Illegal Sterilizations
Posted on May 29th, 2019

Wimal Senanayake 

What is the need of the hour? That is what the Sinhalese should think clearly without being biased by politics and race. Ven Ratna said on the other day what has happened is equal to loss of about forty to fifty thousand Sinhalese children. Well that count may be a miniscule as more and more complaints are gradually arising from the rest of the country. The allegations against Dr Safi are more likely to be dropped slowly by the hidden political powers in operation. Therefore what is important for the ordinary people in the country is to look after your own interests with wisdom.     What is most pertinent now is not what happened. Then what?


We cannot say who is an extremist or not from outside. This doctor could have got a large sum of money from Middle East for doing these.

Although the caesarean operations are what in question but do not forget any Muslim surgeon doing any other operation in a woman’s tummy can easily access these fallopian tubes and damage them purposely. Therefore any Sinhalese woman before menopause should not be operated by a Muslim doctor.

Without a doubt the most intelligent step now is our Sinhala women to BOYCOTT any Muslim doctor for any tummy operation, be a caesarian or any other abdominal operation. The pregnant mothers should stop channeling Muslim VOGs and demand from the hospital to swap their clinics to a non Muslim VOG.The Sinhala patriotic groups should spread this message right across the country for our poor village women to understand the gravity of this issue. Stop in fighting politically & save our country. We can find out later what happened.

2 Responses to “Illegal Sterilizations”

  1. Dilrook Says:


    What is shocking is where are the party leaders and presidential hopefuls?

    Where is Ranil on this?
    Where is Mahinda on this?
    Where is Sirisena on this?
    Where is Gotabaya on this?
    Where is Anura on this?
    Where is Nagananda on this?
    Where is Sambandan on this?

    They only come to get votes. None of them are there when innocent people need them. Sri Lanka sure needs a fresh political clan to save people and the country.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Please search on Youtube and view this informative video:

    ෂාෆි අම්මලා වඳ කරපු හැටි? – Prof. Channa Jayasumana

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