Extremism cannot flourish in few months, it takes many years
Posted on May 13th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Two days back Negombo was also in the brink of flaring up due to Religious Tension ( I do not call it a racial tension as the Muslims are not a race but a section of a either Tamil or Sinhala who believe in re particular religion)

Tension is created due to a face book posting  and other news in Chilaw. Kuliyapitiya ,Bingiriya and Dummalassooriya  ,by some elements due to various other reasons as published in papers and social media .

The area we live in Jayawardane Pura was predominantly Sinhalese  many decades back. But slowly Muslim Population increased visibly and yet Sinhala Buddhist and Catholics lived in absolute harmony with  Muslims.Today sections of these towns  have become sectorial with Muslim Ghetto like formations .

They used to say   that Americans with the West  who are supposed to be responsible  for mushrooming up of the extremism after invading Iraq ,Afgansitan   and Libya .They invaded Vietnam in Asia against formation of such Buddhist Extremism like in Burma .They have suppressed them and today both in  Vietnam and Burma.

My assumption is that the West and Americans are using CIA and MI5 with Raw and also Indian Mozad were jointly studying the trend of extremism for many years and take either military action to disturb the nations with ulterior motive of eradicating extremism or initiate a long term plan .People in these  countries suffer, and yet they show their friendly face and try to creep in .

Wherever they interfered, they were successful in either eradicating or suppressing extremism for a while but they will never stop until they are eradicated.

We have heard that Apple Phones have already developed the technologies for future and I phone 11, 12 14, 15 etc.  by studying technology of future .

Similarly CIA would have been having researches, trials and generated theories about extremism if it can threaten the existence of capitalism.

They say that even Garbachev was a CIA agent in USSR who was planted a five decades ago.

Analogue with Muslim Extremism is similar to CIA .RAW and MOZAD plans for future .They have started spreading out  pockets of Muslims in every district or city or even in a group of villages .During Sinhala King Muslims from  middle east were coming to trade and one of the Sinhala Kings carved our Riddeegama  Kurunegala and gave to Muslim Traders .It has  spreaded out everywhere .Most of the Muslims may not be aware that an unseen hand has been making plans for decades to have pockets of Muslim Villages in every corner in Sri Lanka.

In the event of Religious Cleansing ( if it ever happens) they  may move to places like Kattankudi and ask for space with a view of forming a caliphate.

My contention is this trend has been planned and well executed by Muslim extremist elements for many years.

It is a well rooted tree which should be deprived of the fertiliser like backlash from majorities and ideological help and military help from Muslims nations.

Ordinary innocent Muslims will suffer in the cyclone of terrorism

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

One Response to “Extremism cannot flourish in few months, it takes many years”

  1. Nimal Says:

    Yes we can in a short time. Watch Assad in Syria.It was once a secular country now a mess created by outsiders, the motive is many, to control the wealth of Iran and other countries north of Iran also to grab more land for a friend of US.
    They couldn’t infiltrate Syria like they did elsewhere because Assad have full control of his country, because he run the country with an iron fist,but they all call them a regime.
    We too must do that, but to start with we must not be too biased towards any one religion, by our hypocritical politicians venerating before Mahanayakes sends the wrong message to the minorities who are also contributing immensely to our country, paying taxes etc.
    When there’s fairness and justice to all, just as in NZ then they could take strong measures against people who do not comply with the just values we live by.
    Muslims have proved beyond any doubt that their practice of the extreme form of religion is setting every one on fire, every where they live. Therefore we have every right to put them in line.
    But we can’t just have a go at a particular trouble making religion, sect or group while the Buddhist faith is exploited to ones advantage or given special privileges ,until that is addressed we will never get any where. This is the bitter pill we have to take.
    Our divisive policies will be exploited my external forces to divide and control, which seem to be a factor in geopolitics of some counties.

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