Posted on June 23rd, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan


This article is focussed on xenophobic, caste & religious focussed racial Sinhalese, Tamils, and Muslims suffering from Islamophobia. Majority Kandyan Sinhalese are, caring and loving people, except some xenophobic and racial. Let us not take this personally and have an open mind to read and understand whether facts stated here are true or not.

History reveals that the war against Sinhalese by the Muslims started in 1915, which was named the Mankollai”. A prominent Tamil had to intervene to stop the war. Again in 1974, the racial riots between the Muslims and Sinhalese caused severe destruction and killings. It was speculated then that swords were supplied to the Eastern Muslims by Libya after the riots in 1974.


If one carefully exam the demographic and political structure since 1948 one can understand the following:

  • The first column of political disturbance gave birth in the form of terrorism in 1971 by the Sinhalese youths known as JVP” in 1971 which was mixed reaction among the society. Therefore, terrorism and armed struggle were invented in SriLanka by the Sinhala youths in 1971. Srimavo ordered the killing of Sinhalese youths (JVP) indiscriminately resulting in her removal of civic rights subsequently on some other charges.
  • The second column was the LTTE commenced in 1972 formally, although it fired up sporadically among the Tamil youths since 1970. The LTTE took the wrong path when they bombed Sri Dalada Maligawa and the Central Bank which in the platform of justice is HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION. This is measured as a pure terrorist act like killing their own mother. LTTE was assumed to have been theoretically eliminated in 2009, resulting in doubts raised whether Pottamman and VP are still alive in, maybe in Italy.
  • The third column was the Catholic church bombing in 2019 by the Islamic radicals under guidance by top Muslim politicians financed by the foreign Islamic republic to thrust their religion and Sharia Laws in SriLanka and convert SriLanka into an Islamic state. (Everyone in SL now knows that this terrorist act was by the ISIS). Why did the Jihadis choose Tamil Church to be bombed killing Indian Tamils? It is a presumption that it was a conspiracy similar to the 9/11 bombing. Still, the GOSL continues to argue and debate in parliament without arresting the parties concerned. It is beyond any doubt that it was a conspiracy and every top politician knew the bombing will occur. It is strongly presumed that even top TNA members (ex. Sambanthar) knew the bombing. It is the duty of the government to protect the minority.
  1. The racial issue was started by DSS by disfranchising the Indian estate workers followed by SJVC forming the Federal Party which had naught to do with the disfranchisement, however out of personal egoism of SJVC. This was followed by SWRDB enacting the Sinhala only act in 1956. SJVC and Amirthalingam through some sources managed to drive the Tamil youths to take up arms and operate as Urban Guerrillas.
  • During Srimavo as PM, she managed to brainwash Badruddin Mohamed to become the Minister for Education and enact the standardization law which walloped the Tamil students and retarded the progress. In Democracy one who gets the highest votes gets elected. Strictly, those who get good score should become the top knots Therefore, the prescription got confused by the politicians to take the wrong path. Does it mean that those who qualified under the standardization are second class professionals? Most of the PMs ran to the LINGAMS” to be their advisors. Can anyone say why?

In the early days, Tamil engineers were employed in the Irrigation, PWD, Building and all government sectors. All government offices were managed by Tamil clerks. It is no fault of them anyway. The North had good schools. Instead of disfranchising and introducing Sinhala as the official language and standardization, the GOSL could have built high-grade schools in the South.

It is the Sinhalese who were governing SriLanka as majority since 1948, not the Tamils. majority rules under democracy. The majority had devastated and destroyed SriLanka over the last 71 years and brought the country to the current level as beggars. Every foreign country is screwing SriLanka.

The Sinhalese always state that it is Ape Anduwa” but missed the bus and eventually the bus will be a full load of Muslims.

SL, the guy who had 16 seats in parliament was appointed Leader of Opposition. Sambanthar has two faces. (i) which was bought for the position of Leader of Opposition, (ii) LOP Car facility, (iii) House, (iv) Security provision. However, when he turns to the North, he states that he is fighting for missing persons”, which is considered cheating”. Therefore, Sambanthar and TNA, including CVV, can be strongly viewed as Cheap Mendicants”.

