RAVAGES OF 2015 – Part I
Posted on March 2nd, 2020


The Parliament was to be dissolved last night to hold the General Election on 25th April.  This is the first of a series of articles to highlight the ravages caused to this country during the worst period of rule that prevailed in the post-1948 Sri Lanka which was the period from 8th January 2015 to 15th November, 2019.  The people of this country (the voters) have a daunting task to take all precautions to prevent the swindlers and crooks gaining power in this country and subject the country once again by falling it into the hands of western and terrorist servile rogues and getting misguided by the propaganda/smear campaign of the treacherous reactionary UNP and its bandits aided by the terrorist TNA and financed by terrorist diaspora and anti-Sri Lankan western nations.

The western powers, the 20 odd tyrant western nations (TWNs) including U.S.A., Canada, and Britain and the hegemonic India (HI) despised the Sri Lankan government of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa because it happened to be the fast-growing economy in Asia next only to China and hence the iron-willed leader did not bow down to their diktats.

For instance, demands made by Robert Blake, Milliband, and Koushner to halt the war against the terrorists and allow them to rescue the terrorist leadership and transport them through the sea, from Mullaitivu or Trincomalee to a western destination got rejected outright from the President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Under this scenario, the TWNs and HI thought it was vital for those ruffians to take strong actions to topple the people friendly Rajapaksa government and replace it with a government entirely servile and docile to them. To get this objective fulfilled they adopted a two-pronged strategy of 1) creating anti-government activities through the government itself and 2) launching measures to topple the government through external sources. 

Under plan no.1-A, they used the racist and pseudo-Buddhist Champika Ranawaka, a fellow belonging to the Rodiya caste (source Wikipedia – Castes of Sri Lanka) to espouse racism and create divisions between the Sinhala Buddhists and the Muslims targeting to deny Muslim votes to Mr. Rajapaksa. This racist pseudo-Buddhist former JVPer Rodiya Ranawaka launched an anti-Muslim program deploying Gnanasara Thero who contested the 2010 General Election under JHU and lost as a henchman for his mischievous plans.  He was sent to Norway to get political orientation and expenses for this trip including air tickets were reportedly provided by UNP MPRavi Karunanayake (Bond Ravi). Upon the thero’s return from Norway, Champika organized a meeting against Halal” rulings under the leadership of Gnanasaara and he even made a speech in the Parliament severely criticizing Halal practices and Shariah Laws, just to antagonise Muslims against the Rajapaksa government..

In this manner, he espoused Muslim anger against the government and was also the mastermind behind the anti-Muslim riots in Aluthgama/Beruwela areas. Champika’s thugs were transported to Aluthgama/Beruwela areas and went into action of torching Muslim homes and business premises following hate speeches delivered by Gnasaara and some others in a meeting at the Aluthgama town.  At that time President Mahinda Rajapaksa was not in the country and upon his return he immediately and straight away went to Aluthgama/Beruwela and instructed the security forces personnel to commence repair of damaged houses and business premises immediately and was to arrest and take legal action against Gnanasaara for instigating these troubles.  Champika intervened then and threatened Mr. Rajapaksa that if he initiates legal action against Gnanasaara he would bring several thousand Buddhist monks to the streets to protest against Gnanasaara’s arrest and said that there could be a blood bath and chaos in the country which prevented the President from taking further action. 

On the other hand, the cunning fox Ranil Wickremasinghe went into action to take political advantage from the situation and he made wealthy Muslim UNP stalwarts to make videotapes relating to the Aluthgama/Beruwela destructions and requested them to screen these videos on wide-screen TVs in Muslim villages which angered the Muslims and in turn, they distanced from the government and became hateful of Rajapaksa government.

