India’s calculated Machiavellian Political Choreography and its Predicted Failure
Posted on December 6th, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia DipEE(UK), GradCert(Rel Eng-Monash),DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), CEng. MIEE.

Tamil Nadu (TN) changed its name from Madras state to Tamil Nadu when CN Annathurai (CNA) of DMK assumed power. The only non-Dravidian party that held power was Congress and the Chief Minister was the then Kamarajar.

The first post-independence assembly power was held by Indian National Congress (INC) by C. Rajagopalachari and Kamarajar, and the INC held power until 1967 when CN Annathurai of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam became the Chief Minister. Neither Congress or BJP is unable to capture power in the State of TN to-date.

Tamil Nadu state consists of several millions of Tamils and is a historic state where India cannot ignore their demands.  Tamils have participated in the freedom struggle and Kamarajar was an influential politician in the INC. With the creation of the Dravida Kazhagam (DK), Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), and Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK), DMK & ADMK was popular among the Tamils of TN.

From 1967 to-date, either INC or BJP is unable to capture the power of the state government. India made several silly political blunders where they misinterpreted the political strategy and the capability of the Ceylon government in the 70s. Ceylon planned to declare as a republican state and it is assumed a foreign government, (UK) planned the JVP insurrection in 1971 which was demolished by the then late PM Srimavo B. However, the Ceylon government knew that they have another front of terrorism imminent from the North. In 1972, the Tamil New Tigers (TNT) was declared by the late Vellupillai Prabakaran. GOSL had several fronts of terrorism emanating in multi-dimensional directions. This was not due to people’s desire, however, as a result of foreign involvement to disturb the peace and stability in SL. The big question is: Did the UNP help the two terrorist fronts to disturb the peace so that they can crawl to capture power? We know that the JVP and LTTE worked together as concealed fronts for the attacks.

It cannot be disputed that wherever the UK had its colony and gave independence, it left a major dormant problem knowing that the UK can hold onto the economic domination of these countries. Some countries gave into the empire’s commanding & bullying, However, SL with Srimavo and the SLFP ideologies opposed to the domination in the 70s. The Biafran war was a result of the British involvement in Nigeria where hundreds of thousands of Ibos were massacred by the military. 

Most of the JVP clowns ran to the UK on defeat. Subsequently, the LTTE gave birth in 1976 by changing the name from TNT to LTTE.

Prabakaran was NOT an intelligent person, however, violent during his young ages and also with his uncle Gnanamoorthy in the FP, he (VP) was brainwashed. Generally, youngsters from Valvettiturai (VVT) are arrogant and violent. The association of most youngsters and males with the South Indian smugglers and the stunt movies brainwashed the minds of the youngsters to engage in violence. Tamil Nadu is another racist state, helped the LTTE to expand with funds and weapons. A RAW key personnel met Prabakaran in 1984 after the LTTE attack on the 13 soldiers in Tirunelveli. This meeting took place in Pondicherry. Another question is why was the Tirunelveli attack planned and executed by Prabakaran? Was RAW and the Indian government behind this project to blow-up turmoil, pandemonium in SL?


INC politicians tried with maximum planning and merciless activities to capture power in TN state by bringing in the INC government, to state, helping the LTTE through MGR, the movie star who was the CM. This may have been on the instruction from late Indira Gandhi. MGR is said to have given Prabakaran Crores of INRs and allowed to operate freely in TN state for training in Coimbatore and other places and administer the terrorist activities. It was easy for Prabakaran and the LTTE to travel through the gap between Tuticorin and VVT easily.

Another blunder Rajiv Gandhi made was to propose the 13th amendment. Another mistake was JR was about to grant the 13th amendment fully.

The author of this article lived in VVT and his father was the OIC/VVT of the Police force in 1958 for approximately ten months. Another political error Srimavo made was to be responsible for the transfer on my father form VVT out as a result of a petition by a VVT smuggler.

Whatever, INC tried they could not capture power.


On the other hand, BJP wanted to capture power in TN and organized various political activities, however, BJP failed.

People like Nedumaran, Vaiko, Seeman, etc are boys of the two major parties. The reason for the two major parties to always talk about implementing the 13th amendment fully is to attract the votes in Tamil Nadu in their favor. It is a cunning strategy India adopts to win the support of the people in TN. It is not because of the love towards the Tamils in SL. India wants to dominate SL.

TN politicians’ campaign about SL Tamils autonomy is to win elections and be the governing party. India’s INC/BJP campaigning for SL Tamils is to enter into TN and be the governing party. It is certain that neither INC or BJP will never ever enter to govern TN. Further Indian government whether its INC or BJP campaigning for SL Tamils is to threaten SL and prevent SL to have close ties with China. India has a fear of China’s invasion via SL. India does not know that China has already invaded India economically and changing TN culture.

If we go back to history, all the politicians mentioned above were arrested and released. On what grounds were they released? It is to fool SL.

Recently we understand that Mordi has asked our President HE GR to implement the 13th amendment fully. Modi removed the autonomous powers of Kashmir, however, on what grounds is he asking HE GR? In plain words, Modi has no business to interfere with the political activities of SL. He has to mind his own business.

