Some thoughts on the events that unfolded in Sri Lanka on Apri 21, 2019
Posted on May 4th, 2019

Worried Citizen

In my opinion, the events that unfolded were the culmination of what began in Jan 2015 when President Mahinda Rajapaksa was overthrown and Maithripala Sirisena appointed. As we all know this was funded and helped by several countries, in the West and even India. The election was manipulated to appoint Ranil Wickremasinghe as PM even though we had a PM and a Cabinet already. 
It is high time the PM resigned to make way for a new and capable Govt. I found the this article in the Lankaweb which lists all the crimes committed by him over 40 years. See:

We are well aware of the events that unfolded thereafter, but I would like to refresh the memories of our people since our people seem to have short memories. 

1. PM brought the Ministry of Finance under him, brought Arjun Mahendran who was an alien as the Governor of the Central Bank and stated in Parliament that he will take responsibility for his appointment. He also brought a person who many are aware of as being of a dubious reputation as head of the Treasury. At this time the UNP was bankrupt and was in debt to the tune of Rs. 3 Billion.
2. The now infamous Bond scam was perpetrated by this group. While there was an uproar in the country about it, nothing was done to investigate what happened and who was responsible.
3. When the General Election came along in August again though Mahinda’s party the UPFA was on the verge of winning the foreign powers manipulated the election by informing the people through the President that even if Mahinda wins he will not appoint Mahinda as PM. This threw the country into confusion and as a result, they voted for the UNP/TNA/JVP/Muslim alliance. The UPFA which had the largest number of seats in the Parliament were ignored by Karu Jayasuriya the Speaker and the TNA with only 16 seats was appointed as the Opposition leader. All parliamentary rules were broken and the UPFA went to the UN to complain about what was going on. No one took any notice as they were so busy making money. 
4. The UNP alliance started taking foreign loans and using that money for consumption. People were allowed to import luxury cars and the MPs were allowed to import luxury cars without tax. The MPs without any patriotism imported these luxury cars and sold them for a huge profit. It was a huge business for them. A lot of projects that had been started by Mahinda’s Govt such as the Port City, Power plants, Solar Energy Park, etc. were stopped by this UNP alliance. The bought Parliament went along with it. Even a very defective Constitutional amendment the 19A was passed since it was a bought Parliament. 

