Posted on May 23rd, 2019


When I read open views in newspapers and other media devices, I found that many have a problem, why Islam spreads rapidly in many countries and nobody has opted to discuss the major reason to rapidly spread Muslim religion.  Islam is a religion like other religions and no one can identify that Islam has a specific spirituality or a logical philosophy than other religions. In fact, we can see that Islam contained many practices and attitudes like in other religions and sometimes against humanity expressing mythical views that they do everything (good and bad) on account of God or to satisfy God. Does God expect from people to work against humanity?  Why people have specific interest in such a religion which goes against humanity? This is an unresolved question among people for a long time and many academics did not consider finding solution to this question. Real Islamists believe that they have five roles to play that are Taweed (there is no God but Allah himself), Salaat (pray five times a day), Zakaat( Muslim who have money must give a percentage of 1/40 to help people, Syaam (fasting during the Ramadan) and Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca). The concept of Taweed means believing a one God, which is related to many religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Catholics, and Hinduism and it doesn’t further mean that this concept forces believers to kill non-believers.

Islam began to spread after 600 years of Jesus Christ and the social doctrine of Jesus Christ was stricter and was based against individual selfishness of people and he criticized the social policies and practices of Judaism in his time as he happened to live in that society. Jesus Christ strongly criticized the ideas and practices of family relationships in that society which he was living and the way of people looked at God in Judaism in that time.  Jesus Christ was against the divorce and educated God as a loving father than a character that takes revenge from people and he educated two commandments that people have difficulty to follow in an environment with full of desires, but they were the best social and spiritual policies for the spiritual progress of people.  Such policies individually and socially centered and promoted people to get away from selfishness allowing others to give opportunities to live in the society.  Practically, it was a hard task for individuals as people were full of desires.

After 600 years of Jesus Christ, Islam emerged and attempted to change the policies and teaching of Jesus Christ, allowing for a male-dominated society. Islam recognizes Jesus Christ as a Messenger of God, but the nature of recognition does not clearly appear that Islamists agree with the teaching of Christ.  Islam liberalized marriage and divorce rules, and the concepts and practices that were tabooed by Jesus Christ who advised a human to engage in altruistic activities against selfish life. Islam allows an easy divorce system and generally treats women like slavers of men despite modern changes in Islam. Old Testament and Koran clearly indicate the beginning of a female and the nature of the beginning of a female clearly showed that male and female are equal when they live in this world and either male or female cannot regard, opposite is inferior while living in this world. When society consists of assigned more roles to male other (female) appear as playing less role, but the truth was that the role played by either male or female could not be judged by narrow arbitrations degrading the role of women is inferior.  However, the society developed bias folklore against the values of female.

When Islam supports for male-dominated society and has a flexible rules and procedures for divorce, marriage and pro polygamy in human behaviour, Islam was attracted by people who had a mentality to a selfish and a clinging life for desires.  In that way, Islam rapidly spread in the world because Islam supported to desires of male over female. There is no argument that if Islam had strict rules on marriage and divorce and women rights, people would have not gone to Islam looking for spiritual liberation.  In modern world, we can see that people used to look for spiritual liberation from various forms of Buddhism (Mahayana, Hinayana, Sen and Jain etc). Hinduism also educates that all lives began are sacred as they are parts of God and should be treated with respect and compassion. When looks at Islamic society with the practice of Muslim personal laws in Sri Lanka, it is quite difficult to see that Islam treats female as a part of God and treat them with respect and compassion.  No religious person uses a pregnant woman as a suicide bomber and so-called Islamic leader of Wahabism used a pregnant woman as a suicide bomber to kill others.  It was a crime against humanity.

Maldives Islands was a Buddhist country and the major reason to change religion of people in Maldives was dishonest strategies of Muslim traders and liberal rules to divorce and remarriage in Islam.  The liberal ruling for divorce and marriage in Islam and encouragement to polygamy were the major contributing factors to rapid expanding of Muslim religion.  In the modern era, this idea might subject to altercations as many Islam countries have changed their laws, traditions and attitudes, as people had internal demands to change many practices, especially after the Iraq war and Islam religion faced to a change in practice as well as customs. However, the concept of taweed has not changed or interpreted in the way people to respect in culture, religion and society.

