Misuse of NZ Parliament and It’s Democratic Rights to Disseminate Misinformation Detrimental and Hurtful To Sri Lankan
Posted on May 18th, 2019

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM  Spokesperson United Sri Lanka Association

To. Ms.Marama Davidson MP Leader, Green Party, NZ Parliament.

Dear Ms Davidson,
I write to respectfully request that, you withdraw your sponsorship of the above event and so prevent yourself and the New Zealand parliamentary premises being misused to disseminate misinformation that is detrimental to the interest of a fellow commonwealth country, and to many, many New Zealand residents of Sri Lankan origin, and so very hurtful as well  to them, for the reasons detailed below.:
The planned Tamil Genocide Rembrance Event” in the Parliament on Tuesday the 21st Of May is attempting to draw credibility for this labeling of by claiming that the UN has said that there is credible and compelling evidence that tens of thousands of civilian deaths occurred in May 2009”, at the end of the war between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan security forces
This premise is a diabolically misleading mis representation of the facts.
The claim referred to  was made by the UN Secretary General appointed panel of experts ,appointed against the wishes of the UN and UNSC, and so  going behind the back of these organisations, to advice the UNSG on provisions for accountability available in Sri Lanka”. It was lead by Mazuki Darusman  an Indonesian human rights lawyer and two others all of whom   were know to be adversely disposed towards SL  based  on their recent interactions with SL at that time. Going beyond their remit, they came to their conclusions without ever visiting SL and whilst located in New York and receiving representations only from Tamil Tiger Diaspora and none from any Sri Lankan government or community sources. Even further the committee specified that the sources based on which they came to their conclusions , could not be revealed for another twenty years, till 2030.
Consequently , these views have neither credibity nor represent the views of the UN.
Further, there is a catalogue of evidence , detailed itemised below, showing clearly  that there was no Genocide what ever and on the other hand , that  because of the care and concern the SL security forces exercised, as revealed among others by the Defence dispatches from the US & UK embassies in Colombo, the civilian casualties were kept to a minimum but at the cost of increased  SL security force casualties and delaying the end of the war.
This is a deliberate attempt at misusing the democratic freedoms of NZ to to deliberately misleadi the unsuspecting NZ parliamentarians, NZ media and public  re happenings in SL in 2009 and now.
The film referred to is reminiscent of the much discredited film Sri Lanka Killing Fields” that made claims to discredit the Sl security forces  based on film strips that did not reveal neither authorship, nor the location nor the timing of the claimed events.
I therefore urge you to be vary of encouraging such misuse of NZ ‘s democratic freedoms and  parliamentary premises to disseminate misinformation hurtful & detrimental to the interest of thousands of New Zealanders of Sri Lankan origin and withdraw your sponsorship of this event.
I would be very available to meet you at short notice to further clarify our objections.
Thank you very much Yours Sincerely

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Spokesperson  United Sri Lanka Association 0274768797
The Evidence That Tamil Genocide Did Not Happen At The End of The War In Sri Lanka In May 2009. 1. If there were many thousands of civilian casualties, the figure quoted by the Darusan commission report being 40,000, going by internationally accepted ratio’s of injured to killed in war situations, there should have been at least 80,000 injured . Ten years after the claimed events no where near that number of injured nor casualties or graves have been found.
2.The best UN estimate of casualties was given by UN office in Colombo the time . This  was placed at around 7,000, quite consistent with the expected collateral damage of a war of that scar.
3.The census carried out on the ground led by resident Tamil teachers of the region in 2012, also came up with the figure of around 7,000casualties.
4.There was no logic for the Sri Lankan security forces to commit genocide through directed shooting at civilians as alleged, and then rescuing 300,000 Tamil civilians hostages by the Tigers and used as human shields till the very end,  & then rehabilitating them and relocating them in their homes within two years after the rescue, having cleared the mines in these areas at great risk to the soldiers who did the demining themselves. These are the realities of what happened post war and are available for any to see and verify.
5. WikiLeakes revealed defence dispatches form both the US & UK embassies in Colombo at that time, has on numerous occasions confirmed that the SL forces were exercising extreme care to minimise civilian casualties as happened  and at the expense of increased security forces casualties and delaying the end of the war.
6. Lord Naseby, of UK after a prolonged  effort obtained many of these cables from the British authorities and table them in the House of Lords in October 2017 so confirming this further , as a fact .
7. Similarly, the defence attache in the US embassy in Colombo at the time, Laurence Smith, at a seminar in Colombo a year after the end of the war confirmed the same as regards the US embassy dispatches.  
8.The Samuel Paranagama commission appointed by the SL President , specifically to investigate human rights violations and war crimes during the end of the war concluded that there weren’t any. This report was endorsed by five well respected legal luminaries drawn from both sides of the Atlantic.
9. Many of the claims of the  security forces firing into no fire zones came about because the Tigers moved in their heavy weaponry into an area , the moment a no fire zone” was called , before civilians could move in, and this firing had to be neutralised. These zones never in reality never became no fire zones.
10. Similarly, hospitals were at times affected by security forces fire, as the tigers deliberately positioned their heavy weaponry close to the  field  hospitals to deliberately expose them to fire , and to then use such incidence as propanda weapons .

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM

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  1. Christie Says:

    THE DAY OF:Wiping out of the Indian terrorist outfit trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil Tigers by India.

    Note: There are lots of Indian Colonial Parasites from places like Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other Indian colonies who have settled in NZ and of course the Indian Parasites from India.

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