Posted on October 9th, 2019

H. L. D. Mahindapala

Kusal Perera (KP), a Senior  Journalist writing a Friday Colum to the Daily Mirror and Jehan Perera, CEO of the National Peace Council. are two underdeveloped peas of the same anti-Sinhala-Buddhist pod. They can be categorised as minoritarians because they believe that the most  evil force in Sri Lanka is the Sinhala-Buddhist majority. Jehan Perera’s minoritarianism is somewhat subtle and subdued because it helps him to mask his anti-Sinhala-Buddhist stance. On the other hand, Kusal Perera’s (KP) anti-majority sloganeering  is somewhat loud and raucous.

His latest tirade against Sinhala-Buddhist majority (Daily Mirror – 4/10/2019) was over the top. He thinks  that everything  has gone wrong in Sri Lanka because of Sinhala-Buddhist majoritarianism. But if he had a better education to grasp the diverse dimensions and the multifarious factors that interact and mesh to determine the winding, zig-zagging course of history in time, he would not have written the bilge he wrote last Friday (DM – 4/10/19) blaming only the Sinhala-Buddhists for everything that has gone wrong and goes wrong in Sri Lanka. For instance, he argues that only the Sinhala-Buddhists would idolise military heroes and pick them as presidential candidates. So can he tell us how many Sinhala-Buddhists voted to elect General Eisenhower as President of Amereica after World War II? And how many Sinhala-Buddhists voted for General Sarath Fonseka in the North when he fronted up us as the presidential candidate in the election of 2005?

His piece also makes it clear that his knowledge of history is limited to what the anti-Sinhala-Buddhist propagandists had broadcast loudly before. In it he pontificates as if he is the sociological Einstein of Sri Lanka revealing profundities never uttered before. In short, to believe in a mono-causal history is to believe that a fish curry is made of only fish with no other ingredients added to it, not even a drop of water.. Obviously, he plugs the mono-causal theory because that is the only way he can demonise the majority in order to white-wash the subhuman and criminal politics of the minorities.

The spectre that is haunting contemporary global politics is the ideological and the violent conflicts between the majorities and the minorities. The rise of aggressive minorities challenging the traditional rights of the majorities is the new phenomenon that has replaced the reds-under-the-bed ideology that dominated the Cold War phase. At one end of this spectrum is Donald Trump saying that the future is with patriots and not with the globalists”. At the other end are the Kusal and Jehan Pereras, the self-proclaimed human rights activists, trying to rewrite history and the boundaries of geography for the benefit of minoritarian heroes like Prabhakarans and Zaharans. The main objective of these half-baked ideologues is to manufacture a revised political morality that would glorify and justify minority racism as an inviolable human and political right. In this whacky morality the majority is always wrong and the minority, however brutal and violative they are of the larger interests of human rights, and peaceful coexistence, is always right.

KP and his anti-Sinhala-Buddhist gang of Friday freaks who rule the Friday forums revel in trumpeting minoritarianism, however evil it may be, as a secular soteriological force. Contemporary history has  proved that minoritarianism has surfaced as the most destructive ideological perversion that has generated violence to end centuries of peaceful co-existence  The Sri Lankan experience provides existential proof of the failure of violent minoritarianism glorified to pursue elusive goals of the brutal megalomaniacs. Glorified minoritarianism is the oxygen that sustained and energised Prabhakarans and Zaharans. Kusal and Jehan Pereras lived off the misery caused by the minoritarian heroes. Counting cadavers left behind by the minoritarian megalomaniacs was the sole means of buttering both sides of the Pereras’ daily bread. They shed crocodile tears for the victims  of minoritarian violence that failed to bring  the salvation promised by Prabhakaran and Zaharan. The Eelam promised by Prabhakaran was as realistic as the 72 virgins promised to Zaharan.

It is the rationalising and  the sloganeering of the Pereras that helped to prolong  the war declared by the Tamil leadership in Vadukoddai in May 1976. It could  have been  finished earlier and saved the lives of tens of thousands if the Pereras knew how to read history and  its impact on contemporary times. But they undermined their own cause and prolonged the futile war by distorting reality, or wallowing in half-truth or outright lies, or glorifying racist minoritarianism as a human right.

