Presidential candidate Ranil faction agrees to name Sajith
Posted on August 16th, 2019

By W.K. Prasad Manju Courtesy Ceylon Today

Trying to reach a consensus on the existing UNP presidential candidate conundrum, conditions have been laid down by Ranil Wickremesinghe’s faction, who have agreed to name Deputy UNP Leader, Sajith Premadasa as the Presidential candidate, internal sources said. However, the Premadasa faction has still to respond.

It is reported that these conditions include keeping to the Party leadership, naming Wickremesinghe as the Prime Ministerial candidate and offering the General Secretary post of the proposed Democratic National Front (DNF) to a Leader of the UNP. In addition, Wickremesinghe’s name has been proposed as the Chairman of the DNF.

Meanwhile, the UNP leadership was to meet on 17 August at Minister Rajitha Senaratna’s residence to decide on the Presidential candidate.

A senior member of the UNP who is to participate in the meeting said though Party leaders agreed to certain amendments to the DNF but did not agree to others including handing over of the General Secretary post.

He further added that the final decision on the DNF Constitution, the date when it will be formed and the Presidential candidate will be named shortly.
Meanwhile, UNP Parliamentarian Wijepala Hettiarachchi said Wickremesinghe should be the Prime Ministerial candidate if Premadasa is named as the Presidential candidate. He further added that the majority were agreeable to the proposal which will be presented at the Parliamentary group meeting to be held soon.

2 Responses to “Presidential candidate Ranil faction agrees to name Sajith”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:


    This man wants to keep ALL POWERFUL POSITIONS in his Party, and in any ALLIANCE thereof, SOLELY for himself or be given to a non-threatening STOOGE who can be controlled!

    He wants to be the ONLY PARTY LEADER of any substance in the UNP for the rest of his natural life!

    If he can’t have it, no o0ne else in the Party should have it either, even if the UNP dies an ignominious death in the elections!

    He wants to be:

    1. Leader of the UNP
    2. Leader of the DNF
    3. Executive Prime Minister
    4. Master of the General Secretary of the DNF who will be his STOOGE
    5. And also…. IMPOSE STRINGENT CONDITIONS on the Presidential Candidate who will answer to him as President!

    WOW! A REAL ONE MAN SHOW! And THIS is the Party that claims to protect PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY? SAYS WHO?

    If ALL of this is IMPOSED on the DNF and Premadasa the Presidential Candidate will not be the Leader of EITHER the DNF OR the UNP, Premadasa as President will be a an EVEN WEAKER PRESIDENT than Sirisena, hamstrung and checkmated at every turn by Ranil Wikunanasinghe.

    If the Younger echlon of the UNP accepts this, there will be NO FUTURE in the UNP/DNF for ANY OF THEM until Ranil Wikunanasinghe dies in office as Party Leader and PM!

    FORTUNATELY for the country, the UNP is just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the sinking TITANIC!

    We citizens of Sri Lanka will SOON be spared the TREASON & the MACHIAVELLIAN ANTICS of the UNP, when the TSUNAMI of ENRAGED PUBLIC OPINION HITS on ELECTION DAY!

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    Ranil doesn’ believe that ‘Ambition is made of sterner stuff’ which he lacks. But like Macbeth just embarking on his bloody ascent to the throne after listening to the witches’ prophecy, he is secretly hopeful:

    If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown
    Without my stir.

    The single witch who helps him has the wickedness of all the three witches of Macbeth put together, but none of their power. That is good for the country.

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