Bravo! You did it Mayor Patrick Brown of Brampton
Posted on May 23rd, 2019

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1

23 May 2019

Mayor Patrick Brown of Brampton
City Hall
Brampton, Ontario

Dear Mayor Patrick  Brown:

Bravo! and you finally did it.   You were stroking the Ontario’s Tamil Tigers faces holding onto their tails, for almost a decade, even when you represented Barrie as a Member of Parliament, and spat and kicked the docile Sinhalese lion  holding on to a regal sword at the center of Sri Lanka’s national flag.

 But, what you didn’t know was that this lion is the king of Sri Lanka’s jungle where the Tigers roamed dodging whenever they saw a lion, until one Nandikadal’s sunny day,  the lion mauled the tiger to death on 19 May 2009, and there ended the Tamil Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka. So you didn’t like it Mayor Patrick Brown. So you continued with your Mission wanting to destroy Sri Lanka wanting to divide the island in to two and give the mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam to the Tamil separatists, like your friend Rathika Sitsabaiesan,  carved out of 33% of the north-east  real estate of Sri Lanka bordered by 66% of the coast line.  And I whispered into your ears Patrick Brown asking you not to be so silly. and to cut-out your mythical dream of a Tamil-Eelam, through my letters.  You did not want to give up.

And  finally you got a reaction  on 18 May 2019.  You woke up the docile Sinhalese Lion from his slumber and over 500 of the Sinhalese Lions an Lionesses  woke up  with him and  they were angry and mad at you for Proclaiming May 18 as  the City of Brampton’s day of Remembrance of Tamil-Genocide in Sri Lanka, WHICH NEVER HAPPENED.

The over 500 demonstrating ‘Lion’-voices roared at you  with the words like- Patrick Brown, is a Clown. And you know what Mayor Brown? They got that slogan a 100% right.

The Sinhalese that you spat at and kicked for a decade are now awake and ready to accept your challenge.  So, what are you going to do about it Mayor Patrick Brown? Surely, you are not going to stand at the corner of your office at City Hall, stick your thumb in your mouth and sulk like a  child because over 500 lion and lioness voices are bombarding your ear drums, wondering what the heck did I do to make all these people mad at me, and some others among the Sinhalese communities around the globe are mad at me too

Well… you did it, Mayor Patrick Brown, now deal with it.

Here’s a suggestion, so that you can prove you were right to the world when you proclaimed 18 May 2019 for the City of Brampton, as the Tamil-Genocide Remembrance Day, at a public debate with yours truly,, Asoka Weerasinghe, who says that Tamil Genocide never ever happened in Sri Lanka and that is a Lie.

This is a good opportunity for you  to defend yourself and come clean as an honest politician..  If there is a Participation Fee for you to debate me , I can afford to pay you $500 out of my pocket.

If you are going to up your fee to debate me to $1000, I may be able to manage to scrounge another $500 from somewhere.  Well, this is a Peace Offering that I am prepared to offer you to come clean, and not  an anti-Sri Lankan Canadian politician.

I am prepared to give you another handicap, by allowing your Speaker of your City Council  to be the moderator.

If that is not enough I am prepared to give you one more incentive to debate me in public on that subject of your mischievous Proclamation tarnishing the dignity of my Sinhalese people. 

Here it is.  Since your Brampton City Council voted unanimously for the Proclamation, I will allow all of them to line up 20 feet in front of  me after the debate is over, 30 seconds to pelt me with  rotten eggs and tomatoes.  But on  one proviso that I am allowed to wear a helmet  as I don’t trust any of your Tamil vote hungry Tamil-Tiger lovers who might use lapidary rock eggs pretending that they real poultry eggs.

The offer is there for you. Prove to us that you are an honest politician and not a Tamil-Tiger lover and  not on a Mission to destroy  my Motherland, Sri Lanka.

And let me inform you of my Mission which has been since 4 August 1983, when I got involved as a Canadian-critic of the Tamil separatist Eelam War – My Mission is not to let any Canadian, not even a Prime Minister, nor you, Patrick Brown as the Mayor of Brampton, to hurt my  beautiful Motherland, Sri Lanka, unfairly. who nurtured the first 19-years of my life to be an honest  ‘citizen in our Global village’. That is a Big No, No.  And I will not let down my Motherland, ever.  So make a note of My Mission, Mayor Patrick Brown as you will have to deal with me, as you will hear from me every time you try to hurt my Motherland, Sri Lanka.

I sincerely hope that you will accept my challenge, my Peace Offering, Mayor Patrick Brown?  


Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Looks like this idiot Patrick Brown got the Tiger by it’s tail. Wonder if he knows what happened to Rajive Ghandi?

    Thanks Asoka again for your patriotism.

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