This also leads to another question: If racist minoritarianism is a valid right for Prabhakaran and Zaharan to pursue their violence in the hope of establishing their mono-ethnic  or mono-religious enclaves why  isn’t it valid for racist majoritarianism to maintain and preserve a pluralistic and democratic Sinhala-Buddhist nation with all its infirmities, of course? But the Pereras believe that human rights are only on the side of racist minoritarianism and not on racist majoritarianism, however conducive it has been to maintain a cohesive nation with diversity and pluralism throughout  the  greater part of its history, until G.G. Ponnambalam unleashed aggressive and provocative racism which caused the very first Sinhala-Tamil riots in Navalapitiya and neighbouring  towns in June 1939. The Pereras tend  to  withdraw into a state of denial when  it comes to facing the living proof under  their noses. More than ever, in the current state of affairs, truth telling is a sine-qua-non for us to escape the prevailing despondency and find new directions. It is also vital for us to attain the highest ideals prioritised in today’s political agenda: peace and reconciliation.

Those who violate the fourth precept in the Buddhist panchseela are the enemies of peace who will drag us down further into depths of despair. After reading KP’s punditry (DM – 4/10/19) in which he liberally prescribes his kokathat thailya for the ills of the nation I could not help but come to the conclusion that his penchant for musavadas takes away the goodness and the value in his first name ”Kusal” (meritorious). He is more entitled to be called Akusal” than Kusal. (KP will agree to this, no?)

Though he pretends to be an ideological maestro firing devastating salvos against the Sinhala-Buddhists he is merely expectorating the usual anti-Sinhala-Buddhist venom that has ruined inter-ethnic relations ever since G. G. Ponnambalam triggered the first ever Sinhala-Tamil riots in Navalapitiya in June 1939 by attacking the Mahavamsa and the history of the Sinhala-Buddhists. The rest, of course, is history. There isn’t a single original thought in his tirade against the Sinhala-Buddhists that has not been bruited by the anti-Sinhala-Buddhist lobbies before

KP poses as a champion of minority rights. His idea of defending minority rights is to demonise the Sinhala-Buddhist majority. In the current new phase where reconciliation is raised to the highest level in the national political agenda KP’s cheap and threadbare tactic is disgustingly repulsive. Nor will it be a viable means of calming the shattered nerves of a traumatised nation. In the post-Prabhakaran period where the emphasis is on reconciliation, on forgiving and forgetting to pave the path for a new future, the strategy should be to move away from demonising one community to appease another.

Besides, exonerating one ethnic community and blaming the other is counter-productive for peace and reconciliation. At this stage when committed peace-makers are moving away from the dreadful past, he will have to explain how his brand of demonising the Sinhala-Buddhists can promote reconciliation. Is it not this kind of demonization that hardened the racial prejudices that exacerbated inter-ethnic relations in the past? Was it not the bloody political tactic that led to Nandikadal, via Vadukoddai? His pretentious claim to be a righteous human rights defender is exposed by his visceral bitterness against the Sinhala-Buddhist, all of which is wrapped in distorted human rights and other values.

The need of the hour is to analyse the available facts as objectively as one can in the hope of arriving at rational conclusions, however unpalatable they may be to both sides of the divide.  Most of all, he must explain how he could exclude the multifarious factors that interacted with each other in a complex history, often colliding with each other, and blame only the Sinhala-Buddhists for the futile Vadukoddai War which lasted for 33 years (from 1976 declaration of War in Vadukoddai to the humiliating  defeat in Nandikadal in 2009). The Vadukoddai War (aka Eelam War) was the ultimate expression of futile and fascist violence initiated by Tamil extremism. 

At the root of the failure to co-exist in peace has been the mono-causal theory of blaming the Sinhala-Buddhists only when, in reality, all parties should accept responsibility for the breakdown of inter-ethnic relations. But the ideological blinkers worn by KP prevent him from viewing the broader picture in all its inter-twining complexities. Neither his fundamentals nor his arguments differ from that of C. V. Wigneswaran, the former Chief Minister of Jaffna, or Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, the legal advisor of Prabhakaran, now the fake prime minister of a non-existent Tamil government in exile. The least I can say for KP is that he seems to be somewhat of a good man fallen among a bunch of unredeemable Wigneswarans and Rudrakumarans.

