WHO WILL DO IT? SCRAP 13th Amendment and Indo Lanka Accord. THE GENERAL ELECTION
Posted on March 2nd, 2020

Stanley Gunaratne.

Who will:

1. Scrap the wasteful 13th amendment and Provincial Councils
2. Scrap the shameful Indo Lanka Accord, which no self-respecting nation would abide by. Does Austria, or the Czech Republic abide by the Nazi imposed Anschluss to this day?
3. Scrap all unnecessary bureaucracy – a burden to the nation’s taxpayers
4. Adopt Singapore’s “Ethnic Integration Policy” (which DS Senanayake used) to settle ALL ethnicities islandwide to ensure zero ethnic ghettos
5. Ban all ethnic parties
6. Ensure one medium of instruction in English for all students in one school system and gear it toward the future skills of IT, engineering, economics and science (the STEM education model). Ensure that every child is bilingual in one mother tongue and English (e.g. Sinhala and English).
7. At any election, run with NEW people. Young people who have a vision, not the fat buffoons from before.
8. Stop pandering or focusing on India. Open to the WHOLE WORLD and become like Singapore. This country needs massive investment which China, South East Asia, etc can provide. Furthermore, scrap all Indian rubbish trains and invest in high-speed electric air-conditioned transport for all (both trains and buses from China, Japan and homemade ones here)
9. Establish ONE LAW, ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION with an indomitable destiny of excellence on the island of Ceylon/Sinhaledeepa/Sri Lanka and make us a first-world oasis in a third world region?

Look at a picture of the 1940s/50s Ceylon and compare it to the equivalent picture of Singapore, Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia, or even any old capital in the West. It was said by Sir Ivor Jennings that the Ceylonese spoke better English than their British counterparts and our island with its Sterling Reserves, garden cities and cultural history of over 2,500 years would blossom into an economic powerhouse and first-world oasis in a third world region. 

Compare where our competitors (listed above) have gone versus ourselves thanks to inept, unambitious, Indian bootlicking, spineless and treacherous leaders we have had. Look at Japan with its bullet trains, China with its high-speed trains and futuristic cities, Singapore with its integrated housing schemes (no ethnic ghettos) and zero tolerance for corruption, the fellow Buddhist nation of Thailand with temples nationwide, South Korea exporting some of the world’s best cars, televisions, and phones. The truth is that Sri Lanka could become greater than Singapore (a great nation) in no more than 10 years. But 10 years after the destruction of the INDIAN created Tigers, and we are languishing as an Indian style kakistocracy.

So when you vote, THINK about the above. WHO will promise these 9 BASIC things BEFORE the election? (I would add who would rename the country Sinhale, or Ceylon as well).

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee oh Sri Lankans/Ceylonese!


I salute all fellow genuine patriots.


Stanley Gunaratne.

2 Responses to “WHO WILL DO IT? SCRAP 13th Amendment and Indo Lanka Accord. THE GENERAL ELECTION”

  1. aloy Says:

    Our land is like no other: we have got the most ferocious enemy of the world. So, security is the most important factor. I think we have made the correct choice for that. In terms of economic development his deal makers are not good.

    They now they want whopping Rs. 6 billions for Central Expressway. That is about $ 4 billion I believe. The only way this can be done in a hurry is via CB ( state banks etc) and the EPF. He has economic wiz kids to give advice.

    Stanley can go on dreaming of a Singapore!.

  2. aloy Says:

    I believe the best thing is for patriotic people like Sarath W, Channa Jayasumana et al to contest independently instead of hanging on to notorious political parties. Perhaps regional groups like past student associations of colleges or professional groups like GMOA should put forward prominent persons who have done selfless service to people as independent candidates for each electorate. If they came forward earlier they would have been destroyed, but now is the time do so.

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