The sound of the nation
Posted on July 28th, 2019

Chandrasena Pandithage

The name of Gotabaya Rajapaksha spread in the political arena in Sri Lanka like a wildfire.  This name blows island wide within a very short period uplifting the downfallen people’s mind. This political storm spreading a huge amount of high hopes in peace-loving people’s minds and fear and terrible feelings in underworld dirty gangs. The Sri Lankan people who are terribly oppressed by the underworld government strongly expected a new leadership for the liberation struggle. History shows us the people’s high hopes, great expectations, and great feelings got the power to create strong leadership to face crucial situations. We could see the new creation is illuminating in Sri Lankan politics. This god gifted creation is a target for both powers. Positive and negative powers fix their eyes on Gotabaya Rajapaksha. Liberation forces keep exceptional expectations on him and the traitors are having terrible painful sufferings. 

This is not a playground. People must treat this is like a war front. Our liberation forces must turn their faces to traitors direction and investigate on their each and every single action with eagle eyes. Desperate traitor uses all the weapons to stop the ongoing liberation struggle. The enemy forces deploy everywhere, even inside our forces. The most important thing at this stage is the protection of Gotabaya Rajapaksha. The people should know the danger very well and they do not let Gotabaya Rajapaksha come out.

Our power is people. Sri Lankan people’s power is much stronger than dirty international forces. We proved the whole world how much power we are defeating the most ruthless terrorist organization. Within ten years time, the enemy forces got the power to stand another terrorist group against us. President Sirisena and PM Wickramasinghe used their all political power to stand the terrible looking camel, but the Camel stands in front of the Lion who killed the Tiger.

At this stage very important to understand the strategies of enemy forces and their deployments. Their forces spread everywhere in the country among us. Starting from the United Nations Organization, leading western embassies and leading Muslim countries who engage in dirty wars in the middle east are masterminding this dirty game. They are the foreign forces who give all the strategies and the financial support for all terrorist activities inside Sri Lanka. Their local forces are the government and all the government mechanism, JVP, leading Tamil and Muslim parties, Labour unions, NGOs and Students organizations. At the same time, they deploy their agents inside Anti-government organizations too. This is a very huge network all these organizations are working together. We must understand the enemy agents who are living with us and trying to come into us. If we recognize and study all these things wisely we could see the enemy strategies easily. That’s how we wrote an article and published in the year 2016 regarding anticipated ISIS attacks in Sri Lanka.


Now we have to prepare for another fight within a very short period. Sometimes you might get a presidential election, sometimes not. It depends on enemies strategies. All these things are in front of Sri Lankan people. Anyway, the enemy wants to carry on this government without an election. If they fail they will try to give false election results with the support of election commission. We are giving all this information to you from international experiences. we must get ready to face all these dirty tricks.wisely.

Anger cannot give any solution for Sri Lankan peace-loving people. Think wisely, flock together, get together, strongly stand with Gotabaya Rajapaksha at this stage. You will reach to the winning post smoothly.

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Thank you for writing this.

    Indeed, the VAST MAJORITY of Sri Lankans are PATRIOTIC, and they are looking at the upcoming Presidential Election, and the General and Provincial Elections to follow, to DELIVER OUR MOTHERLAND from the clutches of the DESHADROHI Yamapalanaya and their local and foreign minions.

    Our HOPES are indeed PINNED on the ELECTION of Gotabhaya Rajspaksa as President, and the ELECTION of a Pohottuwa-led DESHAPREMI Political Front to capture government power in the subsequent elections.

    May the Noble Triple Gem, the Lord Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha, pave the way for a TREMENDOUS VICTORY that will sweep the TRAITORS out to SEA, and to BANISH them from Politics for DECADES!

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