India to build Sita temple in Sri Lanka
Posted on January 27th, 2020

Courtesy Ada Derana

The Congress government in Madhya Pradesh, India on Monday announced it will build a grand temple of Sita in Sri Lanka, at the place where Sita of ‘Ramayana’ is believed to have withstood trial by fire.

The idea was conceived by India’s previous BJP government under Shivraj Singh Chouhan nearly a decade ago, but the project did not take off. After the change of guard in December 2018, the Congress government claimed no files on the project had been moved by the previous regime.

A delegation led by Law and Religious Affairs Minister P C Sharma recently visited Sri Lanka and met President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Monday formally cleared the proposal.

He said a committee comprising officials from MP and Sri Lanka, and members of Mahabodhi Society, will soon be formed for building the temple to ensure its time-bound construction. He said funds for the project will be allocated in the current financial year.

The site of the proposed temple is located on the premises of a Buddhist monastery in Divurumpola in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Local people believe the ornaments worn by Sita are still buried there.

Source: The Indian Express

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    Ramayanaya and this Sita in Lanka story is utterly fictional, and this officially confimed by reputed Indian historians and anthropologists. Why invest funds on a meaningless venture in memory of a fictional Sita, instead invest these funds on building houses for the Indian Estate Tamils in Sri Lanka. Incidenlly the Lanka referred to in the Ramayanaya is not Sri Lanka.


    On September 13, 2007 the Central Govt. of India submitted an affidavit in the Supreme court that there was no historical and scientific evidence to establish the existence of Rama and the Ramayana. The Archaeological survey of India stated that the contents of Valimiki’s Ramayana cannot be a historical record, because there is no proof to the characters and events, depicted therein.

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