The apparition
Posted on May 20th, 2019

Laksiri Warnakula

The other day I once again got myself into one of those contemplative moods of mine, which is a frequent occurrence. And since of late the frequency of it happening has seen some increase owing in particular to I suppose the terrifying events that took place on Easter Sunday and then what followed it. 

However, this time my mind suddenly veered off the track that usually runs through the familiar landscape of politics, politicians, government and the governed and so on and so forth. And then I must have dozed off in the process.

Then came the apparition. It materialized in front of me in an almost tangible form with a suddenness that took me by surprise.

Then its voice rang out, which is neither loud nor low or a whisper nor a yell, but a kind of an intonation; tell me my friend, is this not how your country is run? I couldn’t understand what he meant. So I just lay on my reclining chair transfixed.

Here it went.

Allegation is often confronted with a negation, which is followed by a counter-allegation. Instigation is often accompanied by investigation, which suddenly comes to a premature termination. Accusation is more often than not forgiven and forgotten and the accused granted emancipation. Inaction is portrayed somehow as a timely reaction. Coalition is sought after for the purpose of consolidation.  Corruption has now turned into a tradition. Presumption frequently proceeds verification. Veneration is often directed to where it doesn’t belong and so is vilification. You are happy basking in vacillation without resolution. Duplication is often presented as innovation. Demolition is preferred to conservation by many”.

There were many more ‘-tions’. And on and on, it went.   

It must have been just a 30-minute or so. And when I woke up from my slumber, it however felt like much longer. Then I thought a bit more about the whole experience and to my consternation, I came to realize that it was about the same anyway; the same old and hilarious ‘Yahapalanaya’ drama that I get to see during my usual wanderings through our political landscape. The only difference is that it was a much shorter rendition of it.

Now, you too can add a few of your own ‘-tions’, not to be outdone by my apparition.

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