Gotabaya says Modi’s victory is good for South Asia’s security
Posted on May 24th, 2019

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Colombo, May 24 ( Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who is likely to be the Joint Opposition’s candidate in the next Sri Lankan Presidential election, has hailed Narendra Modi’s emphatic victory in the recent Indian Parliamentary elections as a good thing for the growth nationalism and national security consciousness in the South Asian region.

Gotabaya says Modi’s victory is good for South Asia’s security

Nationalism and national security are key factors for South Asian countries,” Gotabaya said in his tweet congratulating Modi.

Gotabaya, who was Defense Secretary during the last war with the Tamil Tigers, said that the people of India had endorsed Modi’s focus on national security and nationalism and have seen him as the guardian” of their country.

National security and nationalism are key factors in India’s journey towards development,” the Lankan leader said as he sent his congratulations and best wishes.

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    Not so. Modi’s win is good for India, not for others.

    Modi played a key role in 2015 regime change and Modi will make sure a pro-India party (UNP) remains in power. He will fail but he will disrupt the Sri Lankan government if any party not toeing the US-India line comes to power.

    I very strongly agree with Gotabaya on this.

    “National security and nationalism are key factors in India’s journey towards development,” the Lankan leader said as he sent his congratulations and best wishes.”

  2. Christie Says:

    It is good for India and the Indian Empire.

    India will do what ever it can to get rid of Gota’s clan.

    Genocide of Sinhalese will continue under the watchful eye of India like what India has done in Andamans.

  3. Vaisrawana Says:

    Gotabhaya is making a diplomatic statement. He knows that Modi’s victory would only be good for India if it is going to be good to anybody at all. Modi’s is a nationalist victory. Gota recognizes the fact that Modi is a nationalist politician who is worried about his own people.There is nothing wrong in Modi being engrossed in the welfare of Indians. All Western government leaders are similarly nationalist. Chinese and Russian leaders are not different. Only our ponnayas (Ranil, Mangala,Sirisena, etc.) are different. If Modi is interested in Sri Lankan affairs, that will be insofar as those matters are relevant to Indian interests. Gota knows this. Modi as a patriotic Indian politician will not fail to appreciate the legitimate concerns and aspirations of Sri Lanka’s nationalist politicians, to whom the future belongs, unless something untoward such as a foreign invasion happens. It is up to the Sri Lankan nationalist politicians to stand up to a domineering India when required to do so, which Mahinda successfully did, not by confronting them militarily (which was and is and will be forever inconceivable), but by diplomatic means.

    Had Mahinda been allowed to get elected for a third term in 2015, Sri Lanka-Indo relations would have proceeded better for both countries, Modi and Mahinda being visionaries of compatible moulds. India’s help will be essential in combating the common problem of Islamic terrorism which relatively freely infiltrated the Sri Lankan Muslim community over the past 6-7 years, largely due to the criminal negligence of our own anti-nationalist politicians who are today usurping power with foreign help. With the engineered regime change in 2015, the meticulous intelligence mobilization run under Gota to monitor and contain Islamic terrorist activities was gravely undermined and dismantled by the incoming ponna alliance.

    Gota is anticipating the future of Sri Lanka with India under Modi. That is a good prospect for Sri Lanka. India is also threatened by Islamic fundamentalism. Modi is a person who was in the bad books of America because he did not capitulate to its whims and fancies in dealing with Muslim extremism on Indian soil. But America mended fences with him once he came to power for the first time in 2014. It is a fact that Western powers led by America exploit ISIS terrorism, where possible, to destabilize countries that they want to co-opt into their global agendas so as to promote their own imperialist designs (i.e., in order to serve their own respective national interests).

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Had Mahinda won in 2015 it would have been far worse for India (may be a different story for Sri Lanka). Tamil Nadu politicians would have made Modi’s life miserable and even threatened regular disruptions. Fishing dispute would have turned violent and more Chinese projects would have started in Sri Lanka. India’s balancing act with the west would have been very difficult as the west would keep demanding India disrupt Sri Lanka. India would keep voting against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC. (Sirisena regime thought co-sponsoring a resolution against Sri Lanka was the best way to avoid it – stupidity). But from an Indian point of view, it was a bonanza! India would be extremely worried about two American citizens making all important decisions in Sri Lanka.

    Calling a spade a spade, Modi will do everything he can to stop Gotabaya becoming next president. India simply doesn’t want a stable Sri Lanka.

    India is part of the western imperialist agenda. At the same time India is not in favour of other American interferences in the region. According to India, all American moves in South Asia must go through India.

    India will push for a military base or two in the island and also demand to relocate non-Tamils in the vicinity of their bases. This can be achieved easier with the UNP.

    Modi spells doom for Sri Lanka but good for India’s majority.

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