Historians in Sri Lanka have opinion that Islam came to Sri Lanka as a result of the behaviour of traders came from Eretria, Aden and Persia as these traders married Sinhala women in the country without disclosing whether they were married or not before to Sinhala ladies.  Prof G.V.P Somaratne (2007) states trading business in Indian Ocean relegated to Islamic traders and harbor towns of Sri Lanka were also dominated by Muslim traders.  In fact, the spread of Islam in Sri Lanka was not a result of specific reason that Islam was carrying a spiritual and specific philosophical message over other religions, but it was Sinhala women who married to Muslim traders and allowed to be their kids convert to Islam.   

Robert Knox wrote in his book (An Historical Relation of the Island of Ceylon) that King Senkadagala Rajasinghe had a strong conjecture on the behavior of Muslim people as the behaviour of them was suspicious to him.  King Senkadagala Rajasinghe was not addicted to using too many women, he was not mad on persistent to liberalize marriage and divorce rules in Islam in Sri Lanka.  Robert Knox further states that Muslim people at that time were poor and King insisted provide donations to them. It can assume that Muslim traders deserted their local wives and children and went back to own countries without providing means to live in the country.  History also shows that King Senerat allowed Portuguese to destroy Muslim Mosques in seasides and other important note is that a King of Sri Lanka, who was in 1210 BC was killed by a conspiracy as he was an Islamic faith.

In countries where divorce is legally allowed and liberalize remarriage rules, the spread of Islam is very slow and in countries where indirectly allow polygamy and have traditions to cling life of desires, we can observe that Islam religion is completely disregarded by people. In many Western countries where there are more liberal policies and equal opportunity for women, anti-discrimination laws, Islam would not rapidly expand as individuals can achieve what they expect without converting to a specific religion.  Current Muslim people in those countries migrated as people of Islam faith have a conflict in family life because their kids do not respect the traditions of Islam culture.  In fact, these Muslims are struggling to keep their children in Islam respecting to practices in original countries.

Many religions in the modern world have spiritual leaders and religions like Catholic has an international leader, and devotees of religion follow the rules of a leader.  However, Islam has no International spiritual leader or publicly accepted and known to all people, and the public has suspect what is the leadership guidance and how to correct the mischievous behavior of devotees. In Sri Lanka, Buddhism is the major religion with many devotees and it had a leadership which has the power to express the accurate philosophical guidance.  People see that from time to time leaders come to media and express views on the exasperating behavior of devotees or movements.

A report published by Shenali Waduge in Lankaweb summarised reported events after Easter Sunday attacks and information given in the report surprising to public and seems that radical Islamists worked to acts of terror all over the country and the government is responsible for such a massive expansion of planned terror activities and depriving intelligence services and finding of them.       


  1. Christie Says:

    Polygamy and polyandry were common among the Sinhalese and marriage was not a Sinhalese institution.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence is propagated by fast breeding. That’s how old Buddhist iran,
    afganisthan, pakesthan, maldives, bangladesh, malaysai and indonesia (old silk route countries) turned to mussie
    countries within a few hundred years of their arrivals in those countries with their baby machine wives (also locally sourced women, further reducing native numbers). In the olden days, natives didn’t know until the menace multiplied and multiplied and lturned up on their doorstep to murder them. Today, in this tv, internet, phone age people get to know what the menace up to and fight back to save their livelihoods.

