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During general elections for 4 Parliament on 19 March 1960, the leader of MEP  Phillip Gunawardene said: ”  If minorities or majorities of Sri Lanka unwilling to commit to our Constitution and Laws, they can leave Ceylon, we will meet the cost of air passage and chop their passports as ” NOT ALLOWED TO RETURN TO SRI LANKA”,

Had Philip won the Election, today Sri Lanka would have been amongst the top nations in Asia as he did provide the ground work for Paddy Lands Act, Peoples Bank   Bus and Port nationalisation, established CWEs. etc. within a short period of time with Mr S W R D Bandanaike.  Philip’s impatience over took him, he left / sacked from government, the enemies of Sri Lanka Buddharakkita Thero, Dicky Soysa, Ossie Corea, Wimala Wijewardene took control of the government after Philip left  1959 and SWRD was assassinated just few months afterwards. Philip protected SWRD whilst in government, but SWRD could not bear the heat of the contractors, Lake House, corrupt buddhist monks and untrustworthy Ministers like Wimala Wijewardene in his government.

During March 1960 elections, Philip attracted massive crowds and there were high hopes that Philip will become first ever true Sinhala Leader.  But MEP secured only 10 seats,  Dr N M Perera’s LSSP also got 10 seats ( who ran on divisive policies for equal rights for Tamils. )

Left parties garnered 932,000 votes winning 27 seats, whereas UNP won 50 seats  with 907,000 votes.   SLFP alone  won 46 seats with 647,000 votes under first past post system.  Noteworthy SLFP Leader was C P de Silva from Minneriya.

LSSP was largely responsible for the current political divisiveness  in Sri Lanka.  They provided unwanted support for minorities.

WIMALA WIJEWARDENE  was a Minister in Bandaranaike government and was arrested as a suspect. But later acquitted. Wimala was a key shareholder of Lake House Group and now Ranil and Ruwan have de-facto management control of the Group as shareholders.


  1. aloy Says:

    Thanks MDP for this correct analysis of the situation.

    In fact Phillips G. was a visionary leader. In early 70s when I was in charge of a work site close to Colombo under State Engineering Corporation, he visited my site together with one of his sons. During the discussion regarding the project with critical path analysis and all that, I felt that he was impressed with the management and he called his son who was waiting in the car to take part in the discussion. He explained why planning for power supply was very important. He had foreseen our current problem in which the whole nation has been taken to ransom by a bunch of rogue engineers.

    It is none other than his son that contribute a meaningful contribution in the parliament today and I feel that he has that nationalistic feeling for the country in him. There is no one in the world who is perfect in every sense. I therefore feel that Dinesh, his son, should be considered for the leadership of our country.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    PG was a patriotic leader. The nation was not lucky enough to have him at the top.

    However, some of his socialist policies were far too backward. Those had to be curtailed. Some of his valuable policies were implemented.

    Although UNP managed to win the 1960 March election, it was reversed at the 1960 July election.


    Yes Dilrook,
    1960 Election, won by Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike and more importantly the so called Marxist, double doctorate Dr Dr NM Perera deserted left and joined with weeping Mrs B. Dr NM became Finance Minister. Lady Sirimavo came out of the box, and made several sweeping changes including taking over of Catholic Schools, accelerated nationalisation, but failed miserably in agriculture requesting people to eat Tapioca ( as she could not find foreign exchange to import flour to make bread). Philip won only 2 seats his brother Robert and his own. His great supporters Dr W S Karunaratne ( what a scholar he was, vow), Beneragama, Sugathmuni Gnanasiri, William Silva, all lost the election.

    Mrs B made a tremendous contribution, then the Catholic Action, pioneered by the same conspirators of SWRD’s life, tried to topple her government. But she had great a Minister, well known Great Felix Dias Bandaranaike ( Just like Gota and Basil to MR) who held more than half of ministerial portfolios. Pipe smoking Felix was a great orator, Dr N M was no where near to debate with him.

    Most racketeers feared Felix, just like rackeeters might hate Gota.

    It is a shame Indika, eledest son never worked followed father Philip, but in my assessment Indika was a far more effective successor than Dinesh.

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