5. In 2016, a second Bond scam was perpetrated. Suddenly the UNP debt had disappeared. Maithripala realized things were not so rosy and appointed a Presidential Commission to look into the Bond scam. The perpetrators took off back to where they came from. The commission found various people guilty of the Bond scam but not the chief architect the PM. Why? 
6. To fulfill the promise made to the TNA for getting the UNP into power the UNP Alliance took great pains to trivialize what Mahinda Rajapaksa had achieved. Mahinda achieved what many superpowers had brain washed our people to believe was not possible. That is to defeat LTTE militarily. They wanted Sri Lanka Govt to just give in to their requests to give a separate state to the Tamils which would have been a precursor to breaking India. They denigrated the armed forces and co-sponsored a resolution which virtually admitted to the world that the Sri Lanka armed forces were guilty of war crimes. Intelligence people in forces were jailed on various excuses and kept in prison for years without trial. Most of the land the army had acquired in the N&E during the 30 years of fighting with the LTTE was given back to the people who claimed them. Mangala Samaraweera and Chandrika Bandaranaike became the champions of the Tamil “Cause”. Tamils who claimed ‘missing people’ were given hearings and it became popular to accept their word against that of the Sri Lanka armed forces. In several cases, so-called disappeared people reappeared in India and elsewhere. No thought was given to the fact that some of the disappearances could be due to the LTTE themselves killing civilians who did not comply, or to those who went missing in the Tsunami of Dec 2004, etc. Steps were taken to set up an Office of Missing Persons. No one bothered about soldiers who were missing and displacement of Sinhalese from the North and East. Highly inflated numbers such as 300,000 – 140,000 were used by the UN and UNHCR to create a case against Sri Lanka. It was only when Lord Naseby brought out the actual figures from the U.K. Gashe files which showed the numbers to be 7000-8000 which was same as what Maxwell Paranagama report gave that the vociferous voices of the diaspora Tamils subsided.
7. The value of the Rupee dropped from 130/$ to almost 200/$ by 2019. The debt went up from 75% to about 92%. No one seemed to care for the country except for the Joint Opposition consisting of Mahinda and Lanka loyalists. In this year’s budget, they set aside money to pay reparations to LTTE terrorists who had committed so many crimes against the country. India should pay us reparations for having trained and let loose the LTTE against us and the Superpowers of the West for prolonging the war for so long because they had a sizeable chunk of Tamils who had gone as refugees after 1983 trumped up riots, to supply money and votes for many of the politicians in those countries. For these people, facts did not seem to matter – only the immediate gain from their voting bloc mattered. The BBC virtually became the voice of the LTTE as they wielded power with the politicians. 
8. From the beginning of 2018, Maithripala began to realize that his alliance with Ranil was slowly destroying the country. It culminated with him trying to install Mahinda as PM along with his loyalists to the cabinet. This ‘coup’ was unfortunately squashed by the Supreme Court who interpreted the Presidents action was illegal even though the Attorney General had approved his action. The TNA and the JVP backed Ranil and the UNP when a vote was taken in the Parliament. 
9. I believe that if Mahinda was allowed to stay in power the unfortunate events that happened would not have happened. Mahinda always gave the highest priority to the security of the country, unlike the jokers we have now in office. As the information unfolds about the bombing, many facts are coming out which shows the utter lack of control our Govt has on the security of the country. One of the suicide bombers had a factory which was employing Bangladeshis. How did these people come to the country? Did they come as illegal immigrants or on work visas?
10. A large group of Pakistani and Afghan refugees was in a police station for safety due to fears for their life since they were Muslims. They said that they were there as UNHCR refugees. The question I have is: how many such refugees do we have in the country? Are we subsidizing their education, health, and even food? Do the govt authorities monitor these people? A priest speaking on the subject has said that Minister Rishad Bathiudeen has brought in almost 300,000 people who have been settled in Wilpattu. See – අපේ හාමුදුරුවෝ පොල්ලෙන් ගැහුවා වගේ ඇත්ත කථා කලා They are being trained in Sharia law with funding from Saudi Arabia. Do we know how many illegals are there in the country? According to the talk by the priest, most of them throw away their passport and go to a Grama Sevaka and get an i.d card. 
11. Surely by now, we should have a better means of issuing i.d cards. In most countries to get a passport they have to undergo rigorous police checking of their backgrounds and also health testing to ensure they do not have HIV or AIDS or worse. India is using Biometric I.D cards. During the war apparently, almost a million Tamils went out of Sri Lanka to other countries. Yet when the census was done in 2012 the population was the same. This means almost a million illegal immigrants have come during this time from Tamil Nadu. Even among the people in the refugee camps in Tamil Nadu, we do not know how many are people who have crept into the camps there. 

12. Many UN agencies are using Sri Lanka to dump refugees in Sri Lanka from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and other countries. After getting Sri Lanka to co-sponsor the UNHCR resolution the superpowers have a hold on Sri Lanka. They are using this leverage to get Sri Lanka to accede to any requests they make. Mangala has set himself as the human rights champion and the agent for UNHCR. He is I believe eyeing a plush UN job when he loses his current job due to Govt change. 

14. All the terrorist groups in Sri Lanka were using poor kids to feed them some kind of ideology so that they would go and fight on their behalf and get killed while their leaders lived in luxury. The truth or the falsehood of the ideology did not matter only thing that matttered was that their rank and file believed it enough to sacrifice themselves for the “cause”. It was no different in Europe when the Church led crusades to kill many thousands of people, or the Muslims led hordes through Europe in the name of Allah, or the Muslims led the Moghuls through India destroying the Hindus. It is all a great insanity created in the human mind by various leaders for their own gain. Buddhists avoided this blood shed largely because they realized and taught the illusory nature of this existence. Unfortunately this very realization makes them vulnerable to the insane hordes who fanatically want to destroy all those who do not believe in what they believe. 
15. May be like the Dinosaurs the humans will also go out of existence. Right now we have the leader of the most powerful country denying climate crisis due to excess CO2 in the atmosphere and the sea even though all the scientists have provided ample proof of it. The UN has already designated Sri Lanka as one of the most vulnerable countries due to climate crisis. We have only 12 years to get it right as per the UN. After that the climate crisis will become irreversible. We need to set aside all these fighting for different ideologies and get our act together if we are to survive the coming years.

Let us hope sanity prevails and our people take control of their country and their lives instead of handing it over to foreign powers to do as they wish as some of our Colombians wish to do.

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