Gentleman and a politician Imtiaz Bakeer Maker
Posted on May 18th, 2019


Today I listened to TV program where Intiaz B M ,Kabir Hashim and another Muslim person explaining to all of us about the fact that all the Muslims are not terrible and the importance of living together as Sri Lankan’s.

When such a statement is made By a person like  Imtiaz ,it looks very convincing and carries truth and both Muslims and Sinhalese should listen

He was a scholar studied in Ananda which is a premium Buddhist College .He was mingling with Sinhala Buddhists and studied in few classes below my grade

I rememeber  him leading the college Sinhala debate team.He knew Buddhist culture more than a Sinhalese.
When I was chairman of a corporation he was my deputy minister.He used to ask me favours only to get some work for his electorate Beruwala. He used to send me poor youngsters for employee Ntb with a letter and follwed by a very polite telephone call .
I always obliged whenever possible.
Important thing is that all the youngsters sent by him were Sinhalese 
He is a gentleman and a honest politician side-lined by his own party which he never left . Being the son of a speaker ,he is an example to all other Muslim governors,  party speakers of a particular political party.
My opinion is that he is suitable to lead the whole country one day.
These  are the type of politicains people should believe and listen.
I am living  my last few years of this life but Intiaz B M should long live to see that this country gets back to its Serendipity and foster national conciliation 
Inshah Allah and Budu Saranai

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  1. aloy Says:

    I do not know a about Imtiaz B. M., but would like to tell one or two about Kabir Hashim.

    He was implicated in the CB bond affair and we have heard how they planned to rob it. Their attempts to acquire upcountry land failed after making quite a stir. A close relative of mine told me recently what he described as a crime he and his people supposed to have committed a few years ago in Kegalle.

    It appears the land belonging Kusumasana Devi (or Princess Dona Catherina), our last heir to the Sri lankan thrown, extending to hundreds of acres near Kegalle was almost forcibly taken over and distributed among his people to set up a village exclusively for themselves leaving out only the area covered by her house. In other countries such places of national significance are preserved for posterity, but not in SL. It appears one medical practitioner by the name Dr. Fernando tried very hard in a protracted court case but at the end nothing happened. May be there was a judge in the same caliber as the Wellampitiya one at the concluding stage. So, they always win in court cases.

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