I must also concede that his ability to parrot the anti-Sinhala-Buddhist jargon is excellent. If there wasn’t this thing called Sinhala-Buddhism” someone would have had to invent one for him to keep his adrenalin flowing. This obsession has obviously reduced his cognitive powers to observe faithfully the fourth principle in the panchaseela. Now let us consider a few of Kusal’s akusals (sins) one by one.

Musavada 1: He rails against Sinhala-Buddhists picking their heroes  in military uniforms as presidential candidates. He says (T)his craze for ‘war heroes” …….runs deep into the primitive mindset of the urban middle-class more than into rural polity.” Is this true? What are the facts? Every rural school girl or boy walking across miles of paddy field hero-worshipped their rana viruvos” because those in the front lines consisted of their brothers and sisters, or their fellow village lads and lasses. Thousands joined the front lines from the villages and not from the urban middle-class. The urban middle-class either migrated into greener pastures abroad or stuck to safer white-collar jobs in the cities.

The urban middle-class dominated the security forces from the beginning (1949) to roughly 1970 when they were basically a ceremonial force, saluting and marching to the drum beat of Sandhurst. Besides, the urban-middle class cadres were drawn from Royal, St. Thomas’, St. Joseph’s, St. Peter’s colleges. They were accustomed more to imitate the elitist rituals of the British colonial army than fight the bloody wars in Mullativu. The war was won by the rural cadres with officers drawn from Ambalangoda  and Ibbagamuwa central colleges and not  from Royal, St. Thomas and Trinity colleges,  In fact,  the Royalists (e.g., Ranil Wickremesinghe) ridiculed the achievements of the village lads who liberated the nation from the brutalities of Tamil terrorism.

The heroic psyche generated by winning wars against enemies of the Sinhala-Buddhist state was instilled genetically in the minds of the rural polity from time immemorial The Colombian-type (like Akusal”) were happy only when our rana viruvos” were sacrificed on the human rights guillotine at Geneva. They refused to accept that ending the beastly war, under the courageous and war-winning leadership of commanders like Shavindra de Silva was, by far, the optimum means available to protect, promote and serve human rights. War was the only strategy available to those engaged pragmatically and constructively in saving human rights and peace from an intransigent war-monger like Prabhakaran. His elimination was a primary necessity for the Tamils to escape the tyrannical and fascist brutalities of the Tamil Pol Pot. Gen. Shavindra de Silva turned out to be the greatest saviour of human rights by ending the war swiftly, with the least amount of casualties, as revealed by Lord Naseby.

In fact, the anti-Sinhala-Buddhist lobbyists refused to accept that it was the ONLY means of saving human rights from a tin-pot Tamil Pol Pot who intransigently rejected all peace offers, including those with international guarantees. These theoretical humbugs posed pompously as a new breed of pundits who believed that they were superior moralists by appeasing an armed tyrant who was guilty of killing more of his own people than the others put together. When the futile palliatives of peace-mudalalis in NGOs failed to cure the evils of violent fascism of the Tamil minority the only option was a surgical operations to save human rights by restoring peace. Gen. Shavindra de Silva’s surgical operation that cut across the broad terrain from the West to the East was a brilliant tactical manoeuvre that liberated the nation, particularly the Tamils from oppressive, Pol Potists fascism

Musavada 2: KP accuses the Sinhala Buddhists of dressing up ‘patriotism’ in military uniform to win elections. In short,” he concludes, the UNP and the JVP helped militarise the social mindset within Sinhala Buddhist ‘patriotism.” According to the logic of Akusal”, it is ingrained in the Sinhala-Buddhist mindset to go for Sinhala-Buddhist militarism. They can think of no other alternative, according to him. But the historical facts prove that the intransigent and arrogant Tamil leadership rejected offers for peaceful co-existence from the thirties. When G. G. Ponnambalam demanded 50 – 50 the Sinhala-Buddhist government of the day offered him 46 – 54. Twelve per cent minority of Tamils getting a power share of 46 from a Sinhala-Buddhist population (75%) is a unique gift that the Tamils never gave their oppressed minority who were refused even water from their upper-caste wells. Ponnambalam rejected it like the way Prabhakaran rejected Chandrika Kumaratunga’s and Ranil Wickremesinghe’s offers to appease him.