Under Plam No. 1-B the bluff master Rajitha Senaratne went into action and deliberately ignored fishing rules stipulated by the European Union in order to antagonize them.  Fisheries Ministry officials said that Rajitha purposely made our fishermen violate EU stipulations and hereby made them suspend GSP+ facilities to Sri Lanka.  In addition to this Rajitha also made a plethora of promises to the fishing community and intentionally failed to fulfill these promises and thus distanced the fishing community from the government.

As per the Fisheries Ministry sources, these false promises made by Rajitha included that

  • Two mother ships will be brought from China and they would buy the catch of our boats in the sea itself and would also provide fuel and water to boats enabling them to stay in the sea for long periods;
  • Diesel for the fishing boats will be provided at concessionary rates;
  • Ice plants will be established in all fishing harbors;
  • Three large fishery harbors including one at Gurunagar will be established;
  • An insurance scheme will be introduced to cover fishermen and their boats;
  • GPS facilities will be provided to all boats facilitating their easy location and navigation;
  • Fisheries Corporation outlets will be increased  and they will be made to purchase fish harvest directly from the boats;
  • Experts will be brought down from Vietnam to develop the Inland Fisheries Industry and our fishermen will be sent to Vietnam and Seychelles to acquire knowledge on modern fishing technology.

Fisheries Ministry sources also alleged that despite Rajitha’s false promises to the fishing community in the country, he was reported to have bought four ships and these ships are registered under the names of his family members.

In the meantime, the terrorist diaspora and the Terrorist National Alliance (TNA) were on out for action to avenge Mahinda Rajapaksa for vanquishing the terrorist military outfit from the soil of this country.  Accordingly, the first salvo of the conspiracy to topple the Mahinda Rajapaksa government was fired at Singapore in August 2012 at a meeting between the UNP and the TNA facilitated by foreign servile Ranil Wickremasinghe and the anti-national Old Hag Chandrika Kumaratunge.  Sumanthiran and TGTE’s Rudrakumar participated at this meeting on behalf of terrorists and Mangala Samaraweera and Jayampathy Wickremaratne attended on behalf of the reactionary conspirators. Also, present in the meeting as an observer was an unnamed representative of the despicable political outfit called MuslimCon-gross.  meeting agreed to implement 10 demands presented by the Tamil group, including replacement of the existing constitution with a federal and secular constitution and after the meeting, the ferociously anti-Sri Lankan Sumanthiran expressing their delight over the decisions taken at the meeting said that Mangala Samaraweera came to the meeting like a desperate beggar ready to agree for any demand. 

With this opening, a host of activities originated financed by the terrorist diaspora and guidance provided by the vicious foreign conspirators such as CIA/M 16 and India’s RAW Agency. Thre RAW Agency stationed one of their leading conspirators Atul Devol at the Indian High Commission and he acted as the main coordinator among the terrorist rump, UNP, NGOs, fringe political groups and other organizations.  Terrorist funds flowed into the country in Millions and it facilitated to mushroom over 45 reactionary groups to undertake various activities against the government and these groups mainly acted as fake news originators. 

These fake news syndicates launched a hitherto never seen smear campaign with unbelievable, astonishing and phony propaganda against the government which included:

  • President Mahinda Rajapaksa has swindled the wealth of the country and 18.5 Billion U.S.Dollars have been taken out of the country and deposited in a Dubai Bank;
  • Rajapaksa sons have brought down the world’s expensive vehicles such as Lamborghini and Aston Martin cars  for their personal use;
  • Rajapaksa sons own golden horses and they take helicopter rides to Nuwara Eliya during weekends to learn horse riding;
  • Rajapaksa sons have brought down many expensive racing cars to hold car races in Kandy and in Colombo;
  • Rajapaksa sons have bought several palatial residences in Colombo 7 and other areas’
  • Gotabaya Rajapaksa received several million U.S.Dollars as commissions from Ukraine for the MIG fighter planes brought for the Air Force’
  • Also, he received several million dollars as commissions for arms and ammunition brought from china. 
  • Valuable lands throughout the country have been gifted to China;
  • Rajapaksa family members and their cronies have received huge commissions through government contracts;
  • Expenditure that had been incurred for the construction of Expressways was so huge and these roads could have been built with Gold for the expenditure so incurred;
  • The new government will enable every family to own at least a small car ;
  • One million jobs will be provided within the next five years;
  • Foreign investors are waiting in queue to come and invest in development projects under the new government;
  • A Volkswagen car manufacturing factory will be established in Kuliyapit6iya’
  • A super tire factory for the manufacture of heavy-duty vehicle tires will be established in Horana’
  • The Executive Presidential System will be abolished;
  • People will be made rich, enjoy a leisurely life and poverty will become an enigma of the past. 

