We cannot go forward if we try to block every industry
Posted on May 24th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Alleged Money Launderer Lokuwithana Back: This Time With Plans For Ecologically Damaging Steel Plant In Trincomalee

When I read the article above  published by Colombo Telegraph which is ,a website ready to criticize any development in Sri Lanka ,I recall an article published by me  in Lankaweb in Jan 2017 (illustrated below).

I myself as an investor has been pushing for many such projects, and the pussyfoot attitude by some bureaucrats and corrupt politicians who have not been supportive has hampered the progress.

Whether it is a tyre factory, or a steel mill, we should look at it positively and find avenues, to mitigate any possible environment damage.

For an example .experts should look at whether iron Ore brought to Sri Lanka will be unloaded direct from the bulk carrier or will the investor use any lightering vessels to transport ore from large bulk carriers anchored in the deep harbour which can cause spill and dust

 ( we have similar problem with the coal operation in Norrocholai)

What type of fuel they will use for melting raw material ?

 Electricity will not be possible due inadequate power available in Sri Lanka .I proposed to install a parallel LNG powered Power plant in parallel to provide power /fuel for the steel melting plant and give excess power  to the grid.

If the steel is sourced by scrapping large vessels, one should look at how the ships which will be scrapped are beached.

Will it be on to solid ground during high tide like in Indian State of Gujarat where at high tide they force beach the ships before commencement of  cutting .It cannot be done in Trinco due to low difference in high and low tides in Sri Lanka .

As a shipbuilder ,I whole heartedly support these type of ventures whether the funds come by money launderers who are being accused of pilfering national wealth from our  country or from genuine sources as long as it gives a return to the country .


Ecologically-Damaging Steel Plant: BOI Responds To Allegations But Pussyfoots Around Grave Risks And Lokuwithana’s Involvement

Who is  ( NOT) helping business tycoon Nandana Lokuwithana?
Posted on January 31st, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Sometimes back I was invited by Nandana Lokuwithana to discuss the possibility of setting up a ship breaking yard, using Turkish technology to minimize  environment pollution. With some political backing he flew over Trinco to select an area within the harbour ,where we were discussing how to  place a floating dock on to which old ships can be hauled in and broken up.I even suggested that we should install a floating LNG plant and use the gasified LNG to run generator to supply power to CEB and use part of LNG to melt the steel .His plan was to transport steel  billets to Oruwala by train.This was an ideal project and he was willing to find investments.

People say that he is from Rural Pollonaruwa and went to Dubai to do a small job, and later acquired some means to buy off the Steel Mill owned by Koreans who were not running it well.Whether it is his own money or he was acting as proxy,his ideas were brilliant and sustainable .Some people stash the money in many other countries like Switzerland or Panama ,but the money is coming back to our country ,Hence the claim that he was using someone else’s money  is Sri Lanka is better than buying Yachts in Monaco and buy properties in US or South of France.

It is such a stupidity to stop the tyre industry in Horana where rubber is availabe,which he intends to start with his own investment and putting a fork to his drive wheel  by shortsighted politicians who may be wanting a small cut from the investment .

The claim that land was given at 100 Rs per acre may be only way he could justify the investment. If you try to get state valuation for a land which is abandoned , for a use which can derive tangible and intangible benefits ,why not ?

Even Lee Kwan Yew, father of modern Singapore did the same thing .Land was almost given free, so that he could entice them to invest.

Sri Lanka can never grow with such attitudes, We have to be more forward looking if we need to develop.

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

2 Responses to “We cannot go forward if we try to block every industry”

  1. aloy Says:

    Dr. Sarath,
    We are a society nourished with Buddhist philosophy and values. There is no way one can live wallowing in criminality. Besides, these guys have been doing business in a place crowed with criminals and those promoting ISIS ideology. So the investments may come with lot of harmful baggage.

    I remember reading a news item in which a boatyard that was to be setup in Galle with Soudi funds but was abandoned. When suspicious funds come in anything can happen. Local criminals also will try to cash in and ultimately it will be a failure.

    Do not connect an anticorruption crusader like LKY in this.

  2. Christie Says:

    It is the Indian Colonial Parasite business cabal who are the real, money launderers.

    They are the ones who make so much money from us and take that money to India, West and Singapore etc.

    When a Sinhalese make a few rupees they have made it by illegal means.

    These Indians suck us off and gave few bucks to our Socialists like N M , Phillip, Wijeweera and now all politicians.

    Those who oppose are on brain showers from such socialists and Indian Parasites.

    Aloy; you know what I say is true.

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