Besides.TNA and the other minorities backed Sarath Fonseka to the hilt in the 2005 election. So in voting for Sarath Fonseka was the TNA dressing up Tamil nationalism in Sinhala-Buddhist uniform? Most of all, when the Jaffna Tamils were crawling before Prabhakaran, without any right to dissent, weren’t they dressing up their patriotism in Tamil military uniform?

So how and where would the wonky theories and logic of KP fit into the historical realities? Does he think that he can serve the minority rights by demonising the Sinhala-Buddhists? Does he think that he can serve human rights with his musavadas

I don’t want to exceed the space limit by going into his other musavadas on 3. devolution, 4. the private sector and 5. his bleeding concerns for the Sinhala-Buddhist peasantry. I shall stop at this point  hoping  that  the Editor, Daily Mirror will give us space to continue the debate under the vaunted principle of the right of reply pursued religiously by the Times Group.


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Kusal Perera is a fraud just as much as his parents and the Church which gave him the Buddhist sounding name to masquerade among Buddhist and yet carry the germs of hatred for the Sinhala Buddhists embedded forever in his breast. There are many such Christians carrying Buddhist sounding names of Sri Lankan origin.

    This was a ploy employed by the Christian Church and mainly the Catholic Chruch after Pope Paul VI!

  2. Dilrook Says:

    The oppositte of what KP and JP say is true.

    Sinhala Buddhists do not respect, let alone venerate, war heroes enough. If they do, Sarath Fonseka would be the president in 2010 and Mahesh the president this time.

    In my communications with families of war heroes, they complained how even small priviledges they had during the war were removed after 2009. For instance, waiting in line at hospitals, government offices, etc. War widows are subjected to various harassments and suffer regular indecent remarks and hints. Such is the gratefulness of Sinhala Buddhists to true war heroes. But they venerate fake heroes who didn’t participate in the final war (2006-2009) fighting.

    This stupidity is the curse of the nation.

    On the other hand, sizable sections of the two minorities venerate their “war heroes” (terrorists according to the law).

  3. Mario Perera Says:

    This Catholic bashing had reasonable ground in a distant past.

    But today it is nothing more than an INSURMOUNTABLE INFERIORITY COMPLEX.

    This becomes all the more obvious when considering the innumerable numbers of Buddhist students frenetically striving to gain admission to Catholic schools. So much so that these schools were obliged to set apart a quota for non-Catholic students.

    Living rooted in the past is nothing more than a sign of mental fossilization.

    I recall the story of a famous Mudalali who bought himself a train ticket in the first days of the train. When the train finally arrived at the station the Mudalali, the eternal show-off was still greeting well wishers and showing off his colours. Then the train departed. The station master rushed out of his office and confronted the Mudalali with the words: Kochchiya giya OI. To which the Mudalali replied: GIYATA MOKADA? TICKAT EKA ATHEY.

    Yes, lot of a our people are rooted on the platform watching the trains go by yet happily shouting: GIYATA MOKADA? TICKAT EKA ATHEY.

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Mahindapala!

    We are fortunate that you exist to eloquently DEBUNK Akusal Perera’s (and others) VIRULENTLY Anti-Sinhala-Buddhist LITANY of FALSE rehetoric!

    Thank you! You have my heartfelt gratitude!

  5. Mario Perera Says:

    ” There are many such Christians carrying Buddhist sounding names of Sri Lankan origin. ”…to masquerade among Buddhists…


    There are none more exposed to international scrutiny than our cricketers.

    Watch Catholic cricketers in action. See how they sign themselves according to their belief openly and without the least inhibition in the sight of everyone: those on the grounds and those glued to the television. There is not the least masquerading just a open, unequivocal and fearless expression of their faith.

    Why masquerade as being Buddhists? Are the Buddhists of Sri Lanka more righteous than the others?

    That’s a laugh.

    Where did the Dharmistha yugaya take us? Where did Yahapalanaya take us? Are these not Buddhist epithets?

    Remember the monks who entered parliament with the resounding boast that they would make parliament ‘dharmista’? One of them quit after having his balls squeezed and hospitalized. That was by a ‘dayaka’ of the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya! To boast of religion in a country gone to pigs is unparalleled Stupidity.

