They should’ve called it the Christchurch-Colombo Call for Action
Posted on May 22nd, 2019

Tarek Fatah Courtesy Toronto Sun

In this March 23, 2019 file photo, worshippers prepare to enter the Al Noor mosque a week after a mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.Mark Baker / AP File Photo

Oscar Wilde once said, When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” Maybe that is the reason there were no Americans at last week’s Paris Summit hosted by President Emmanuel Macron of France and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand to curb online extremism.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there alongside Britain’s embattled Theresa May and other liberal politicians of Europe who signed on to what they called the Christchurch Call to Action” to commemorate the killing of 51 Muslims in a massacre at two mosques in the New Zealand city on March 15.

The coming together of Western leaders within two months after the horrific hate fest was welcomed by one and all. But between March 15 in Christchurch and May 15 in Paris, there were other horrific acts of genocidal nature in Asia and Africa, that went completely unmentioned in the Paris document.

Representatives of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK all seemed to have etched ‘Christchurch’ on their minds, but could not recall the massacre a week later of over 250 Christians by Islamist terrorists in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Jordan’s British-born King Abdullah and ambassadors from Indonesia, India and  Senegal joined their former European colonial masters in Paris, but they too didn’t utter a single word in solidarity with those who died in Colombo.

The question is, why didn’t prime ministers Macron and Ardern invite Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to the summit? With him at the table they could have named the summit the ‘Christchurch-Colombo Call for Action,’ but sadly they did not. As they say, it’s all about ‘location, location, location.’

The president of Nigeria too was conspicuous by his absence as was the leader of Burkina Faso, two countries where many more than the Christchurch 51 have died at the hands of terrorists.

Seems the narcissism of Ardern got in the way of her better judgment. It was irresponsible and hypocritical for the West’s leaders to demand that hatred be eradicated from the internet, but not from the minds of people ideologically driven towards supremacy, be it White or Islamic.

Here is a sample of hatred that does not require the internet and social media. It’s targeted at vulnerable Muslim youth, sowing the seeds of revulsion towards non-Muslims.

From a sermon at a Toronto mosque a few years ago: O Allah! Count their number, slay them [non-Muslims] one by one and make them a lesson to their likenesses. Oh Allah, Defeat them and make the ground shake beneath their feet, and show us in them the wonders of your Might, for they are weak before You, O Mighty, O Powerful.”

Stateside, the recent uncovering of a video showing Muslim children chanting at a Philadelphia Islamic event was shocking. We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque … We will subject them to eternal torture,” chanted the girls.

Elsewhere, earlier this year, Kuwaiti singer Monia Al-Hob told a public TV network that on Judgment day, we will kill all the Jews,” adding that Jews will have a special gate to hell.

Its quite likely this new breed of ‘young and beautiful’ leaders in the West have had little time to read anything of substance. It may help them to read up on hate-based killing from before both the internet and electricity was born. Two examples of the pre-Facebook and Twitter era may help.

The 1971 genocide in Bangladesh by Pakistan and the 2002 genocide of Darfuris by the Arab Janjaweed. But unfortunately, they come with a Colombo stamp on them, not one made-in-Christchurch.

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    What the world needs today is a bit of Buddhism. People used to worship trees, mountains, rivers, gods etc. etc. in
    the absence of science in the olden days. Since the 19th century, with the advent of science, gods should’ve died.
    But thanks to powerful, rich organisations and in the case of fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence which
    is propagated by fast breeding have taken the world for a ride. Built-in fear that god will punish the baddies also
    helped to keep him alive. But any one with a bit of sense will think, hold on a second, if god punishes people then
    he is going to be the baddest of all, and going to and lose his job. Or, how can he keep track of 7 billion+ two legged plus trillions in the animal kingdom? Make sense? Theory has only thing. Holes, holes and millions of them.

    All the sins any two legged creature can do anywhere under sun:
    1. taking life
    2. theft
    3. sexual misconduct
    4. lying
    5. drug/alcohol abuse

    Abstaining from above five is Buddhism’s Five Precepts. It’s just 1,2,3,4,5. No 1:100:1, 1:200:10 etc. etc like in
    those religions of conveniences. Later religions copied Five Precepts and added a few more and called it a
    different name By then the emphasis was gone and sins became sort of non-sins and we have a corrupt, money
    ruling, selfish, greedy, unsafe world. People who are followers of these religions of conveniences are only
    cheating themselves thinking sins are not sins only to pay for them in their next 100s of 1000s life times.

    What’s more all the law courts under the Sun use them as the basis for their penal codes. If they aren’t sins, why
    on earth culprits who commit them get punished? Murder tops the list and get the maximum punishment. If
    anyone thinks it is going to give virgins or whatever he/she must be brain dead/brainless. Agree/disagree?

    What’s more, if you look at your teeth in the mirror and then look at a dog’s/cat’s/lion’s (in a picture of course)
    it tells you what sort of diet you should be eating. If you are still not convinced, Google human gut and then a
    cat/dog/ guts. Two legged creatures have longer guts to digest fibrous diet. Agree/disagree? Cows, pigs, etc.
    etc. isn’t our food. They too have a right to life. Then they contribute a lot to pollute the planet and pass on their
    diseases to two legged creatures, their revenge?.

    Charles Darwin showed the world how the two legged creatures came to be being after evolving millions of years.
    Then his book, The Tree of Life, explained how all these other creatures came to be being. Today, all the people
    (honest and not brain dead only) accept the Theory to be 100% true. Just like Buddha explained. Then NASA’s
    missions showed the world that the earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast vast vast vast vast
    universe where the distances are measured in light years and no scientist knows where the edges are to date.
    Just Google, earth from space if you are still a doubter.

    Again just like Buddha explained. Truth is always bitter and people opt out to religions of conveniences and look
    down/hell bent on destroying the only true religion in the world. Remember this is 21st century, not year 0000 or
    650. What Buddha preached was the way to a civilised society/country/world. Instead people follow these
    religions with blind faith. We all know if you go on the wrong road you never going to reach the desired
    destination. Any honest person (not brain dead) will agree the fix to the world’s problems is to adhere to the Five Precepts. For that you need a few things, honesty, compassion, empathy etc. etc. which are in short supply this
    money-ruling, greedy, selfish, dangerous world.

    Buddhism disappeared from its birth place since it didn’t fit the society with caste systems, animal sacrifices etc.
    etc and people quickly reverted back to religions of conveniences. Then invading mussies killed all the Buddhist
    monks and burnt down all the Buddhist universities, Nalanda, Thakshila etc. (a world’s first) and got rid of the
    noble religion completely. Buddhism or Buddhists don’t force the religion on other people’s throats since we are
    going this samsaaric journey alone and no one but it’s up to the individual alone to make sure you live this life
    peacefully and live well to make the next one even better and finally finally finally stop being reborn! It is all
    science! Buddhism was true over 2,500 years ago and it will be to the last day of the universe, most honest (not brain dead) people will agree!

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