SWISS TIGERS Vs SRI LANKAN LIONS-Throw down the gauntlet.
Posted on December 6th, 2019


The Game is on!   In less than a month since  Dr Gotabaya Rajapakse became the President of Sri Lanka, the notorious Switzerland has shown signs of aggression against the Government of Sri Lanka.  

They are following a very outdated strategy.  That is: When there is a bad news about you, create a scenario to supersede the bad news, for a damage control. 

The bad news against the Government of Switzerland was Nishantha De Silva Kandappa’s ostensible abduction” without complying  with Immigration rules of Sri Lanka.  Kandappa was under investigation for colliding with Ranil-Maithree  to frame Rajapakse’s with fabricated evidence.

The good news for the Swiss Government was an allegation against the Sri Lankan government of  an attempted abduction” of Sri Lankan Tamil Ganiya Baristes Francis.  As expected by the Swiss Authorities, the attention has now been diverted to Ganiya, whilst carpeting Kandappa.

The Swiss Authorities have been in the forefront of establishing and  financing LTTE network for several years.  Since the end of the war, they are continuing their direct involvement and support for the LTTE mafia.  The Swiss Government was absolutely silent during past four and half years, as they had Sri Lankan born male couple, known as Ranil and Maithree as our leaders.

The dead man, Anton Balasingham, wanted LTTE negotiations to be conducted in Geneva, just 9 months after Mahinda Rajapakse assumed office as President. Nimal Siripala de Silva represented Sri Lanka in Geneva, but Mahinda Rajapakse was working on his Plan B, to destroy the Terrorists Outfit.  Both parties tried to buy time, at the end Bala died and Prabha was killed by Sri Lankan military.

Now again in less than month from new President taking over office,  they have thrown down the gauntlet on Sri Lankan Government.

The Swiss Authorities were taught a Good Lesson by President Mahinda Rajapakse.  This time, who knows, if  the Best Lesson from President Gotabaya Rajapakse.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Two wrongs will make it right. I fear for the lawless world that is emerging now where country like US with the help of likes of Trump will dismantle the standards and rules set up after the WW2.We ignoring this make things worse, not only for the whole world but for helpless countries like SL.
    Saudis seems realize the game is on, the reason they are protecting their oil producing company being put on the world market, bit late I think.
    I would advise our leaders in all third world countries to uphold these conventions, knowing the threat to the well being of this whole world there are good people with honest money banding together, exerting pressure by various legitimate means to put their countries right and then move on to the rest of the world where few rouges seem to rule the roost, thus undermining well being of the entire planet.
    Threat to this world buy sign and result of global warming is accelerating their efforts, the reason why there’s uprisings in many countries against the corrupt regimes.
    Lets hope that people like Trump will never emerge because with their double standards they will interfere and even recolonize some countries and who is going to stop them when we our selves aiding that day of reckoning with our own stupid cultures of administrating our countries. we will be open to abuse so better not demonizing a country that is still holing on to the international conventions. We owe that to our future generations.
    Lets’s hope the global warming threat come as a blessing for people in the all important rich Western countries to wake up and make their leaders more accountable and uphold a ritichous path. Murders of the rapists in India is a good sign that the people are taking the law into their hand where their corrupt leaders. This is happening in all countries and as an engineer who contributed so much to create the internet and the www glad that the people everywhere in the world knows right from let us support the almighty civilized path that was ushered after WW2 without allowing predators to intervene in our countries. So sorry for any mistakes in grammar as I am too busy and too late in the night.
    Wish all the readers a happy New Year and let our leaders be guided by good sense and justice, it a tremendious responsoibility..

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    This is just the beginning….

    We new all alone that the moment Gota become the president the anti-SL forces in the west, financed and supported by the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora will go all out to thrash SL whichever way they can.

    It is pretty obvious that “Swiss Embassy Abduction” was NOT an accident but a well-planned coup to discredit new president and his government in the international stage.

    And now the UK election, both labour and conservatives are trying to exploit the Tamil votes thrashing SL and promising to help Tamils to establish a homeland in SL. This is a beginning of a new anti-SL, anti-Sinhala campaign by the pro-LTTE Diaspora knowing very well that Gota will never agree to their ridiculous demands of devolution, etc.

    No doubt, President Gotabaya and the new government got their work cut out for them. They certainly cannot ignore these threats and challenges like they did before.

    First and foremost, they should completely revamp the SL foreign missions to handle the new international threats, and equip them with an intelligence network to monitor and counter attack all anti-SL propaganda generated by Tamil Diaspora in UK, Canada, Australia, USA, and in Scandinavia, where majority of Tamil propaganda is generated and used.

    It is time for SL to learn from countries like Israel, how effectively they use their diplomatic missions around the globe to fight anti-Israel, anti-Jewish propaganda.

    SL needs a new strategy fast, to overcome these serious and fabricated lies and propaganda by Tamil Diaspora and their opportunistic supporters in the West, like hypocritical UK politicians on both sides of the aisle.

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