Modi and the former CM of TN, Panneerselvam were Tea stall keepers who crawled into politics: Don’t know how? Can we assess the intelligence and the knowledge these two have to rule a big country like India? They practice cheap politics.

AS far as SL is concerned the UK and India are the biggest problems and a threat to SL. Not the Tamils.

With all these activities, Delhi is settling millions of Hindi speaking people in TN. Major industries are owned by Hindis. The majority of Tamilians can speak Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Karnataka. It is speculated that about a million more Hindi speaking people have settled in TN. Every Tamil movie is contaminated with Hindi.

The idiocy of the TN Tamilians is to talk about SL Tamils, however, not about their own state being swallowed by the Hindis.

The only bond in India is the religion: Hinduism. (Saivism+ Vaishnavism+Samanam)

Tamilians in TN are Saivites.

What India does not understand is that the West may have already planned to divide India into several republics, and will never allow to grow like China and become a threat to the rest of the world.

Seeman is associated with the movie world acting in movies and making movies. Indians are mindset and fanatic in movies and they think what the hero does is real. That’s how late MGR & Jayalalitha became CM. Both are uneducated. Maybe it’s a common decease. In the USA Arnold S, Clint Eastwood was drawn into politics. People do not realize that acting is a skill and a make-believe imitation.

This is one of the major weaknesses in Democracy where numerical superiority overrides capability & competence.

There may be three million Tamils in the UK. Not all three million people like SL divided. There are patriots who love SL as a unitary state. The three million Tamils will not forgo their comfortable living and some with the DOLE they receive return to SL. What business has UK got to include in the Conservative’s manifesto that SL should be divided into two states? Cheap Politics.

Is the UK prepared to divide the UK into four republics?

Is the USA prepared to divide the USA into several republics?

The weakness of the Indian and the UK government is to talk about HR violations, missing persons, division etc. They should mind their own business and make their country stable and develop the countries. UK and India have adequate political social problems in their own countries. The UK may be converted to an Islamic state in a few years.

A statement by Nehru:


Nehru wanted Ceylonese leaders to realize that Ceylon might not be necessary for India, but India was necessary for Ceylon.

Who said that Nehru was a clever politician? Maybe Gandhi was and Professor Subramaniam Swamy is intellectual. There are so many concealed mysterious weaknesses among the Nehru family anyway.


  1. SL should examine and revoke the 13th amendment for the following reasons.

Granting Police & Land power will disturb the equilibrium of the governing authority of the parliament. Tamils are not politically and socially matured enough to exercise police and land power. With police power, they want to control their politics. Tamils have differences with respect to caste, religion and race and they are biased. The writer knows the atrocities Jaffna man committed against Indian children in the name of domestic workers. Jaffna man does not like or want to associate with Indian workers from the highlands.

Tamils are always on the lookout to run away from SL. What advantage does Tamil Diaspora have in getting Federalism or Tamil Eelam? Even in foreign countries Tamils are not united but exercise caste differential. Giving Police and Land power will lead to another form of internal terrorism and destroy the united SL, as Tamils are economically a volatile race.

  • What Tamils need in SL is maybe a small-scale autonomy without police and land power.
  • Already the Provincial Councils have blown up the expenditure and driven SL towards bankruptcy. Arjuna Mahendran is a typical example.
  • With the already granted NPC, what has C.V. Vigneswaran done to the North? Only jabbering and blathering about missing persons and Tamil Eelam. Now he is winding up young people to form his own party. Corruption and bribery were maximum in the North.
  • A new committee should be formed to study and formulate a system of how SL could be governed. In mind that India revoked Kashmir’s powers of the forthcoming threat to its stability.
  • SL should never, ever, mind about Indian intervention and UK blabbering. Indians are political fools. If they do not mind their own business then China may teach them a lesson on how to govern and mind their own business.
  • People like Sritharan, Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, And Gajendran are a pitfall of the SriLankan society.
  • The UK massacred millions of people wherever they ruled. They plundered those countries. Now they talk of democracy, justice and humanism. Shame on them.
  • Tamil Diaspora is eager to rip Tamils to become rich. By talking that Prabakaran is alive they have been plundering wealth from the Tamil FOOLS.
  • In the UK, society has been ripping and stealing money. View this web page:  

Above is an example of a group where some members ripped the association thousands of pounds. This is one example. In Australia, some who associated with LTTE, and other associations, like Seniors have ripped several million.

  1. Federalism or a separate state for the Tamils in SL is a risk for the region.
  2. If the UK has love towards the Tamils, they should relocate all the SL Tamils and those in the UK and settle them in an island suitable to the crowd, such as Madagascar, or Reunion island or even Diego Garcia. E.g. The Jews were relocated to Israel.
  3. Tamils: We are an insane race judging by the standard of CV Vigneswaran, Mavai, Sambanthar, SJVC, etc.
  4. GOSL has every right to build Buddhist temples, and settle Sinhalas in the N&E. Its Democracy.

If Rudrakumaran can be a PM of a parliament built in the USA atmosphere, then why not, anything is possible

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