    Furthermore, just watch the numbers of Buddhists that flock to Kataragama Kovil to worship Skanda Surindu. Watch the large numbers of Buddhists that frequent the Kochchikade Church to worship St. Anthony. All that is to demand material favours. The Lord Buddha onoy shows the way to self renunciation, not to self aggrandization, which for more Buddhist especially those in government, is the crying need of the hour.

    And as I stated above, consider the large numbers of Buddhist parents who would die to have their children admitted to Catholic schools. Aside the rare exceptions, all the rulers of this country have received their education in Catholic or Christian schools.

    The greatest event that threw Sri Lanka off the rails was the nationalization of the Catholic schools. If that was nothing but a political gimmick or if that was a success, how does one explain this uncontrolled thirst for Catholic education?

    Catholics have nothing to envy Buddhists about. It is rather the contrary.

    If your worry is about Catholics indulging in Buddhist ostentation, then tell our cricketers not to let down the Buddhist Sri Lanka by signing themselves with the cross left and right on the international cricket arena.

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  6. aloy Says:


    “There are many such Christians carrying Buddhist sounding names of Sri Lankan origin.

    This was a ploy employed by the Christian Church and mainly the Catholic Chruch after Pope Paul VI!”

    There we go again!.
    Do not apply tar on all Catholics just because two NGOs are singing for their supper. Sinhala Buddhist were divided and helpless. Their leaders like My3, MR and RW (including Mahesh Senanayeke the army commander under whose charge was the army intelligence units) had swallowed the dirt and were silent before and after the 21/4 incident. When Ven. Rathana started a fast calling for justice, all these so called Buddhists were silent (some were even seen cracking jokes). He would even have died if not for the support extended by Cardinal at the eleventh hour. Till then the Sinhalas were divided and were arguing among themselves. If there was undue preference to Catholics even during colonial times, my father would have ended as a permanent secretary. There would have been some advantages given to Colombians, but that include Buddhists as well.
    Please refrain from making this type of accusations as you might drive some voters away from the Sinhala Buddhist cause.

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    I agree with Aloy, Kusal Perera and others of his ilk do not represent all Catholics. However do not take politicians like My3,MR and RW to represent the Buddhists of Sri Lanka. They are politicians and in fact, RW is masquerading as a Buddhist when he is really an Anglican and represents only Colombo Christians.

    As for 21/4 attacks on innocent Christians and on hotels by Wahabbi Islamists has all the hallmarks of foreign manipulations to destabilize Sri Lanka in readiness for R2P intervention to further their geopolitical agendas.

    This time the country has a chance of going without the ‘assistance’ of Tamil Racists and Islamists. All in Sri Lanka, Sinhala, Tamils and Muslims who are not extremists deserve a better future away from these Shylocks who has been demanding their pound of flesh to advance their selfish community needs while being the cat’s paws of foreign powers.

    Sorting out these Shylocks is more important than internecine war among the Sinhalese, Buddhists and Christians!

  8. Ratanapala Says:

    Mario, the words Yahapalanaya and Dharmista are Buddhist concepts used by politicians to mock the very meaning of those words. Dharmista Samajaya was first brought in 1977 by JR Jayawardene who was himself a born Christian masquerading as a Buddhist. All that he did since coming to power was nothing but Adharmista!

    Yahapalanaya too was similar and made popular by the likes of Nirmal Dewasiri and other similarly disposed in foreign funded NGOs with the assistance of the wayward and selfish monk Maduluwawe Sobhitha who was always looking for a platform and a flock to ‘lead’!

    As for our idiotic cricketers making the religious signs and thanking their God is not very different to the Catholic Priest at the Kochchi Kade Church proudly showing an undamaged statue of St Anthony as a miracle while parts of the church including the roof have fallen all around him despite the supposed to be all-pervading Divine presence!

    Our cricketers make laughing stock in front of international spectators with this filial devotion they have for their God and Church, for these are traits given up long ago in many countries as not worthy and without merit!

  9. Mario Perera Says:

    ”Our cricketers make laughing stock in front of international spectators with this filial devotion they have for their God and Church, for these are traits given up long ago in many countries as not worthy and without merit!”

    Have you seen anyone laugh during such demonstrations of piety? If such is the case then the laughing should most occur the Buddhist Sri Lanka that you imagine. Before calling the international spectators in your support why not call the local spectators?

    Furthermore if what you say is true, then there is a massive lapse on the part of our cricket administration of not preventing such occurrences which would make a laughing stock of Sri Lanka cricket and detrimental to the image of the country. This has never been and will never be the case.

