Malcolm “the Cardinal” in the Middle
Posted on May 15th, 2019

Walter Rajaratne Sydney 

His holiness Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the bishop of Colombo is the man of the moment. At the most decisive time when the country needed a voice of sanctity,  he delivered. And, delivered in no uncertain terms that doused the heat that was running at volcanic molten lava scale when the majority Sinhalese would have unleashed their wrath and venom, in reminiscent of the July 83, on Muslims. His name is deservedly proposed as a nominee to the coveted Noble peace prize which would undoubtedly challenge any other similar feat anywhere in the world

Nevertheless, the flip side of the Malcolm phenomenon is, the behavior of the so called moderate Muslim leadership, in different political persuasions and from the intellectual strata. They are, in unison, falling over each other, to jump on the bandwagon that our good Cardinal Ranjith built as a deterrent to mounting angst amongst the aggrieved masses under Muslim invasion of the country during the last two or so decades that knows nothing but killing as their only modus operandi, in glorifying their God, Alla. Succinctly put, look no further but the scripture in their holy book, Koran, which has dedicated chapters to guide them as to how a majority of a country could be cowed down, at the right time, when their own number is multiplied from nothing to majority within a short span of time. Until such time be the most trusted and faithful subordinate to the majority. 

Yes, the heroic efforts of the Muslim soldiers of our armed forces contributed heavily to the war effort against Tamil terrorism. Yes they speak better Sinhalese than Sinhalese themselves. Yes, they even deliver Buddhist sermons more eloquently than most Buddhists themselves. However, be aware, where are all these virtuous deeds leading to.

By the hour, these Muslim leaders are scoring heavily through this shrewd line of attack, taking the heat off the sensible action against the invasion they have been engaged in with the blessing of warped political leadership of the country who are hell bent on securing their continuity of pillage through ballet.  

Majority Sinhalese Buddhists/Christians and Tamil Hindu/ Christians and all attached to other denominations who prefer to call this resplendent island as their motherland need not be fooled by the scoundrels whose only goal is plunder of the wealth at any cost. This is the golden opportunity that has been offered to them on a platter, a blessing in disguise which should not let go without reaping the best to eradicate the Muslim invasion, that has engulfed the present day world to irretrievable scale, since the barbaric invading armies  of Ottoman empire.

Back to the good Cardinal. 

Hats off to your timely action that gave us some breathing space to bring the tenuous situation under control. Nevertheless, it’s time to make some soul searching whether your God will be able to save your flock from this Lucifer, nurtured under the watchful eyes of 225 rogues at Diyawanna, turned into a behemoth of an octopus, stretching its monstrous tentacles to all spheres of Sri Lankan life with unflinching grip. The first foremost move is, stop singing hosanna to the so called moderate Muslim leadership. You need not build a centre stage from where they are moralizing the victim, thats us, that lets the demon off the hook.  No other community should accommodate Muslims in their campaign of eradicating fundamentalism since Muslim Koran propagates, killing the adversary is the God’s Will. No pious Muslim ever renounce these edicts in their holy book. The cunning Muslim cleric keeps a safe distance from answering these horrific practices in Koran.

Dear Cardinal, may your attention is drawn to a decisive instant in the Sinhala Buddhist history. That was 1505, anno domini. They came, they saw and they crucified or you may call it christened – the native Buddhists, brandishing the sword with right hand while the left holding the holy Bible. And where did the “conquistador” start from. A piece of land, area of a cowhide in extent. ‘Gerisamka Idak’. Today, your flock, the descendants of that holocaust paid a terrible price at the hands of an identical aggressor who came under the guise of selling pieces of Siling Biling to our innocent village damsels.

Your recent comment that, Buddhism should be the foremost religion is noted with reservation. Declining Ranil’s offer of a bullet proof limousine too observed with reservation. What is your ultimate goal. Only the heavenly God knows, your holiness.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Hi Walter;

    Take a flight from Sydney to Suva in Fiji and tell me what you see.

  2. aloy Says:

    Writing of an ultra nationalist with a Christian given name hiding in a Christian country!.

    There are peaceful ways to resolve the problem and for that you need a wise and honest leader. As the saying goes, “thambi thoppiya haruna peththata natanawa”. SO, put the hat in he direction you want him to dance and be firm on that.

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