Posted on September 28th, 2019


It seems that different opinion was expressed by desperate or discrete individuals and the hidden intention of many of these individuals seem to gain personal advantages after the presidential election. People have been seen in this situation since 1970. Many individuals or groups  demonstrated that they associated with political parties to gain personal advantages rather than working for the country. It appears that after the selection of presidential candidates from political parties those dishonest individuals attempt to publicly express the supports, but the political parties in the power before elections they reluctant to express the supports by words of mouth or active work supports.  This is a result of democracy and the multi-party system in Sri Lanka.  According to historical experience, the behavior of these opportunists interpreted as traitors.  King Dutugemunu and many other kings in the history recognized traitors and kill them before going to wars.

  The Impartial opinion of many people in Sri Lanka doesn’t want divisions based on political parties or individuals.  Sri Lanka needs unity of all people without religious, racial and party differences.  The worse situation is that international politics has associated with differences to gain advantages. The economic growth of the country has declined to less than 2%, which means the economy would not double within the next 35 years.  This the major issue in the country all political parties supposed to talk about.  Except for Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, no other candidates of political parties are willing to talk about.  The other vital issue is the increasing population more than the rate of growth and the size of the land of the country.  Population associated many problems appear in the country. The major issue is annual revenue would not suffice to gain advantages to people and educated and a skilled young generation goes overseas to avoid the issues.

To change this situation, presidential candidates should have a clear vision on the economy, social, religious and cultural areas. Sri Lanka needs anti-discrimination laws rather than the division of the country, where needs a law common all people without differences.  Except for Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, no candidates talk about a law of common to all and anti-discrimination laws.

People of Sri Lanka needs thinking about whether they want a multiparty system to mislead people or a strong unity of all political parties to identify, develop and implement right policies to the country. 


  1. Charles Says:

    Edward Wé cannot expect a unity of all political parties ï Sri Lanka . They have their own political ambitions and will never get together föra common political manifesto. Wé saw that with thé UNP-SLFP and other political parties forming a Yahapalanaya. It is sad tô say but thé problem wé have is with thé two minoirity communities having their own separate political aims. Wé do not sée that in any other country în thé world. Thé minorities accept thé majority and become a one nation working för thé welfare of thé country and thé people as a whole. Therefore în Sri Lanka wé will not bé able tô speak of a United Nation of people. It happened în USA thé Black Americans never wanted séparation and finally they succeeded being a part of thé whole American nation and éven had a Black American Président. Thé problem is not with thé Sinhala Majority who is willing to share every thing with the minorities preserving their historical and cultural values intact.but it is with thé Tamil and Muslim minorities. Writing a Constitution tô please thé minorities is not thé solution; Thé solution is in the change of the mental attitude of the minorities. Sée people liké Wignasvarana and Su,anthiran they want séparation ât all cost.

  2. dhane Says:

    Charles you are correct. As soon after two major parties nominated Presidential candidates see these present corrupted politicians in all communities are joining to each party for their own agenda. Out of the present 225 there may be at least 10% genuine politicians but they have no voice. Big voice only with bigger crooks who shift from this party to the other.
    Whatever 225 MPs, jumbo cabinet with associated ministers and provincial councils are burden to the country. I do not think there is any other country in the wold in size & population have such a big administrative set up. No political party or their Presidential candidates are talking about reduction of this burden so that Sri Lanka can stand its own feet without depending foreign loans. Its only Naga talk about this but his policy yet had not gone into grass route level.

  3. dhane Says:

    After Presidential Election followed with General election Sri Lanka will be the same under who ever the President Gota or Sajith and PM Mahinda or Ranil. Same gang out of present 225 thieves will continue their Agenda. Some of the defeated candidates by Voters will come back from the list and hold key Minitrial posts. So the band wagon will continue music while voters & Maha Sanga have to listen their tune.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    If the POHOTTUWA preserves its DESHAPREMI message UNDILUTED and UNCORRUPTED by alliances with DISCREDITED ENEMIES of Sri Lanka, it will win ALL UPCOMING ELECTIONS by LANDSLIDES!

