RANJANGATE SCANDAL – Chairman of HIRU Rayynor Silva challenges Ranjan and Hirunika not to hide behind parliament privileges and to make statements outside parliament if they can
Posted on January 23rd, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

Hiding behind parliament privileges, MPs Ranjan and Hirunika made many baseless, false and absurd allegations including drug trafficking charges against HIRU Media Network and its chairman Rayynor Silva in parliament day before yesterday.

HIRU Media Network chairman, Mr.Rayynor Silva categorically and abhorrently refuted the unfounded statements made by Hirunika and Ranjan in Parliament.

Mr. Rayynor Silva also challenges Ranjan and Hirunika not to hide behind parliamentary privileges and become fake heroes but to have courage to make the same allegations outside parliament as no legal action can be taken against any defamatory and irresponsible statements of this nature when it is made in parliament due to parliamentary privileges.

However, he reiterates that if they have the backbone to make the same statements outside of parliament, and he will ensure stern legal action will be taken and also to be prepared to pay billions in damages.

Also letters of demand have been sent claiming 1 billion rupees each in compensation from the media channels who broadcast this irresponsible and fake statements of Hirunika and Ranjan.

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