Posted on May 24th, 2019

Gamini Gunawardane          

The other day at a meeting held at the BMICH after the April 21st disaster, MP Sumanthiran, it was reported in ‘The Island’, had asserted something to the effect that the carnage in question was again a symptom of non-addressing of the grievances of the minorities and that the minorities would not agree to live as one nations in this country unless treated as equal citizens. This he had said to the lusty approbation of the invited audience.

I believe what Mr. Sumanthiran is lamenting and is aggrieved and frustrated here in other words with, is the non-passage of their proposed new constitution in Parliament so far. The intended implication is that if it was, the minorities could agree to live here as equal citizens under the present situation.  And the problem would not have arisen.

Let us for a moment imagine that the new Constitution was in place by now. It would mean the coming to be of 9 independent Provincial Governments with a nominal, non-executive President and with 9 Chief Ministers and governors appointed in consultation with the respective Chief Ministers.

Now let us imagine if the 21/4 carnage occurred under these circumstances. (As Malcom Ranjith Cardinal had pointed out, this carnage had been carried out by a local Muslim extremist group inspired by the ISIS. rather than due to any minority grievance).

If the TID officers of Police HQ. wanted to walk into the Dematagoda nerve centre of NTJ, They couldn’t do that like the way they did, almost within an hour. They would first have had to obtain the permission of Mr. Asath Sally the Governor Western province, having placed before him the available information or, grounds for their reasonable suspicion. Needless to say if that was done, there would have been no explosion in the house, killing the inmates and the children. It would have saved the lives of the 3 police officers and resulted in no recovery of any incriminating evidence. Isn’t that a good result ensuring tolerance – live and let live policy of the central government?

Then the next thing that happened two days later was that the STF and the Army raided successfully 3 safe houses of NTJ in Sammanathurai, Sainthamaranthu and Kattanakudy with success. If it was under the new constitution, whose prior permission would they have had to obtain? From none other than the Governor EP, Mr. M.L.M. Hisbulla himself ! If they did, no deaths would have occurred. No evidence recovered. It would have been a case of unnecessary instance of harassment of the innocent minority group.

The next thing that we heard was that the Army and Police had subjected the Kilinocchi University to a thorough search. Under the new Constitution, they would have had to obtain the permission of Dr. Raghavan, having convinced him of the reasons for their suspicion or information.

Just the other day we read that Kurunegala Police had come all the way to Rajagiriya and had arrested a Hansard Department staffer of the Parliament and that he was a resident of Alawathugoda in Kandy District and he was concerned with activities of the NTJ in Akurana Katugastota Police area. Under the new Constitution, Asath Sally would have asked, How dare you  ? , so would the Governor of the Central Province. They would have taken the police officers before the Constitutional Court for violation of the Constitution.

This would have been the lunatic state of affairs if the new constitution would have been passed in Parliament to please the UNHRC’S 30/1 Resolution, and the likes of Sumanthiran and others who had applauded him at the BMICH. Does this not lay bare the fact that the purpose of the proposers of the new Constriction was meant to destroy the law enforcement mechanism and governance of this country?

And for whose benefit?

Gamini Gunawardane          



    Dear Gamini
    This is a fine analysis. Mumbai Hotel Bomb attack was a fine example of similar scenario. It took around 48 hours for the Security Personnel to take constructive action, as it had to obtain approval from several Agencies.
    We are extremely unlucky to have Ranil Wickremasinghe as our Prime Minister. He has proved time after time, that he is not a Leader of our Nation, but a spineless reckless man who use his skills to destroy the nation. As you pointed out Gamini, if we had the new Constitution of Ranil and Jayampathi, the number of persons killed on and after 21/4 could have easily many more hundreds, if not thousands.
    The remedy is now to chase out Ranil immediately. He should find a place through Hultsdorf .

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Agree. Legal action should be taken against him for a life time of crimes committed and not accounted for.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    It ain’t over yet judging by these discoveries of MORE NTJ weapons stashes reported below.

    To locate these security personnel had to cross many ProvincialBoundaries.

    Under the newly proposed Constitution, with a DEFANGED President and Central Govt, this security operations cutting across Provincial Boundaries WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE!

    Who BENEFITS from this DESHADROHI New Constitution and other laws like the new “Counter Terrorism bill”? SEPARATISTS and EXTREMISTS seeking to DESTROY Sri Lanka as a UNITARY Nation of course!

    More & More NTJ Literature, Grenades & Suspicious Items Recovered
    May 24, 2019

    Army troops, together with Policemen continue to conduct search operations with the objective of clearing suspicious locations of explosives and other harmful objects, according to the Headquarters of the Overall Operations Command.

    During small hours on Friday (24), Army Bomb Disposal team, troops and Policemen searched the Dikhenapura Primary School premises in Baduraliya on information given by the Police and detected 13 hand grenades and 17ft long flexible wire.

    Meanwhile, a cordon and search operation conducted in Himbutana, Mulleriyawa area during the afternoon on Thursday (23), troops and the Police recovered 10 mobile phones, 1 sword, 5 empty ammunition cases, 1 security search light and arrested one suspect.

    Another similar operation carried out in the general area of Thihariya on the same day (23), troops and the Police found 6 Army uniforms, 88 maps, 2 Saudi Arabian identity cards, 106 combat T shirts and combat cloths, 2 National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ) books, one ISIS military plan, 4 mobile phones, 5 videos, 1 air rifle, air rifle pellets, 1 baton, 1 binocular and suspicious photos. In another search in Nedunkulam in Puttalam, troops and the Police recovered 347 empty shotgun cartridges, 2 swords, 4 pieces of Nunchakku and 1 shotgun cartridge.

    Around the afternoon on Thursday (23), a combined team of Army, Navy, Air Force and the Police searched Dharga Town area in Aluthgama and recovered 2 forged ID cards, 2 forged passports and a few more suspicious items.

    In the meantime, searches conducted in Kotikawatta and Wellawatta areas on Thursday (23) recovered a large stock of ammunition, 5000 rounds of air rifle ammunition, 2 air rifles, 1 drone camera, ownerless motorbike and two forged National ID cards.

    Similar operations conducted in Hunupitiya area on Wednesday (22) recovered 6 laptops with NTJ data and videos, video tapes on NTJ, 6 mobile phones, 7 packets of heroin, 1 sword, 4 Kuwaiti ID cards, 1 Kuwaiti Army uniform, foreign sim cards, cassettes, 1 binocular and several other warlike items.

    Meanwhile, troops who conducted searches in Meetotamulla, Borelasgamuwa, Megodakolonnawa, Totawatta, Nagawilluwa, and a few other areas recovered 4 swords, 4 suspicious motorbikes, NTJ videos and audio CDs and a few other items.

    During those searches, 63 suspects were apprehended and handed over to respective Police stations for further investigations.

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