Sajith vows to throw away neo-liberalism
Posted on August 20th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

It is necessary to create an economic system where the wealth that is generated within the country is fairly distributed to all communities, stated the Minister of Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs.

He mentioned this addressing a function held in Dimbulagala, Polonnaruwa.

According to the Minister, 54% of the national income is enjoyed by the wealthy minority in the country while the poorest 20% of the country only receives 5-4% of the national income.

Stating that there should be a great revolution in the economic pattern of the country, Premadasa says that there is no room for neo-liberalism in the rural majority of the country.

He questions what would happen to the hundreds of farmers or 95% of the country if neo-liberalism is carried out in the country.

Premadasa stated that he will in the near future throw aside neo-liberal ideals and create a mixed economy that prioritizes entrepreneurship.

He added that he would create a just economic system where the wealth generated from such an economy would be fairly distributed among all people in the country.

He would not let the market forces alone rule the country and destroy it, concluded Premadasa.

8 Responses to “Sajith vows to throw away neo-liberalism”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    It is dishonest not to recognize the bravery of Sajith in at least saying so. Given his extensive involvement with rural communities, he is far more believable than others on this.

    An excellent vision for the country (though he cannot win the election).

    However, his 95% is wrong. Farming affects directly and indirectly less than 40% of the people today. His main obstacle may be Sirisena’s family!

    Entrepreneurship within economic safeguards (Finland, Sweden, South Korea and Japanese capitalism) suits Lanka best.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    So called ” Neo liberalism” is practiced by both camps. It is not Ranil’s brainchild. This guy is not honest at all. If he is against it why couldn’t he said so 10 years ago and worked against it ?
    Not sure whether Dilrook has listened to it before writing the comment. What he is saying not exactly the same written there. He is not saying “farming = 95%”. He has no vision given here, just a collection of figures and thoughts without properly organising them in to a credible concept. All I see is this is another Sirisena, less capable than his father.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    This guy is clueless. He will be like a bull in the china shop. He won’t know what to do and what not to do.

    Saving this nation is no joke due to the hell hole it has fallen in the last 4.5 years. Only a matured thinker can bring her up out of the hell hole.

  4. Dilrook Says:


    Although all parties in parliament are for neo-liberalism, there are groups within those parties that are opposed to it.

    The split we now witness within the UNP is a battle between neo-liberals and others. Sajith has worked with the down trodden more than any other MP. Won’t make him the perfect visionary but more focus on the poor will definitely be a feature if he becomes president.

    He could have easily made a vote base for himself in Colombo or Gampaha Districts but he chose the most difficult district for the UNP. Among all UNPers he stands the best chance of penetrating into the SLPP vote base which is rural. Others have no chance! UNP already has all metropolitan areas and the almost the entire north, east and upcountry.

    It is very difficult for him to turn the Rajapaksa tide but if he can penetrate into SLPP’s rural vote base he wins. If Chamal or Dinesh contests from the SLPP he can win.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    It is MUCH TOO LATE for Sajith to get religious and DISCOVER the ILLS of neo-liberalism on the eve of the Presidential Election!

    We can only expect last minute PARROTING of other people’s deep vision developed over many years of thinking about national issues from this O-Level dropout with a pea brain!

    ALL the Yamapalana Monkeys, from Ranil Wikunanasinghe on down to the UNP gutters, including that Goebbels sound-alike Anura Kumara Dissanayake, have now discovered the magic of Patriotism and our Traditional “sampradayas”!

    Its LAUGHABLE how FRANTICALLY DESPERATE Ranil Baba and his 40 THIEVES have become, changing their COLORS like Chameleons!

  6. Geeth Says:

    Sajith is no leader: sorry if I heart the feelings of some of you. Sajith has proven time and time again that he doesn’t have a backbone to stand up to even an obsequious, sycophant, servile and minion personality like Ranil.

    The actual challenges that Sri Lanka is facing now are much greater than the problem called “RANIL.” Neoliberal, globalizing agenda of the west powered by its fifth columns and international terrorist arms, perpetual war, pitting communities against each other, manipulating identity politics to create descent, manufacturing civil wars, destruction of economies through debt traps and crisis are much bigger than the problem called “RANIL.” If Sajith had no guts to resolve the problem of RANIL for so long, then how can you guys expecting him to resolve the greater issues of global challenges that Sri Lanka is facing now and predictably confronting in near future. Are you kidding?

    Guys, let us be real. We cannot expect perfect solutions from imperfect polity. To my understanding, with all the reasonable concerns we have about some people hanging around GOTA, he has proven his leadership by successfully maneuvering a nation through a greater crisis earlier. His capacities are well known and proven. We know him and his leadership. I rather stick to our traditional wisdom in this quest of choosing a better leadership. For me, දන්න යකා නොදන්න යකාට වඩා හොඳයි.

    “දන්න යකා නොදන්න යකාට වඩා හොඳයි.”

  7. Geeth Says:

    Please read as “if I have hurt the feelings of some of you”

  8. Geeth Says:

    I don’t know if he Sajith really understands what he is talking about. He sounds naive. Does he know the true nature of neo-liberalism? The primary objective of neo liberalism is the destruction of nation states. Who is behind current neo liberal agenda world over today? Wasn’t his party the local agency of global neo liberal agenda? Is he going to fight a war of two fronts, his party and the mighty west at once? This is the man who pissed in the pants when he was offered premiership by pres. Sirisena. Sirisenaa said this and Sujith never denied it.

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