Why virginity is important
Posted on November 1st, 2019

C. Wijeyawickrema

In the west, pre-marital and sex with multiple partners before or within marriage is the norm for women. In Sri Lanka and other non-western societies, girls are expected not to have sex before marriage. The situation is so bad in the USA ( I have no knowledge to say this about Canada, Europe or Australia) that if a boy or a girl is not dating he or she was considered abnormal or gay or lesbian in sexual orientation.

The video clip below shows how our Sri Lankan culture is morally and scientifically superior to western norms, embraced nowadays by the corrupted new generations especially after JRJ coming to power in 1977. Recently, I saw video clips of how Hela Veda system cures hemorrhoids with two types of oil steam, one to take the rectum out of the anus, the other to push it back inside. Another Sri Lankan and another Asian habit that received scientific validation in the west are that the commode is not the best way for bowl movement. Our method of squatting eases it and people now use a squatty potty, a bathroom toilet stool of nine inches height to keep the legs up when seated on the commode.

Those who talk about advancement and progress as imitating the western model and mega-projects ought to resurrect our thousand-year-old tools of living, such as organic farming promoted by Ven.  Atureliye Rathana. 

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