Seized Samurdhi documents go missing from EC office Appointment letters among them
Posted on October 27th, 2019

By J.T. Silva Courtesy Ceylon Today

Some documents, which were taken into custody and kept at the Election Commission, by the Commission officials, who investigated a complaint that the Samurdhi Director General was preparing to distribute cheques to the value of one million rupees to Samurdhi Managers, have been misplaced, sources said.

Among the missing documents are said to be appointment letters,which were to be distributed in an illegal manner. At that time, the Election Commission officials had informed the Samurdhi Director General that the fact that applications for relevant appointments had been received on a date after the date of appointment,suggests that the appointments had been given in an illegal manner during the election period.

Officials of the Election Commission had launched an investigation last week on a tip-off regarding 800,000 Samurdhi papers.

They had sealed several rooms of the building at that time, and when they launched a more in-depth investigation the following day, they had found those suspicious documents in question. 

Then, the officials had taken the documents in the Election Commission.However, it is reported that someone had taken away these documents without the approval of the Chairman of the Election Commission.

]It is reported that officials of the Election Commission suspect that the documents may have been misplaced in a bid to hinder the investigations.

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