Posted on January 8th, 2020

Stanley Gunaratne.

It is my hope that the new President will at least usher in good policies for the country. However, the people who surround him in the current Parliament and some of his ridiculous Indian pandering statements is a cause for concern. The upcoming General Election will be crucial in deciding who the next “policymakers” of the country will be. 
People need to understand the structural problems this country has and the useless politicians are the root cause of zero progress in this country and why we aren’t another Korea or Singapore. We need to get the BASICS right. 
I share my thoughts below. After 71 years of independence, our nation’s passport languishes amongst the world’s lowest. Our currency virtually worthless. Our country, once a green paradise of ancient times, a model economy under even the colonials and with great promise on the dawn of freedom in 1948, is left as a backward Indianised poor country. I hope our citizens ask themselves, what does this country need.
Will any single party/entity PROMISE to do the following 16 things?

1. Abolish 13th amendment (and Provincial Councils)

2. Abolish Indo Lanka Accord – no self respecting country would abide by this “Anschluss” forced upon us

3. Scrap any perks for elected servants of the people that people don’t have (pensions, permits etc)

4. Invest in Chinese, Japanese and European high speed ELECTRIC trains/buses and BAN Indian junk trains/buses.

5. Rename the country “Sinhale” or revert back to Ceylon and remove the artificial name “Sri Lanka”. Alternatively hold a national debate and referendum on this subject. Seriously consider removing the stripes from the national flag which were added by a committee headed by none other than SWRD Bandaranaike. 

6. Establish the rule of law in Sri Lanka/Ceylon with mandatory caning for serious capital offences

7. Abolish unjust practices preventing defeated candidates from being appointed to Parliament on the National List. If necessary, separate the Cabinet from Parliament to ensure total independence of the Presidency (and appointed Cabinet) and Parliament (whose members cannot be appointed to Cabinet).

8. Abolish the Central Bank to end money printing. Establish an independent Monetary Regulatory Authority (like we had pre 1951) to ensure no auction of non existent resources at elections (like the Hong Kong or Singapore Monetary Board)

9. Ban ethnic parties and throw them into prison (after a thorough caning)

10. Settle Sinhalese, Malays and Burghers in the North and balance the demographics islandwide like in Singapore. Make it illegal for any district to not have the national demographics housed in it after a period of 7 years. 

11. Establish links with the East (ASEAN, China, Japan) and West (Germany, US, UK, Italy, Australia) to counter India – the country which sponsored decades of terrorism in this country

12. Appoint only technocratic people based on suitability for a job, education, business experience
13. Limit cabinet members, irrespective of coalitions, to 15 people (including the President) – there is no need for “State Ministers” and all this type of nonsense.
14. Invest in renewable energy based on hydro power, solar power and offshore wind power and energy storage (e.g. the Tesla facility in Australia stores solar power and powers and entire city). BAN all fossil fuel power generation and CANE any bugger who tries to build coal plants in the 21st century. 
15. Establish One nation, One People, ONE LAW and zero ethnic laws, regional laws, or treating those who are politically connected above the law. 
16. RECTIFY the language laws. Frankly in 1948, the country should have adopted two official languages (Sinhala and English) with one national language (Sinhala). Given where we are, the best way out of this total mess (the 13th amendment literally labels the North and East as a made up homeland), is to adopt the Singaporean model which will quash any attempts by Indian bootlickers to propagate an Indian model here). Therefore, to replicate the Singaporean example, adopt the following posture: The National Language of Ceylon will be Sinhala. (In Singapore it is Malay)The National Anthem of the country will be sung in ONE language. In this case the anthem was written in Sinhala, so ALL will sing it in one voice. (In Singapore everyone sings it in Malay).The official languages of the country will be Sinhala, English and Tamil.The working language of the country will be English. All citizens have the right of translation into Sinhala, or Tamil.The medium of instruction at all public schools will be English, or Sinhala. All students will learn English, irrespective of affluence. No Sinhalese will be forced to learn Tamil, and instead will become at least BILINGUAL in Sinhala and first class English nationwide. Every student will have the right to learn one mother tongue so they are bilingual in their mother tongue AND English. There will be zero attempt to make people trilingual with two national languages or two mother tongues. Instead, as economics permits, students will be offered the chance to learn Mandarin, Spanish, French or Korean – the most widely spoken or business relevant languages today. 

A FAILURE to promise these 16 things means that the contesting party at the General Election 2020 are inept traitors/Indian bootlickers pure and simple and no patriot, no matter what political colour flag they fly, or scarf they don, or what they claimed they have achieved in the past.

Ceylon/Sinhale/Sri Lanka and its people deserve better than these political selfish buffoons and constant tomfoolery. This nation has never been part of India, is not part of India and WILL NEVER be part of India. Instead of a first world bastion of economic excellence powered by the warmth, ingenuity and strength of our Lion people and utilising our strategic location coupled with the Rule of law and sound management and lean governance, we have become a hive of scum and villainy, with multiple layers of wasteful bureaucracy.

In short Sri Lanka is a Kakistocracy – a government of the worst kind and composed of the worst kinds of people. 

Ask not for who the bell tolls, it tolls for thee Sri Lankans. Wake up, and demand these 16 things and we will become the next Singapore of Asia (we could have been the first). Vote blindly without a single of these things promised and delivered, and we will be an Indianised backwater suffering endless mediocrity for at least another 5 years. Our politicians snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. No politician is owed a blank cheque or blind loyalty. The country comes first. Our Republic is not what is once was, it is full of bureaucrats, politicians who have no interest in the common good, except the common good of politicians. 

May the heavens protect this country. To quote Oliver Cromwell, I say to all our 225+1, “In the Name of God go!”

Stanley Gunaratne.

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