‘Pohottuwa’ is an obstacle to new alliance – President
Posted on September 29th, 2019

Ada Derana

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  1. Randeniyage Says:

    Total bullshit by Sirisena. Great actor.
    I remind my prediction to readers.
    Sirisena= Pohottu in the end. This is all carefully planned ( whether knowingly to Sirisena or unknowingly)
    The idea is to marry USA.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    “Sirisena= Pohottu in the end. This is all carefully planned ( whether knowingly to Sirisena or unknowingly)
    The idea is to marry USA”

    What clever logic!

    Sirisena wants to crush himself?

  3. Dilrook Says:


    You are right.

    Sirisena= Pohottu

    My fear is will he violate the law to help Pohottuwa. He once did exactly a year ago to make MR the PM which violated the Constitution. He must be pressed not the violate the law just to appease anyone. He appointed a Singapore citizen with no citizenship of Sri Lanka as the governor of the Central Bank. The rest is well known. If anyone has violated Sri Lanka’s Citizenship Act of 1948 he is a criminal. In local parlance such people are called a certain name (word meaning illegal boater in Tamil Nadu language). Such disgusting crimes must not be pardoned.

    Sirisena has already dug his own grave. The clan will never forgive him for 2015.

    On the other hand, UNP must be praying that highly unpopular Sirisena trojan horse will join the Pohottuwa so they can unload all faults on him. If Ayyo Sirisena supports Pohottuwa it will be Ayyo Gotabaya. UNP will also say Sirisena was conniving with the crooks of the former regime and that was why they could not be punished.

    If SLPP is clever, they must not touch Sirisena even with a barge pole. Let him join Sajith and sink him.

    Only one week to go to finalize nominations. All hell will break loose this week.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    A few months before the last presidential election, various propagandists opposed to Mahinda Rajapaksa appeared at LankaWeb, commenting as SUPER Patriots.

    As the election approached closer, these super patriots started criticising Mahinda in favor of Maithripala Sirisena and the “internet democrats” aligned with the UNP.

    The MAIN PROPONENT of this was the long time “patriot” named LORENZO who was supported by a phalanx of new bloggers (Nanda). Another who OPPOSED Mahinda then was Dilrook.

    LORENZO does not appear under that name anymore, but others such as “Randeniyage” distinctly remind me of Nanda and others. The same gradual change from “super patriot” to OUTRIGHT OPPOSITION TO Mahinda and now Gota!

    Dilrook is now playing the same role he played in 2019 when he helped to oust Mahinda; now he is doing the same against Gota!

    I write this to ALERT PATRIOTIC BLOGGERS to the fact that the SAME PATTERN of DISINFORMATION, attempts to DIVIDE and DIVERT the Patriotic VOTERS from their WINNING CANDIDATE, and ultimately to ACT against their own interest, is at work.


  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Gotabhaya and other alternative candidates for the Presidency of Sri Lanka!

    I agree with Ananda 5 hundred per cent. Every single word you have mentioned above is right. This is our last chance. What chances have the people of Sri Lanka have at the coming elections? I ask all those distractors of Pohottuwa and Gotabhaya what practical alternative has the voters of Sri Lanka have at this juncture?

    The main opponent to Gotabhaya is now Sajith. The voters just need to compare the two and see distinct differences. From what Sajith has uttered since he has been nominated by the UNP as their candidate for President, it is obvious all that he utters are empty word devoid of substance – mere spur of the moment utterances to titillate the gallery not very different to those uttered by Sirisena a mere five years ago. It is this man that Dilrook is surreptitiously promoting to be the President of Sri Lanka. Can anybody without any sense of foreboding imagine a moron who thinks no end of himself as the next President of Sri Lanka? He looks like Stalin, Mao Ze Dong and Kim Il Sung combined at the torso!


    Bringing Mahesh Senanayake to the forefront of the vikalpa groups show clearly whose agenda they are now trying to advance. It can be easily surmised from Mahesh Senanayake’s recent dealings with the US Government that he is one of their operatives. I am deeply disappointed with Dr Kolonne and Gamini Wijesinghe falling in line behind Mahesh Senanayake unless they too are part of the US conspiracy to distract Sinhala voters at this crucial hour from voting to Pohottuwa and Gotabhaya.

    Pohottuwa and Gotabhaya may not be perfect, but they are the closest we can aspire to provide national advancement and progress for Sri Lanka. Highest priority for the new administration will be to get the nation back on track from where it was left in 2015! This is not to say to fall back on some of the excesses of Mahinda Rajapakse and continue.

    The call of the nation is for new thinking and away from the excesses. Upliftment of the masses from the utter helplessness is what is essential. The nation has simply stopped working – the farmers, the small scale businessman, the worker and the fisherman are all circling in doldrums! Freedom of speech, Fundamental Rights, Right to Information – the catch slogans of the Colombians will never put food in the mouths of the starving, provide meaningful education to our children, provide shelter for those without or the necessary inducements to the up and coming entrepreneurs.

    There are much truth and substance in what Nagananda, Kolonne and Wijesinghe are trying to espouse. These voices too must be heeded to for they are telling the nation of the realities of the last 70 years of Sri Lankan governance!

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