    This is exactly what happend in Buddhist Myanmar recently. Mussies from neighbouriing bangladesh crept over
    the border to fertile lands in Myanmar and multiplied and multiplied. Then the menace started their dirty,
    disgusting, sub human trick of multiply, multiply and murder natives (brutally of course to have the maximum effect) and expected to hand over the country. Unfortunately for the menace and fortunately for Myanmar they
    had a patriotic leader and got rid of the menace in no time and the mussies fled over the border to bangladesh
    with 100s of 1000s children coming out of their ears and the country was saved from the fast breeders and the religion of violence. Just look at so called refugees from pakesthan, afganisthan etc. in Sri Lanka. 100s of
    children as if we don’t have enough of the menace. After all, the planet is already overcrowded, and who is
    going to provide food, homes, schools, water, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Crafty mussies will say, oh our goat
    will provide. All the other people know, except the brain dead, that goat is a mythical, man made, fictitious

    Mussies go to other countries in all fours (funnily enough never to another mussie country since they are all hell
    holes already) and start multiplying like hell. Once the numbers are high enough, the natives have to be ready to
    die brutal deaths and hand over the country to the menace. Mad, brain dead mussies never think about the
    deaths, bloodbaths it is going to create since the murder text book from a vicious man says to kill all non-

    That’s what these crafty, two faced, ungrateful mussies planned for the Sinhalese. To kill them by millions in one
    night using swords from sword stores aka eye sore mosques in every street corner. Mussies disgusting acts are
    all in the open now and hardly any mussie didn’t even bother to say, we are so sorry, we will behave from now
    on. Instead, their traitor two faced, crafty, ungrateful deshapaluwan gave lame excuses thinking people listening
    are all brain dead like mussies. This is exactly what is happening in Sri Lanka now. Mussies quietly multiplied and
    multiplied and the numbers are high enough so the Sinhalese, tamils and catholics have to be ready to die
    horrible horrible deaths and hand over the country to the menace.

    To make matters worse, the country is run by the biggest traitor ever in the history of Sri Lanka traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkadiya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) Batalande wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot [email protected]_leech wickrama Sinhala killer who would love to drag this on for 10/20/30 years, just like its catholic buddy hitler mala paharan’s catholic tigers of tamil drealam war and die on the job.

    Spain was saved by their king in 1478 with the Spanish Inquisition from the fastest breeding religion aka religion
    of violence. Angola recently banned the menace. In the middle east, including all mussie countries not even a Buddha pic is allowed into their countries. Why then we have to have this menace and get chopped up by them
    and make Sri Lanka another mussie hell hole? Ban the menace now and save Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and
    Buddhism! After all, why we need this barbaric, doesn’t make any sense religion which is more suited to pre-
    historic times when we have the only true religion in the world, Buddhism.

  3. dingiri bandara Says:

    The problem in Sri Lanka is that the Sinhalese are divided and we do not have Statesmen to govern the country. We only have politicians. It is sad that the governing party is decided by the minorities. Can anyone call that democracy? One cannot blame the Muslims. They do what they believe is right for them. Most of them follow the Qaddafi doctrine of producing more.It is mostly done by not the wealthy but the people who can least afford large families.It believed that the mosques help them and money comes from Islamic countries.
    We can see that many Muslim enclaves have come up in traditional Sinhalese areas. The Sinhalese sell their properties to Muslims who pay better prices and in cash. An attempt was initiated by a gentleman living in the US to start an organisation to buy up property to prevent organised Muslim groups from buying them. When the suggestion was made on Lanka web, initially there were few who encouraged the idea and a website was created.Sadly. I understood that I was the only one that responded and so the website was shut down.
    I have mentioned this before, irrespective of the different religious faiths, the Sinhalese must unite, not to harass other communities but to safeguard our interest and to prevent the take over of our country with oil money.Although it would have been hell to live under a terrorist organisation like LTTE, most Tamils secretly liked the idea of a separate state but wanted to safely live in the other parts of the country. One way we can stop the growth of these Muslims is to hit them economically. We need more business run by Sinhalese. The majority of customers are Sinhalese and without their
    patronage it is not easy for businesses to succeed. Also follow the money. That is one way how terrorists are tracked.
    This action also will bring out illegal and black money which I think the politicians will not like.

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