Bombing attacks in Sri Lanka hints new type of terrorism threat in south Asia
Posted on June 17th, 2019

Courtesy Xinhua,

Nepal’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwar Pokhrel said on Sunday that the bombing attacks in Sri Lanka in April had sent a clear and strong message that a new type of terrorism threat has arrived in South Asia.

The defence minister made the remarks while addressing a seminar titled “Dialogues on Public Security: Countering Terrorism” organized by the Nepali Army in the capital on Sunday.

On April 21, multiple terror attacks struck churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka on the Easter holiday, killing more than 200 people and wounding hundreds.

Pokhrel said the Nepali government thinks it is very important to understand the complex phenomenon of terrorism in regional and national contexts. “We also think that we need to learn from the lessons and experiences of our friends around the world, on counter-terrorism,” he said.

The minister stressed the need for domestic, regional, and international efforts to address the problem of terrorism.

“In this century, many security threats are cross-cutting and unconventional in nature. They are neither limited by national boundaries nor dealt with by conventional warfare. The worst of these threats to challenge humanity and global security is terrorism,” the minister said.

The minister also said that the government of Nepal recently unveiled the National Security Policy to reflect the changed security environment.

“We are in the process of formulating necessary instruments and architecture to implement the National Security Policy. It will be useful for us to learn how developed countries have created institutional arrangements to counter these emerging threats. These will help us develop our own policy, plans and capacity building,” he said.

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