    But, if it begins to PROMISE UNPATRIOTIC things and SELL the NATION in return for support from Minority parties and Corrupt individuals who previously joined the UNP, it could LOSE instead of WINNING by LANDSLIDES!

    The Phottuwa DOES NOT NEED the votes of those OVERT and COVERT ENEMY Leaders of the Nation; it only has to REMAIN TRUE to the DESHAPREMI IDEAL to ATTRACT the votes of the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Sinhalese, both Buddhist & Christian, AWAY from the UNP and the JVP!

    If it REMAINS TRUE to its DESHAPREMI IDEAL, it will even attract a Significant Fraction of Votes of the Tamil and Muslim communities AS WELL. But, DON’T PANDER to Sri Lanka’s ENEMIES in SEARCH OF VOTES! That will DESTROY the Phottuwa!

    Don’t give up the POHOTTUWA Lotus Bud Symbol to placate the TREACHEROUS leadership of the SLFP either! These SLFP Leaders (especially Dayasiri Jayasekara, a REFUGEE from the UNP kicked out by Ranil) don’t command the former SLFP voter base; that voter base has SHIFTED away, and NOW BELONGS to the POHOTTUWA!

  5. Dilrook Says:


    If Pohottuwa is deshapremi, they must promise to abrogate 13A and get rid of racist personal laws. But it failed!

    General Mahesh’s manifesto on the other hand is truly patriotic and contains these.

    Patriots must not vote for a party that cannot promise to abrogate 13A and get rid of racist personal laws. Each day SL lives with these, it is being bled to death.

    Don’t just accept them just because they are Rajapaksas but force them to promise to abrogate 13A and get rid of racist personal laws and save the nation. Otherwise it is not worth it. They will take patriots for idiots and doormats. Don’t let that happen.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    Gen. Mahesh Senanayake never contributed to the War Victory. He hid out abroad during the last phase of the war, and was recently brought in to help the Yamapalanaya overcome the criticism arising from the Easter Day terrorism.

    Mahesh Senanayake is now being fielded as a Presidential candidate to DIVIDE the Sinhala people and REDUCE the Deshapremi votes for Gotabhaya. This is ANOTHER UNP/Foreign conspiracy against the DESHAPREMI Forces from WINNING the looming Election by a LANDSLIDE! It will ALL COME TO NOUGHT!

    There are EVEN MORE DIRTY TRICKS in the OFFING, including hiding Gota’s dua-citizenship documents in the Immigration and Emigration Dept files and forcing the CID to raise the ISSUE! That will ALSO FAIL BIG TIME, and those whocontributed to these ILLEGAL TRICKS will end up in PRISON for the rest of their lives!

    What AMAZES ME is how YOU are making DESPERATE ARGUMENTS to SINK Gota’s CANDIDACY! What is GOING ON Dilrook??

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    A few months before the last presidential election, various propagandists opposed to Mahinda Rajapaksa appeared at LankaWeb, commenting as SUPER Patriots.

    As the election approached closer, these super patriots started criticising Mahinda in favor of Maithripala Sirisena and the “internet democrats” aligned with the UNP.

    The MAIN PROPONENT of this was the long time “patriot” named LORENZO who was supported by a phalanx of new bloggers (Nanda). Another who OPPOSED Mahinda then was Dilrook.

    LORENZO does not appear under that name anymore, but others such as “Randeniyage” distinctly remind me of Nanda and others. The same gradual change from “super patriot” to OUTRIGHT OPPOSITION TO Mahinda and now Gota!

    Dilrook is now playing the same role he played in 2019 when he helped to oust Mahinda; now he is doing the same against Gota!

    I write this to ALERT PATRIOTIC BLOGGERS to the fact that the SAME PATTERN of DISINFORMATION, attempts to DIVIDE and DIVERT the Patriotic VOTERS from their WINNING CANDIDATE, and ultimately to ACT against their own interest, is at work.


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