons or bodies to look inward and do some serious soul searching, to ascertain why their so-called leadership is questionable.

We are a movement working to uplift the less fortunate segment of our community, a daunting task, as we receive no funds locally or from overseas for the humanitarian work we carry out, silently, and sans any claims of leadership. We have only one being to look up to, the Almighty, the One above! We pray for the souls lost due to radical terrorism and wish those injured a speedy recovery. Sadly though, they will live the rest of their lives with mental trauma.

(Movement Against Radicalism)

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