Gotabaya’s teacher reminisces his childhood
Posted on August 3rd, 2019


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  1. Vaisrawana Says:

    Who will be lucky enough to get such an impressive character certificate and a generous tribute? Mrs Soma Sooriya Arachchi must have been a real Guru Maenio as such a person is venerated in our Buddhist culture. She says that what the country needs is not partisan politicians who the country is fed up with, but a Leader for the Nation. She thinks that Gota is a Yuga Purusha, an Ideal Leader for the Age. The country can be entrusted to his care with confidence.

    Gotabhaya is the best ‘common’ presidential candidate that the whole country (i.e., the sensible but silent majority of the population) will overwhelmingly support at this juncture. If he is fielded for the presidential election, he will most probably represent the SLPP; but the common people will not care which party he is made to appear for; he will be treated as a virtual party-less contestant. They are fed up with the abused party system which divides the majority Sinhalese, but unites the minorities against them.

    There is nothing wrong with any community being internally united; what is wrong is when a particular community’s unity is inspired by its (engineered) hostility against another. The opportunistic Tamil and Muslim piliticians change their allegiances from time to time in order to remain in the governing party or alliance by rousing communal passions among their people speaking in Tamil, while at the same time hoodwinking the majority Sinhalese by paying lipservice to communal harmony in Sinhala (as a plain speaking MR pointed out recently).

    Otherwise, ordinary Tamils and Muslims are not anti-Sinhalese. Anti-Sinhalese Buddhist Christian and Islamic fanatics are a grudgingly tolerated marginal presence in the Christian and Muslim communities respectively, although they might seem more powerful than their numbers would suggest because of the international sponsorship they enjoy and the money they receive from foreign sources. Under an administration run by an honest disciplined and and courageous leader like Gotabhaya ordinary Muslims and Tamils will shed their fear of the few fanatics among them and the opportunistic communal politicians who deceive them by allowing the few fanatics to terrorise them for foreign money.

    The April 21 terror bombings brought all the peace loving communities together, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists as adherents of different religions, and the Sinhalese and Tamils as races, or in other words, the Islamic terrorist attacks on April 21 drove them into one another’s embrace for protection. The same thing happened in 2009 under LTTE reign of terror. We must also beware of certain sly senile Christian fanatics who wish that Tamil Hindus and Sinhalese Buddhists remained divided for ever to ensure their mutual destruction, which they hope will facilitate their own proselytizing of the two communities, a useless exercise because religion, the most destructive superstition of all time, is on its way out for good.

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