Ban Batticaloa University
Posted on May 13th, 2019

Wimal Senanayake 

Listening to what the National University Teachers Association had to tell about the construction of the private Muslim University in Batticaloa was like watching one of the convoluted conspiracy stories in a Bond’s film. A set of disguised masterful plans and deceit with a huge sum of cash changing hands in the main characters are common in Bond films. An apparent small project that requested permission only for some innocuous courses for adults transforming later multiple times with the name as well as the aim of the project into a vast university that looks designed to cater to vast number of students including foreign students as well. The teachers enrolled so far are all foreign and it is no brainer to suspect it is going to be a regional hub for fundamental extreme views that would harm not only our country but the whole volatile region.

The government has so far kept mum on their action on this project and anything but a taking over the entire project with the buildings to facilitate the two universities already in the East would lead to disastrous consequences in the future. President’s admission it will be continued as a private university and Hakeem’s impromptu proposal to take it under his ministry are all diabolical plans to keep things to cool down to continue with its master plan later.

In fact this has revealed why Hakeem has asked for the Higher Education Ministry at the first place. Building this university has been a masterplan involving most of these corrupt Muslim ministers with subtle connections with the extreme movement.

Credit to the Ex president Mrs Chandrika Kumaranatunga who immediately called for a ban of the mushrooming madrassas in the country. As usual this government has shown only apathy and inept handling of the situation so far. Even the banning of face coverings is only under emergency regulations not so far gazetted.

Are there more things than that meets the eye. It is not so long ago high profile Minister Mustafa’s close relative was taken into custody on terrorist charges in Australia when working in a university.  It was revealed later one of the suicide bombers went a university in Australia for higher education. Though he was later cleared there looks a fishy connection here somewhere. A lot of students go for university degrees in Australia & the authorities should investigate this line of connection.Minister Mustafa of course has kept so far a dead silence.

Only the foot soldiers are being rounded up and taken to custody while the master minds & MPs & Ministers alleged to have aided and abetted remain at large. The NGOs and civil right organizations who advocated a national government concept and campaigned the voters to bring this disjointed weak government to power should take a fair share of the blame for the chaos the country experiencing now. Another good example why all the concepts and policies borrowed from the West would not suit us well.

A main breeding ground for terrorist activities in future will be the mushrooming settlements in Wilpattu being built with foreign funds under the auspices of Minister Bathiudeen. The government should take immediate steps to remove all en masse and provide them with housing facilities in Muslim areas. This has to be done with utmost importance.

Police spokesman keeps harping on the fact that Wellampitiya police officers are being  investigated for the reasons that led to the release the nine culprits. However  one wonders why not those nine are not rearrested immediately under the PTA? Finding fault of those officers is secondary to this equation. Why was not such a crime place not put under guard leaving things to be taken out by the culprits. Are not these items to be confiscated by the State. Who removed what should be investigated without bias.

Where are the NGOs ,civil right clan and university pundits who were harping on the importance of a National government. What a mess ,a disjointed & weak administration it has led us to. The 19th amendment has put paid to the strong control a President had over the country. It has to be rescinded as the first measure of a new government. No wonder the proposed Counter Terrorism bill will bring harm only to the country in future.

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