The Old Hag Chandrika who was jealous about the achievements made by Mahinda

Rajapaksawithin a short period of time undertook the task of splitting the SLFP and staging an internal coup within the government.  Accordingly, she consistently and continuously persuaded Maithreepala Sirisena to leave the government and come forward as the Common Candidate with full blessings of the UNP and assured that Ranil Wickremasinghe will provide his and UNPs full backing for his candidature.  Shed is closed to the media that she communicated with Sirisena using Viber technology to avoid detection of their activities by Rajapaksa agents.

Siriena kept on shrugging speculation about the possibility of his coming forward as the opposition’s common candidate and even on the night of 21st November 2014 visited the Temple Trees and had a hopper dinner with Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.  It must be mentioned that it was Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa who vigorously campaigned for Sirisena to get elected to the post of the General Secretary of the SLFP and he held the post for almost 11 years.  Despite all this, on 22nd November this ungrateful hopper man called a media conference on November 22nd and joined by Ranil Wickremasinghe, Chandrika, and Ven. Sobhita Thero announced his coming forward as the common opposition candidate to contest against President Mahinda Rajapaksa.  He also announced that the family rule will be ended, Ranil Wickremasinghe will be made the Prime Minister of the country, discriminations being encountered by Tamils will be ended, a new constitution will be enacted to devolve power to Tamils.

The JVP and the fringe Muslim parties of the two avaricious self-appointed leaders also pledged their support to Sirisena’s candidacy. The JVP gave a stern pledge to launch an extensive campaign to ensure the victory of Sirisena and usher in a new political culture.

Several UPFA MPs also defected along with Sirisena.  They were Duminda DissanayakeM. K.A.D. S. GunawardenaWasantha SenanayakeRajitha Senaratne, and Rajiva Wijesinha.  Subsequently, more MPs such as Navin Dissanayake, Palani Digambaran, Velusami Radhakrishnan,s, Faiszer Musthapha, Nandimithra Ekanayake, Achala Jagodage joined the Sirisena camp and the strange phenomena seen at that time was that these late joiners made a trip to Singapore before they joined Sirisena camp and speculation was ripe that a strange personality in Singapore (suspected as Arjun Mahendran) bought them for enormous sums.   At that time Siriena gas made a night visit to Minister Fawzi’s residence at Bauddhaloka

Mawatha and urged him to join with him promising to pay Rs. 200 Million each or more for him and his son Nouser.

Sirisena pledged to abolish the executive presidency within 100 days of being elected, repeal the controversial eighteenth amendment, re-instate the seventeenth amendment and appoint UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe as Prime Minister. On 1 December 2014 Sirisena signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with 36 opposition parties/civic groups promising to abolish the executive presidency, hold parliamentary elections, form an all-party national government and carry out various political reforms.

Signatories to the MOU included the UNP, Sarath Fonseka’s Democratic PartyDemocratic People’s FrontAzath Salley‘s Muslim Tamil National Alliance, Free Media Movement, Federation of University Teachers Association as well as dissident groups of the LSSP and Communist Party. The following day the JHU announced that it was supporting Sirisena in the presidential election. On 30 December 2014 the Tamil National Alliance endorsed Sirisena


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