Press Statement by president SLMC
Posted on July 12th, 2019

Prof. Harendra de Silva President Sri Lanka Medical Council

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and social media dissemination regarding claims about the SLMC.

  1. I was appointed as the President SLMC by the Hon.Minister since January 2019. However to date he has not influenced me on any matter in relation to the proper functioning of the activities of the SLMC.
  2. It is the members of the council that decide on the functions of the SLMC.
    The council consists of, a. President and members appointed by the Minister. b. Dean/Representatives of State Medical/Dental Faculties. c. Members elected to the council.
    Under the elected categories there are four members who represents the GMOA. 3. I wish to emphasize that the primary objective of the SLMC is to safeguard the rights of patients/people. Unfortunately we have no members that represent public in the council.
    It is not a secret that the GMOA safeguards the rights and privileges of doctors which is acceptable, but their political affiliations are transparent. Therefore it is possible that their opinions in the council are influenced by these factors. It is mandatory that the minister in charge of an institution, and in this instance the Minister of Health is responsible for all decisions based on statute and any amendments should be recommended by him, through the cabinet to the parliament. 4. The SLMC ordinance came in to effect in 1927 more than 90 years ago. There have been amendment from time to time. However an overall change in the ordinance is necessary in order to protect the rights of the people/patients and to eliminate as much as possible persons with conflict of interests.
    The proposal to change the ordinance is timely since the ordinance is archaic.
    The cabinet paper was presented for this purpose based on a concept paper developed by a five members committee appointed by the Minister of Health which comprised of the former Attorney General. The proposed task force to draw up a new enactment will consist of a wide spectrum of professionals and lay people in the formulation of the amendments.
  3. Doctors’ trade unions are there to protect the rights of doctors. But not to protect the rights of the patients. I wish this clarifies the allegations made in the GMOA website, against the SLMCA.
  4. Prof. Harendra de Silva President Sri Lanka Medical Council

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  1. Naram Says:

    As a respected professional surely the Professor should be ashamed to remind the public of your association with the current minister of health.

    Instead surely he should educate the public about the steps he is taking to investigate the complaints from 1000 mothers by a Medic Dr Shafi who too was appointed by a special procedure by the same minister.

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