New Challenge for Gota: International Eelam war?
Posted on December 6th, 2019


December 6, 2019, 9:42 pm


Swiss cheese, called so because of distinctive holes, is known the world over. Though the holes in Emmental cheese originally were considered imperfections, these holes being created by the activity of bacteria in milk, cheeses with holes have become fashionable and it is said that more the holes, better the taste! These came to my mind when following the sequence of events of the alleged abduction of a Sri Lankan employee, working in the Swiss Embassy, as the holes in the story seem to be increasing by the day! Though it seems to be getting sillier by the day, it has become very savoury to some politicians. Even Sajith, who was under the radar since his unexpectedly severe defeat, perhaps, spending time charging his discharged batteries and wrenching up his dynamo, was woken up from a slumber to blame the government for this heinous crime.

Of course, the best response was from our own ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Rajitha, again waking up from a post-election slumber, who described the abduction, including how this unfortunate lady was abducted with a gun in her mouth, perhaps after an exclusive consultation. The dental doctor turned psychiatrist, also diagnosed her mental status and it is no surprise that Swiss diplomats do not consider any further medical opinion necessary. Sorry, she has had a video-consultation with a Swiss physician to confirm the diagnosis made by the ex-Minister of Health. The Swiss story certainly would have appeared more plausible had it not been for the intervention of Rajitha, whose judgement came to question after he paraded suspected criminals in disguise, may not be criminals but bad actors, as an election gundu which misfired!

Though endowed with natural beauty and earning the reputation of being a neutral country, Switzerland has always had a shady side. Swiss bank accounts were once the haven for ill-gotten wealth and encouraged, at least indirectly, nefarious activities like money-laundering. It is said Nazi wealth was shielded by Swiss banks. It looks as if the Swiss are finding it difficult to give up bad habits, and are leading a novel challenge for Gota and Mahinda.

Inspector Silva/Candappa ‘escaped’, courtesy of the Swiss Embassy. Though I had not read any reports in Sri Lankan papers about death threats to him, the moment he left for Switzerland, international media were buzzing with reports of a policeman escaping from Sri Lanka because of death threats, followed by the story of the abduction of the lady employee. In a surprising coincidence, a number of Tiger supporters imprisoned, during the Yahapalana time, for collecting funds for a banned terrorist organisation, were released, soon after the fall of Yahapalanaya, as Tigers are no longer considered a terrorist organisation in Switzerland!

The biggest joke of all was the demand of the Swiss Embassy that this lady, and her family, be allowed to fly out of Sri Lanka, in an ambulance plane, without any emigration checks. Diplomats need to make reasonable requests, not dictate to other sovereign states. The question arises, whether the Swiss consider themselves to be the new viceroys of Sri Lanka?

After a fair and peaceful election, where Sri Lankans showed their maturity in the democratic process, one would have expected the ‘West’ to rejoice with us, but what is happening is just the opposite. Sad to say, I did not think I would be forced to repeat what I stated a year ago: “Mother Lanka! I can only weep for you and hope the day will dawn, soon, when unpatriotic politicians stop plotting against you in cahoots with undiplomatic diplomats.” (The Island, 2 December, 2018: Undiplomatic diplomats and unpatriotic politicians). Even when I wrote “Can Gota and Mahinda do the impossible, again?” (The Island, 21 November) I did not imagine that a political Eelam war would be launched by the ‘West’ so soon, my reference in that piece being getting the economy back.

There is no escaping from the fact that another Eelam war has started, a diplomatic war at the behest of the Tiger-rump. Maybe, Gota was aware and this may well be the reason why he made a hurried visit to India, a perfectly logical diplomatic move.

The United Kingdom, facing a decisive and divisive election on the 12th, has also become a player in this game, and it was no surprise that our politicians protested about the two-state solution mentioned in the Conservative manifesto; which was later clarified following representations made by our High Commission, highlighting the role that our diplomats ought to play. We need a top-notch diplomatic service to fight this new war.

