The National Sangha Council NSC to seek Ranil’s arrest
Posted on May 13th, 2019

Courtesy Ceylon Today

The National Sangha Council (NSC) will lodge a complaint with the Police Headquarters tomorrow (14) against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, calling for his arrest and that he be charged in Court over his involvement in the Easter Sunday (21 April) attacks.

The carnage, due to the suicide bomb attacks in churches, hotels and elsewhere, claimed the lives of over 250 and injured over 500 others.

The Council claimed that Wickremesinghe, among others, had prior knowledge about the attacks, but had not, as part of the Government, taken any action to prevent them. This constitutes negligent behaviour and conduct, the Council alleged.

The Council also claimed that the suppression of information about the crime and aiding and abetting in it too were grave offences.

One Response to “The National Sangha Council NSC to seek Ranil’s arrest”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    What Mother Lanka, Sinhalese Buddhists, Buddhism facing today is the handy work of the traitor anti Buddhist,
    anti Sri Lanka, anti Sinhalese minority worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering traitor United National Ponnyains
    party aka UNPatriotic_rats party. Traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only)
    thambi mudiyanselage [email protected] put foundations to break up the country by introducing 13, 13A to please their
    no 1 supporters tamils and mussies. Today, those mini thieves dens are mostly ruled by mussies or tamils who
    destroy our culture and promote mass breeding, bringing more mussies from hell holes afganisthan,
    pakesthan etc. To destroy Mother Lanka, [email protected] then brought a new constitution to make sure United Ponnyainparty
    aka traitor UNPatrioitic_rats and its supperters tamils and mussies have the advantage.

    Today we are reaping ‘the benefits’ from thambi mudiyanselage [email protected]’s treacheries. Thambi mudiyanselage [email protected]
    alsogave citizenship to 650,000+ up country tamils who were prepared to go to tn under patriotic Sirima B’s
    Sirima-Shasthri Pact after she lost the elections for their votes. Today, they must be numbering millions and
    aspire to have a greater drealam. Then traitor alugosuwa [email protected] traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri
    Lanka and Buddhism only) lk porisada etc. dragged their catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan’s
    catholic tigers of tamil drealam war for 30 years saying the terras were invincible and sacrificed 100,000+,
    mainly Sinhalese Buddhists, including Buddhist monks. All this was after killing 60,000+ Sinhalese Buddhist jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvp with the support of top catholic police brass and top catholic

    Now [email protected]’s traitor alugosuwa nephew traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief
    mega thakkadiya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) Batalande
    wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot [email protected]_lleech wickrama Sinhala killer has been carrying on where [email protected] left off and done so
    much destruction to Mother Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism. It must be getting mmense satisfaction
    being able to stop Vesak Celebrations for the first time in the history of the country. Since it got the pathala
    man job (PM) through the back door it tried to ignite mussie riots. Remember catholic tigers of tamil drealam?
    Carried on 30 years! Now it worked this time and Batalande wa(n)dakaya and the bunch of thieving, lying,
    minority worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering United National Ponnayinparty aka traitor UNPatriotic_rats
    carry on without holding elections for 10/20/30 years and wa(n)dakaya can die on the job. This is another
    thing [email protected] taught these thieves. Don’t do any work, plunder, plunder and plunder, murder, murder (Sinhalese
    Buddhists only since no UN, no AI, no AB, AC etc. etc. human rights monkeys don’t open their mouths and
    making sure tamils/mussies aren’t killed which is a war crime). Then disappear for several years to enjoy
    the loot and come back with a brand new set of lies to fool Sinhalese modayas and plunder, plunder and

    Arrest the mass murderer traitor chief and ask for a public hanging to teach a lesson to future traitors of this
    calibre. Danger is traitor alugosuwa so desperate to save its skin now and trying to get an agreement with the
    US army to our army to them. Any thing to save a life of major crimes, murders, robberies, lies, treacheries!
    Not a single job done in the last 40 years. Wipe these traitor United National Ponnyainparty aka traitor
    UNPatriotic_rats who divide the Sinhalese and making minorities king makers to save Sri Lanka, Sinhalese
    race and Buddhism at the next general election for Sinhalese to have a voice! Make number of seats 0000
    for the @s for the traitors to never ever come back!

    After traitor

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