Clamp down western conspiracies
Posted on December 8th, 2019


Events surrounding the tyrant western nations arrogantly calling themselves as international community despite they being only 20 odd nations whereas there are nearly 200 nations in the world community behaving in respect of Sri Lanka following the people’s victory in the presidential election clearly elaborates their unhappiness over the choice of the 6.9 million voters amounting to 52% of voters of this country.  They  croak from every roof top available that they are the devout, ardent and dedicated guardians of what they call the ‘democracy’ in the world, a hollow slogan used by them solely for their own convenience and to get their vicious ambitionswhich has become a mere baloney.

These Tyrant Western Nations (EWNs) displeased with the victory of the new populist government have unleashed a massive anti-Sri Lankan crusade.  The crusade has started from Switzerland and Britain to be joined by other TWNs very soon.  The shameless and unprincipled  Swiss Embassy in Colombo in contravention of all international conventions and norms have facilitated a top official of the Sri Lankan Intelligence service to flee the country with his family members immediately after the election and this fugitive bandit is reported to have taken with him many sensitive documents and finger prints of hundreds of intelligence officers which could be used to intimidate or to take action against them, similar to the situation that was created by the Millenium Compound exposure which helped the LTTE terrorists to kill a number of Deep Penetration Unit top officials. 

Suddenly it was reported a female Tamil national official of the Swiss Embassy has been abducted by a gang in a white car and that she had been made to confess some information pertaining to issue of Swiss visas to some Sri Lankans including Nishantha de Silva who has fled the country with his family members. . This lady has been surprisingly released unharmed and now believed to be hiding in the Swiss Embassy Compound or in some other hideout and the Swiss Embassy has attempted to take her to Switzerland in an ambulance plane  but permission to do that has been has been denied by the Colombo Magistrate Court on a request made by the Foreign Ministry and the Policed. The Court has ordered the Embassy to arrange her to give a statement to CID on her purported abduction

The political chameleon Rajitha Senaratne who was a killing agent of PRRA during the horrendous Premadasa regime and has now become an abduction partner has said that the relevant Swiss Embassy lady officer, whose whereabouts are unknown to anyone other than the Swiss Ambassador in Colombo, has said that the said officer’s confession has been taken by threatening her with a pistol and at present she is in an unconscious status.  The failed presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa has also reported to have made a similar statement. 

To get this matter cleared without allowing room for it to cause any embarrassment to Sri Lanka and at the same time prevent the vicious TWNs to use it as a tool to project that the so-called human rights violations are taking place in Sri Lanka after the advent of the new government Rajitha and Sajith should be subjected to thorough investigations and their statements should be publicised in the international media and both of them should be charged for involvement in anti-national crimes and treason.

This Swiss episode has become a very sensational subject to full media coverage locally and in overseas. 

The Indian newspaper Hindu” correspondent in Colombo, Meera Srinivasan has reported that the attack on Swiss Embassy staffer was worrying Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Commission (SLHRC) chairperson Deepika Udagama who has said that the persons who attacked the Embassy staffer have demanded information on persons who have sought diplomatic protection through the Swiss Embassy.

She says that the Foreign Ministry in Switzerland has requested the Swiss Ambassador in Colombo Hanspeter Mock to meet Prime Minister Mr.  MahindaRajapaksa and the Foreign Minister Mr. Dinesh Gunawardene and brief then about the situation.

It make all sensible Sri Lankans to wonder why the Swiss embassy is keeping the concerned staffer inside the embassy compound but asking the GOSL to conclude the investigations enabling her to leave for Switzerland while the Sri Lanka’s ambassador had been summoned to explain the incident. 

The former foreign minister Prof. G.L. Peiris claims that the Swiss Embassy incident is a conspiracy aimed at discrediting the new government and it has clearly proven that the complete story is a lie.  He has stated that based on the CCTV footage and other technological evidence, the female embassy staffer in question had never been at the location where they claimed she had been at that time and that it has now been proven that there is absolutely no truth to the story.

Prof. Peiris alleged that this was an attempt to discredit the government as soon as it started work. He explained especially as the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva is scheduled to meet in March 2020 serious allegations could be levelled against Sri Lanka. He said the government has the strength to defeat all these obstacles and move forward. 

Prime Minister Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa commenting on the Swiss issue said that after truefacts relating the incident came to light, the unpers connected to the incident have become very much puzzled and now find difficult to face the situation.  He said some members of the UNP are still conspiring against the government despite their colossal defeat in the elections.  However, he said that there are some UNPers who are national minded and are ready to cooperate with the government in its nation building exercise.

 The government’s spokesman Dr.Bandula Gunawardene also accused that this episode is a western plot to discredit the government and said that all investigations of the government to conduct thorough investigations about the matter and take appropriate legal action against those who had been responsible.

As per the Police there is no truth in the Swiss Embassy claim of the purported abduction of it local staff.  Police said that there is no evidence of abduction of anyone in the said location on the date and time span stipulated by the Swiss Ambassador.  Police have arrived at this determination after a thorough check on CCTV cameras on the whole area.  

Reports from Zurich say that the Swiss Secretary of State has instructed the Embassy in Sri Lanka to send the concerned staffer and her family to Switzerland a Swissair plane is being kept in readiness to take them to Switzerland and it would take about 10 hours for this ambulance plane to arrive to Colombo.  However the concerned staff has not given a statement to the Police and there is a Court order banning her to leave the country without giving a statement to the Police and obtaining permission to leave. 

The arrogant and pigheaded Swiss Ambassador Hanspieter Mock seems to have made a mockery on the purported incident by denying to divulge her identity, by denying access to local doctors to examine about her alleged illness saying that she had been examined by Swiss through Skype and by insisting that she should be allowed to go to Switzerland with her family and it seems that this Mock fellow is deliberately creating a case to say that Sri Lanka’s new government is trekking on a despotic path by denying one of their staff to leave for Switzerland to secure medical treatment. 

In less than one month of we Sri Lankans electing Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as our President, a person who will not dance to the tunes of the Tyrant western nations (TWNs) these TWNs have started their cussed game of blackmailing countries to tow to their dictates or face severe consequences.  The dirty Swiss have taken the lead in an attempt to smear the image of Sri Lanka. In a prelude to this vicious campaign they acquitted 12 tiger terrorists who had been imprisoned in that country for various crimes.

The NGO vultures too have joined this smear campaign with much enthusiasm as they very much desist the advent of President Gotabhaya as the ruler of this country.  Already Pakasotty Saravanamuttu (this is how he was referred to as by Pa.Cha.Ranawaka addressing a meeting in Matra when he was in Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government) has said that in an article last Sunday that the abduction game has started and has stated that the Swiss Embassy staffer was abducted and surprisingly she was released after questioning for about two hours.  This is the tip of the iceberg and in the next few days NGO vultures such as Jehan Perera,, Viyangoda and even Jeppos and Litro Amila could join the chorus.

People elected M r. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as president of this country since they were convinced that he will not allow the TWNs, NGO vultures and anti-national elements to make this country a playground for them.  He has appointed the most appropriate person as the Foreign Minister of this country. Therefore, these foreign initiated canards against this country should be nipped in the bud and stern action should be taken against all those who had been involved in this smear campaign and the Swiss Ambassador Mock who seems to have been personally involved in the affair should be declared as a persona non grata and should be ordered to leave this country within 48 hours.   

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