It was very unfortunate that our politicians failed to mention the much worse attitude of the Labour Party. Its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has been regularly sending messages to his Eelam friends on occasions like ‘The Tamil New Year’, the terrorist supporting idiot not knowing what it actually is! Their policy is highlighted by what his number two, the Shadow Chancellor said in a message, no doubt to please the Tiger-rump:

“My name is John McDonnel. I am Labour’s Shadow Chancellor. Many of you will know that I, and Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, have stood firmly on the side of the Tamil community as it experienced the brutal oppression in Sri Lanka and we believe it should be recognised as an attempt at genocide of the Tamils. The brutal oppression has continued with the military occupation of the Tamil homeland. We urge that the military are withdrawn. We believe that the Tamils have the right to a peaceful political solution, based upon the recognition of their human rights but also their right to self-determination as well. We believe that the British government has a specific role to play, both in terms of ensuring that our relationships with Sri Lanka, trading relationship in particular, are based on human rights but also on progress with the implementation of the UN’s resolution. We believe also that we have a role to ensure that our High Commission monitors human rights as particularly the election of the new president whose record, we have to say, presents us with real concerns and fears for the future. One of the aspects we are particularly concerned is the use of the Prevention of Terrorism Act against Tamils, to ensure that while basic rights of assembly and freedom of speech, particularly journalists, are no longer applicable. We believe that there should be a long-term political solution and let me make this absolutely clear. The Labour Party will always stand with the Tamil community, both in terms of supporting them here in this country and their families in their homeland. We stand with the Tamils”

Pity, he forgot the nearly equal number of Sinhalese living in the UK, who will now be voting in droves for Boris! Great pity, rather than congratulating a democratically elected leader, this political idiot decided to insult him and the entire electorate of Sri Lanka. A cynic remarked that it is difficult to find a terrorist group the present Labour Party does not support! In fact, no sooner he delivered this message, a terrorist released early, thanks to laws introduced by the Labour Party, killed two Cambridge graduates attempting to help released prisoners. Hypocrisy of the West, they will soon start suffering.

Battle lines are drawn. No doubt the USA, Canada, Norway, etc., would follow. Come the UNHCR session ,the bashing of Sri Lanka us will begin, thanks to the idiocy of Mangala who co-sponsored the resolution!

Gota, it is another challenge for you, but the country has placed full faith in you, considering your track record. Please don’t fail us and start by refusing to negotiate with any party that does not accept the unitary state of our Motherland.

2 Responses to “New Challenge for Gota: International Eelam war?”

  1. dingiri bandara Says:

    Does this idiot Corbyn not know that there already exist a Tamil homeland called Tamil Nadu in India. Prevention of terrorism act means prevention of terrorism by anybody. All Sri Lankans have the same opportunities. The Elam war started by the racist Tamils.The Tamil terrorists assassinated almost all of the prominent Tamil political leaders. Can the Tamils explain why they prefer to live In Sri Lanka but not in Tamil Nadu and why they prefer to live In Colombo and other areas in the South and not in Jaffna? Can they explain why they sent their children in droves to boarding houses in Colombo mainly in Wellawatta if as they claim that they are being killed by the Sinhalese?
    Jim Corbyn and the the likes should take up the matter of the Kurdish people who played big role in eliminating the ISIS and are facing areal problem of being systematically eliminated in the same manner as the genocide of Armenians.

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    This is just the beginning.

    We new all alone that the moment Gota become the president the anti-SL forces in the west, financed and supported by the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora will go all out to thrash SL whichever way they can.

    It is pretty obvious that “Swiss Embassy Abduction” was NOT an accident but a well-planned coup to discredit new president and his government in the international stage.

    And now the UK election, both labour and conservatives are trying to exploit the Tamil votes thrashing SL and promising to help Tamils to establish a homeland in SL. This is a beginning of a new anti-SL, anti-Sinhala campaign by the pro-LTTE Diaspora knowing very well that Gota will never agree to their ridiculous demands of devolution, etc.

    No doubt, President Gotabaya and the new government got their work cut out for them. They certainly cannot ignore these threats and challenges like they did before.

    First and foremost, they should completely revamp the SL foreign missions to handle the new international threats, and equip them with an intelligence network to monitor and counter attack all anti-SL propaganda generated by Tamil Diaspora in UK, Canada, Australia, USA, and in Scandinavia, where majority of Tamil propaganda is generated and used.

    It is time for SL to learn from countries like Israel, how effectively they use their diplomatic missions around the globe to fight anti-Israel, anti-Jewish propaganda.

    SL needs a new strategy fast, to overcome these serious and fabricated lies and propaganda by Tamil Diaspora and their opportunistic supporters in the West, like hypocritical UK politicians on both sides of the aisle.

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