Posted on May 18th, 2019

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane

May 16th 2009 – People’s Spontaneous Post-Terrorism Reaction                                                

The historic victory over Tamil terrorism, with the elimination of the savage terrorist leader Prabakaran on 16 May 2009, led to a spontaneous elated reaction on the part of all  patriotic citizens of Sri Lanka. There was countrywide lighting of fire-crackers and ringing of temple bells, and roadside gatherings of people serving and sharing traditional ‘kiribath’ in jubilation of the victory over terrorism and the dawn of peace in the country after nearly thirty years of terror.

It led to a striking addition to the roadside environment with the displaying of many highly conspicuous, large vibrant screen-print posters and banners on trees, buildings, fences, across roads, and posts planted even within paddy fields. It was a spontaneous expression of the overflowing thrill, ecstasy and gratitude of ordinary people who were overwhelmed by this great victory over terrorism, a menace that plagued our country for some three decades. Most banners and posters highlighted real pictures of our gallant Army, Navy, Air Force and STF personnel, especially of those heroic ones who sacrificed their lives in fighting to save our nation from terrorists so that peace and stability would be restored in the country. The background of most of these banners depicted military hardware and themes symbolic of the historic victory of our armed forces. All invariably, were reflective of the overflowing admiration people have developed towards their valiant Army, Navy, Air Force and the STF personnel. They were most effective in generating a high degree of patriotism among people.  They were expressions of the overflowing appreciation, joy and gratitude of our people towards the saviors of the nation – our heroic sons and daughters of the nation’s military and security forces. Inquiries made on site, revealed that this was an impulsive, unprompted, heartfelt and genuine reaction of ordinary people, caring individuals, families, businesses, youth organizations and non-political community groups. Most of these large size colourful screen-prints were designed free of charge by youth who also were responsible for displaying them in prominent places across the country. 

June 03, 2009 – National Celebration at the Galle Face Grounds

Two weeks after the fall of Prabakaran, on June 03 009, our Nation celebrated on a formal basis, in a glorious manner, at the Galle Face grounds, our nation’s Victory over racist Tamil Terrorism,  the grandeur of which was perhaps never witnessed in our land in its living memory.

The day started with the singing of “Sri Lanka Maathaa…” the Jaathika Geeya, and the hoisting of the Jaathika Kodiya by the President of the country. His emotionally-charged forceful speech was the highlight of the day… …Our country is home to a people with a history of bravely facing up to invaders from the time of King Dutugemunu to the last king of the Sinhala Kingdom, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, and fearless patriots such as Keppetipola and Puran Appu. The lessons we learnt from those great battles of the past are ingrained in our flesh, blood and bones. Our brave soldiers were not provoked, but waited with discipline till the proper time for action came. We can now see how much determination is born from the pain one suffers… What was considered the most ruthless and most powerful terrorist army for thirty years was shattered and destroyed in less than three years. Terrorists are no more invincible. It is only the valiant troops and our Motherland that are invincible. I recently went down on my knees and worshipped the glorious Motherland that obtained its freedom through the sacrifice of the lives of thousands of our heroic troops. This great and glorious victory was achieved because of the younger generation that stands before us today. Young men and women from the four corners of Sri Lanka joined the Security Forces to free their Motherland. Some mothers and fathers gave all of their children to the Armed Forces and the police. When the eldest child had already sacrificed one’s life for the country, they gave more children to the Armed Forces.

If anyone were to ask me what the secret of the victory is, I would extend my hands and show our beloved people, who include these mothers, fathers, wives who gave their closest and dearest for this battle. Our entire nation owes an immense debt of gratitude to these mothers, fathers and wives. They sacrificed their children and loved ones for the nation, to save the lives of others. In order to defeat racist terrorism the people of the country have a mature knowledge of the threat before them. The fortune of a nation lies is such knowledge and maturity…”

The fabulous military parades of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police force, and the Civil Defense Force, including the injured and disabled military and police personnel, were followed by a most elaborate and colourful cultural parade consisting of thousands  of traditional dancers and drummers both male and female. I do not know of any event in our country where such a large number of cultural performers have been present and have performed with such magnificence. These are events that need to be experienced for their splendor can never be explained fully in words. 

There is perhaps no better place than the Galle Face grounds, the fabulous meeting place of our land, sky and ocean, to showcase our wondrous military hardware, our incredible naval fleet, and our amazing aircraft in the skies above us at the Galle Face. This was a stunning experience! 

The climax of the event was the landing of the 24 gallant paratroopers descending from some 6,000 feet (the elevation of Nuwara Eliya), to the Galle Face green to greet Sri Lanka’s  President.  

This was definitely an extraordinary day that I had the privilege of experiencing and will remember until my last breath.    

 Dr. Daya Hewapathirane

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  1. Christie Says:

    THE DAY OF:Wiping out of the Indian terrorist outfit trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil Tigers by India.

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