The Islamic strategy is presumed to be as follows without a doubt:

  1. Join hands with the Sinhala government as the Muslims think that Sinhalese have a very low perception, but large in numbers.
  2. Increase their demographic pattern. Quote: Components of Population Studies are: Demographic processes and events: five major components: a) Fertility, b) Mortality, c) Migration, d) Marriage/ nuptiality e) Population structure (age and sex structure or composition) Population dynamics. Demographic measurements and methods.
  3. Settle in pockets of Tamil and Sinhala areas. GOSL can see the settlers in the North and South. East is already colonized.
  4. Take action to reduce the births of Tamils and increase the death of Tamils, which the dirty Muslims are implementing in the North and East. Quote ¨
  5. Through democracy capture the Northern PC. East is already in their hands.
  6. Once the N&E government is in their hands, then start to move into the South and Central.
  7. Eventually, SL will become an Islamic state like Indonesia, Bangladesh Pakistan, etc. This is how they are moving to make France, Brussels, and the Europe Islamic states.

The Sinhalese people should understand their (Muslims) strategy and take corrective action. The Sinhalese think that Tamils are their enemy cos of the 70 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu. The real dormant enemy to the Sinhalese is the Muslims of SriLanka. LTTE evicted Muslims from Jaffna. Maybe Prabakaran knew Muslims strategy and did not want the takeover to occur. Maybe Prabakaran is a wise man. The author requests leading Sinhala strategists to do analysis and study the demographic pattern, actions, politics, history of the Muslims of SL. The undereducated 5th/6th standard Sinhala Politicians should get out of politics and leave room for intellects and educated qualified youths to come forward to assume political power, not western suckers’ and janissaries.

In a speech, Hezbollah states that they will join hands with the Sinhalas to capture the East.

Buddha was a born Hindu, and Buddhism and Hinduism are blood-related philosophies. Let the Sinhalas not hate the Tamils but accept Tamils and live in cohesion. It is the Tamils who are the Majority in the World. It is only after the Rajapaksa regime assumed power Tamils were able to live securely safely in SL, however, things have now turned upside down as before under UNP regime.

One Response to “Ethnicity”

  1. Christie Says:

    What Ethnicity in an Indian Colony?

    Indian Colonial Parasites and the natives. That is the what it is.

    Look at all the Indian Colonies from Fiji to Guyana. The natives are the second class citizens. There are exceptions like in Assam where Indian Colonial Parasites the Bengalis have been DE franchised by Hinduthwa .
    Elections in an Indian Colony?
    Since 1956 we Sinhalese have been directly under India. Bandas; SWRD, Sirima, Chandrika. and JRJ did what India directed.
    The Indian terrorists the Tamil Tigers killed Sinhalese and India’s Sinhala terrorist Jeppos killed Sinhalese and got Sinhalese killed.
    Genocide of Sinhalese started in 1958 with killing of thousands of Sinhalese in the North and continues in the Indian colony.
    Let us Sinhalese understand this and unite and stand up to the Indian Empire and Indian imperialists.
    The majority Sinhalese are the second-class citizens. Go for a walk in Pettah or Fort and see who owns the island nation. The Indian Colonial Parasites. This 71 year is another slogan by Indian Parasites and their suckers like the Jeppos and Nagananda. The rot started with Banda in 1951 when he was picked up by India and Indian Parasites. Up to 1956 the Sinhalese majority was in control and leaders like John stood up to India and Emperor Nehru.
    Our nation is run by the minority Indian Parasites. They are the local Rajas and Ranis. Did you know N M Perera was financed by Captains? Phillip by Gnanam? Then Banda by Kundas and Hidramanis. People like Sirisena by Boras. JRJ by the same lot. Jeppos by Eswarans. The Nadars, Boras, Parsis, Malayalis and Tamils all Indian Parasites work as a Cabal and finance the Sinhala politicians. We do not see what they do so we fight among ourselves.
    We must understand the predicament we are in.
    Unite and stand up to Indian imperialists.

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