    On the same topic, how about Muslim cricketers who are ever increasing in numbers (those of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan) who do even more with their heads touching the ground and their bottoms up? In your analysis that should make people laugh even louder!

    Practically all cricketers acknowledge and give thanks to superior forces in the wake of their achievement. Why do they look up to the sky even lifting their arms towards it? Who is up there? They do not do that to the inanimate sky, or do they? Do not Buddhist cricketers make such gestures? These gestures are certainly not addressed to the Lord Buddha who said: Tama hisata tama athamaya sevana.

    As for International spectators they contradict what you say. They are far more understanding and surely more tolerant than what you imagine them to be. Such manifestations are common occurrences everywhere cricket is played even on the hallowed cricketing ground of Lords.

    Your comments show you to be an exceedingly intolerant and even unreasonable person.

    ”JR Jayawardene who was himself a born Christian masquerading as a Buddhist”. Do you realize what you are saying?

    Who on earth elected him and kept him in place but the vast majority of Sinhala Buddhists? By the same token SWRD was such a one as well (why did you not mention him). He was born a Christian to a Christian father. Why was his father a christian? Naturally to receive the benefits from the white master.

    Why did SWRD become a Buddhist? Surely to dupe his fervent Buddhist countrymen and to achieve his ambitions. Would you call him a born again Buddhist?

    Were the monks who plotted against SWRD and murdered him also born again Christians? Buddharakita? Somaratne?

    With their tremendous Buddhist heritage why did Sirima and her daughters attend the foremost Catholic girls’ Convent (mind you that school is openly called a ‘convent’) in Colombo? Can we not call them born again Catholics masquerading as Buddhists? Yet did not the vast Buddhist majority elect them to the highest offices of the land?

    In the same line of argument was President Premadasa who attended the foremost Catholic Boys College a born again Catholic?

    Come on Ratnapala.

    And you even take a highly venerable monk to task. You write about the: wayward and selfish monk Maduluwawe Sobhitha who was always looking for a platform and a flock to ‘lead’! He did not have to took for a flock to lead. He had one: the innumerable Buddhist devotees who held him in the highest esteem. Why do you not openly express your grouse against him: that he wanted to see MaRA out of office?

    Maybe he too was a born again Catholic!

    In short when people conform to your ideologies they receive your approval. When they do not they are born again Catholics.

    Why did you migrate to a Christian country, Ratnapala? Way did you not remain in this thice blessed land consecrated by the footprints and presence of the Master. You went to a country whose constitution makes the solemn declaration: IN GOD WE TRUST.

    A final word about miracles. Christians and Catholics as well as all of God centered religions, believe that nothing happens outside the knowledge of God. Such people believe in God’s intervention in the lives of nations and of human beings. That is the largest definition of MIRACLE. Miracles are not only what such people understand them to be but also what they do not understand. This is because the human brain does not have the understanding of the mind of God.

    That is the answer to your statement:
    ”Catholic Priest at the Kochchi Kade Church proudly showing an undamaged statue of St Anthony as a miracle while parts of the church including the roof have fallen all around him despite the supposed to be all-pervading Divine presence!”

    The reaction of the Catholic priest was an act of Faith, the bowing of his head before the mystery that is the mind of God. There was something that helped him to believe: in the case you mention, the undamaged statue of St.Anthony even when the roof of the Church had caved in.

    Please reply to this comment. I am looking forward to thrashing out these issues with you.

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  10. aloy Says:

    The thread is about NGOs; not Christians or Catholics who are associated with about 15% of the population through intermarriages etc. with Buddhists.
    I request Ratanapala not to respond and engage in divisive arguments.

  11. Dilrook Says:

    Target KP and JP on the substance of what they write, not on their ethnicity, caste or religion.

    The familiar anti-Christian and anti-Muslim racism is raising its ugly head again. This is an indication of what’s to come.

    Sri Lanka will be under economic sanctions from Christian West and Muslim Middle East if these people grab power. Sri Lanka depends on Christian and Muslim blocks for over 90% of exports and inward remittances. Without them Sri Lanka will be worse than Somalia or Zimbabwe.

    Christian and Muslim voters must take note. (Hindus have already made up their mind.)

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