Burqa must be banned world over and release Ven. Gannasaara immediately
Posted on May 2nd, 2019

Sunil Vijaya

Burqa, the most repulsive dress on this planet, should be banned in every country.

No saudi should be allowed to enter Sri Lanka.

And we must stop sending our women for slave labour in Saudi, the country the filthy Americans support, anything can happen.  The journalist murder is linked to ruler but filthy American ignores this as that will mess up the oil flow.   If there was no oil in Saudi there would not have been a presence of filthy American.

Why does the world comply with American demands to stop oil flow from Iran. Let the whole world go to war with filthy Americans!

Some women feminists say it’s the right of a woman to cover or hide her identity. But the world had changed. It is a right of other women too to know who is behind the covered face! A woman or a man. A terrorist or an innocent woman. We have a right to challenge this abominable irrelevant dress in Sri Lanka and world over except that stupid country run by a corrupt royal family saudi Arabia.

No one should impose their culture on others and that is not right either. Cover of head us fine but certainly not the face.

Colombon english speaking Catholics and Christians, the darlings of the West saw to that galaboda gnanasaara monk end up in jail.

They were harping on this issue. This monk brought up the issue at wilpattu and wahabis involvement. NIP AT THE bud.

But no one cared and he was incarcerated.

Oh what a relief! No wahaabis on Mount Lavinia beach or anywhere!

Here’s what should happen.

  1.  We must lead the world on burqa ban and make it to the UN.
  2. We must round up all wahaabis in sri lanka, including the ministers, and send them to Saudi.
  3. All slaves who work for filthy smelly Saudis to be brought back and paid a subsistence by government to compensate their income.
  4. Release Ven, galaboda gnaanasara immediately.
  5. Round up all English speaking catholics and christians and send them to Britain or any

Other western country who is willing to accept their darlings, ON GOVERNMENT expense.

  • Incarcerate indefinitely the wahaabis who have been rounded up.  We should never make the

Mistake we made with tigers at initial stages releasing them.

Sunil Vijaya

One Response to “Burqa must be banned world over and release Ven. Gannasaara immediately”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Buddhism not even a Buddha pic/statue isn’t allowed in the middle east. Sri Lanka? Do what you like. We just
    need your votes. That has been our traitor deshapaluwans’ attitude to these fastest breeding religion aka religion
    of violence followers. Multiply, multiply, multiply and outnumber dirty, disgusting, subhuman trick was used by
    the crafty mussies to turn old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and
    indonesia within a few hundred years of their arrivals in those countries with their baby machine wives. Today, almost all of them are hell holes.

    The dirty, disgusting, subhuman trick worked in the olden days since people didn’t know until the menace breed,
    breed and turned up their doorsteps. But today, in this modern world with tv, phone, internet etc. people come
    to know about the multiplication and fight back to save their countries.

    Mussies go to other people’s countries in all four (funnily enough never go to mussie countries since they are
    already hell holes) and breed and breed. Once the numbers are high enough mussies start murdering the natives
    expecting them to surrender the country. This is what happened in Buddhist Myanmar recently. Mussies from
    (former Buddhist country at that) hell hole bangladesh crept over the border to fertile lands in Myanmar and bred
    and bred. Then once the numbers are high enough started to wrestle control of the country. Luckily
    Myanmar had a strong leader (a woman at that) and they quickly took control and mussies fled over the border
    to where they came from with 100s of 1000s of children and the country was saved. Sri Lanka? We have the
    worst bunch of traitors ever in the history of Sri Lanka, and the low lives will do any thing to stay in power and
    plunder the country and have a good time. That’s why the traitors still don’t let these mussie deshapaluwans to
    be arrested.

    Buddhism isn’t a fictitious god based religion. People used to worship trees, mountains, rivers, gods etc. in the
    olden days in the absence of science. Science has shown these gods have no place in the world again and again,
    yet the fictitious gods survive thanks to powerful organisations and in the case of fastest breeding religion thanks
    to their baby machines. Buddhism and science is one and same. Buddhism disappeared from india since it didn’t
    fit the society with caste system, animal sacrifices etc. so they quickly turned to religions of conveniences which
    don’t regard sins as sins (Buddhism’s Five Precepts, which is used as laws in every country under the Sun) to
    cheat themselves and pay for their sins in the next lives. Then invading mussies killed all the Buddhist monks,
    burnt down the Buddhist temples, universities (a first in the world) and destroyed it totally from the birth place
    of the noble religion.

    Sri Lanka should ban the fastest religion aka religion of violence to save Buddhism and the country. We don’t
    want another afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, syria, libya, yemen, somalia etc. etc in our country. After all,
    if Buddhism is banned in the middle east why we need a religion which professes to kill all non believer and which
    is more suited to pre-historic times. Certainly not for the 21st century. Spain ban it in 1478 with the Spanish
    Inquisition and saved the country. Angola very recently banned it to save from the fast breeders. Ban it to save
    Sri Lanka. It will also give them the chance to become followers of a true religion and let them be two legged
    creatures in their next lives.

    Also ban race based parties which they use to somersault after elections and get into government of the day,
    get powerful ministerial posts then promote multiplication, importing mussies from other hell holes to swell the
    numbers, putting eye sore mosques in ever corner etc. etc.

    Ban reace based schools which promotes segregation and which are used to hide real numbers. Traitor bada udin
    started these mussie schools in the 60s under Sirima B with less than 100 mussies, today they all are bursting at
    the seams with 6,000+. While Sinhalese parents struggle to find a place for their kid or two, mussies just add a
    few stories to the existing buildings and fill them up to the rafters too. To get the ‘royal seal of approval’ crafty
    mussies invite chief ponnayia ponit, MR or Gota and they oblige of course wearing skull caps to collect mussies bonus points (votes) which are manufactures at industrial scales by their baby machine wives.These brainwashed (brainless) mussies don’t think, ok we want the country by multiplying. But what about the jobs, houses, food, schools, hospitals, roads to travel, etc. etc. above all the other communities who are going to resent the multiplication which are going to cause so much trouble fighting for resources. Being brainless bunch of crafty, nasties no point telling them. It is going to be a protracted a blood bath just like the previous greedy, selfish, ungrateful, never happy, never content, never Sri Lankan foreigner lot. They all need a bit of Buddhism
    (Buddhism’s Five Precepts) to live in harmony. I blame the mussie deshapaluwan who has been over promoting them since the 60s and the traitor anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka Mother Lanka dismembering,
    minority worshiping United National Ponnayinparty aka UNPatriotic_rats party who divides the Sinhalese and make the minorities king makers for the previous carnage and the new carnage!

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