Priorities at this moment
Posted on July 10th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

Priorities of the rulers at this moment is to finds funds to provide free health and education, subsidised fuel, services to public such as police protection, crime busting , eradicating drug menace, maintaining law and order,disposing garbage,upholding judiciary etc .

Once we find funds country , country should  save part and also spend carefully.

Yesterday I left work like many people working in the city to home from port to Battaramulla via Galleface,Kollupitiya ;Borella; Rajagiriya .

Yesterday It took me two long hours to reach home.Luckily I was in my car doing some work in my computer,but others do not have that privilege .

Some youngsters can use their smart phone and spend time in public transport .Other state and private sector employees will be watching the traffic sanarling in a frustrating speed and cursing .

Then we hear over the radio that IUSF consisting youngsters who are enjoying all the facilities listed above ,particularly free  education have resorted to go on protesting in Kollupitiya near prime minister’s office. They know that that sort of action will cause difficulties to ordinary people including their mothers and fathers.

Executive and cabinet are behaving like bulls /horses pulling a cart with worn wheels in two different direction hence they are unable to anything.

Firstly both sections should work together and take bold decisions to stop such somewhat Terrorising” the public-action instigated by JVP and rival leftist parties with backing of opposition .

It can be done only by force if they are not ready to understand the logic of doin* such demonstration will cause inconvenience to their fathers ,mothers,uncles etc

They should be stopped before they congregate.

We have emergency law in force.

Why police allow them to act like this ?

If they want to show their power to politicians who live and work heart of the city,political leaders  should move out of the city 

My very unrealistic proposal is that rulers should put up their offices in a place in the middle of Muthurajawela  or at far corner of Port City where IUSF or any other organisation cannot protest due to difficulty to have access.

TV can give publicity using large TV screens like the  ones used they use to show Worldcup cricket funded by beer companies where beer is sold in a happy hour mood at half price

All youngsters will prefer drinking beer thanking Mangala and go home 

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

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